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Southern Africa and Indian Ocean is an exciting and dynamic area, which is currently experiencing strong economic growth and increased tourism. This leads to a demand for intermodal transport infrastructure solutions to serve the markets and satisfy international investor requirements. Passengers and goods need safe and reliable transport. Establishing a comprehensive civil aviation administration framework is crucial to ensure safe and secure operations and open sky policies. We are experienced in the intricacies of the strategic development and capacity building of airports and airlines in expanding markets.

Iraq and Jordan also lie within my area of responsibility. Both countries require a competitive aviation infrastructure and need to enhance their CAA framework. Modern and reliable airlines are key to keeping pace with the challenging Middle East and European carriers. A strong aviation industry will be able to support the local economy in the future for the benefit of the communities and their people.

Please feel free to contact me at any time to discuss the challenges you are facing in the transport sector. 


Latest activities

  • 12 - 14 Jun 2018 , Cape Town, South Africa


    The event is focused on developing air connectivity to, form and within the continent. AviaDev facilitate this process via pre-arranged meetings, interactive workshops, an exhibition and networking events. The event will take place alongside an AHIF (Africa Hotel Investment Forum) Regional Briefing, offering the opportunity for the aviation and hospitality industries to build a co-ordinated approach to tourism development on the continent.

    Meet Catrin Drawer, Head of Market Southern Africa & Indian Ocean, at the event.


  • 11 - 12 Apr 2018 , Baghdad, Iraq

    Iraq Airports Aviation Forum

    The Iraq Airports Aviation Forum,(IAAF) a dedicated industry event is held under the patronage of H.E. Khadim Fenjan Al Hamami, the Minister of Transport, Republic of Iraq and organized in association with Iraq Civil Aviation Authority, Iraqi Airways and Baghdad international Airport, that will focus on the progress of all the segments of its airports and aviation industry needs.

    IAAF will feature over 50 leading companies and showcase their latest technology, products and services and will attract the Iraqi and international speakers, who will deliver presentations on developments, technological innovations, proven effective business practices and share their knowledge at the concurrently held conference which will gather over 150 delegates and 1500 trade visitor’s will attend the event.

    IAAF provides an unique opportunity to the Iraqi and global industry players to meet the senior decision makers from the Ministry of Transport, Iraqi Ariways, Iraq airports directors, procurement heads of the several key departments at the Ministry, Airports and Iraqi registered careers.

    Meet Catrin Drawer, Associate Partner and Head of Southern Africa and Indian Ocean, at the forum.

    Iraq Airports Aviation Forum website

  • 08 Feb 2018 , Berlin, Germany

    2018 African Ambassadors' Dialogue with Business

    The Sub-Saharan Africa Initiative of German Business (SAFRI) and the North Africa Middle East Initiative of German Business (NMI) will hold the 2018 African Ambassadors' Dialogue with Business event. The 2018 African Ambassadors Dialogue offers a unique oppertunity to personally engage with almost all African Ambassadors and their Economic Counsellors in a single location. During the event African partners will disucss matters of trade and investment with and in Africa.

    Catrin Drawer, Associate Partner and Head of Southern Africa at Lufthansa Consulting will attend this meeting.

    Event website

  • Air Service Development for Swaziland

    The Swaziland Civil Aviation Authority (SWACAA) recently commissioned Lufthansa Consulting to boost air services at the new King Mswati III International Airport (KMIII I.A.) in the Kingdom of Swaziland, a sovereign state in Southern Africa.

    At present, air traffic in this region is concentrated on routes to/from Johannesburg in neighboring South Africa and there is a lack of services to other destinations. This highlights the need for improved air travel links to South-Eastern Africa. SWACAA’s objective is to approach airlines and convince them to operate to/from KMIII I.A. as well as to increase the number of visitors to Swaziland.

    At the outset, Lufthansa Consulting conducted a thorough market potential analysis including market sizing, growth forecasting, stimulation potential and research into opportunities – evaluated with respect to the evolution of socio-economic indicators. The experts identified potential new routes and performed a detailed assessment of the market. They then developed sophisticated route studies and gained valuable insights into market opportunities for targeted airlines to launch new services to Swaziland.

    The consultants provided effective guidance on an Air Service Development (ASD) program for SWACAA to attract new services and support the initial operations. Furthermore, they demonstrated their professional expertise with regard to airline networks and fleet management, which is key to the success of such a program. In addition, Lufthansa Consulting carried out training measures for its client on ASD and aviation marketing.

    SWACAA and Lufthansa Consulting jointly contacted with airlines in the region with a view to opening new routes to Durban, Cape Town and Harare, as well as introducing new frequencies on the Johannesburg route and launching a link to an African hub. In order to support the introduction of the new routes, the partners will implement a state-of-the-art ASD program, including incentive schemes to facilitate the initial phases of the operations as well as tailored marketing support to stimulate traffic at targeted airlines. 

     “The Swaziland Civil Aviation Authority is proud to be associated with such a globally reputed company as Lufthansa Consulting. Their professionalism in approaching each problem is second to none,” said Solomon Dube, Director General of the Swaziland Civil Aviation Authority. “Swaziland is faced with a unique problem of having a very low demand for air traffic services. Currently very few travelers use air transport, yet the potential is very promising. People have the desire to fly, especially to and from the SADC region. They are currently inhibited by the high cost of air services available for similar stage lengths in other countries. It is our belief that Lufthansa Consulting’s intervention in the systematic development and implementation of the ASD will yield the desired results in the near future. This will be in the spirit of the Yamoussoukro Decision, which foresaw increased and affordable intra-African air transportation.”

    Lufthansa Consulting has longstanding, extensive expertise in conducting Air Service Development and traffic forecast projects with highly regarded international airlines and airports worldwide. As one of the leading international transportation consultancies in Africa with numerous projects in the region, the company has an excellent understanding of the Swaziland market.

  • 10 - 12 Oct 2017 , Kigali, Rwanda


    AviaDev Africa is the only dedicated air service development event for Africa, taking place on the African continent 2017.

    The event provides the opportunity for airports, airlines, governments, industry suppliers and tourism authorities to get together to determine the future air connectivity and infrastructure development of Africa. AviaDev Africa is focused on building air connectivity between African nations, and also connecting Africa to the world.

    Karel Sucha, Senior Consultant, and Luisa Grasshoff, Associate Consultant, will attend the event.


Technical assistance for Civil Aviation Authority

CAA in Middle East

The modernization of the CAA improved aviation safety and security systems according to ICAO and EU standards. By introducing more efficient processes and structures the authority profited from long- term business planning.

Airline operations assessment

Mauritian airline

Assessment of operational areas leads to recommendations to increase efficiency and productivity. Improvements for the organizational structure, and processes and procedures were defined by the consultant team.

Airport economics consulting & strategy development

International airport in South Africa

Business process reengineering and implementation support results in 24.8 m EUR net EBITDA client benefit and improved customer satisfaction.