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About Lufthansa Consulting South America

Since the opening of the first intercontinental flight from Europe to Rio de Janeiro in 1956, aviation has become an important part of the economy of South America.

Although it has faced many challenges, the aviation industry in South America has been growing constantly during the last years. The numbers of passengers travelling within the continent are increasing rapidly, thus demanding more from airlines. Economic stability and higher income allow an increasing number of South Americans to travel for leisure and business purposes. The necessity for improvements in security measures leads to better decision making by airlines and airport companies, as well as by the highest authority­­­ in aviation-the Civil Aviation Authority.

The demand derived from international events, such as the World Soccer Championship 2014 and the Olympic Games 2016, speed up growth and create the necessity for detailed planning and appropriate solution finding. Lufthansa Consulting supports the effective, fast and transparent development of such projects.


Latest activities

  • Back at ALTA Airline Leaders Forum 2017

    Lufthansa Consulting is happy to once again attend the ALTA Airline Leaders Forum from 19 – 21 November 2017 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The company’s Partner and Head of Market South America, Liége Emmerz, will welcome visitors to her joint exhibition stand with colleagues from Lufthansa Systems and Lufthansa Technik.

    The ALTA Airline Leaders Forum is the largest event of its nature in the Latin America and Caribbean commercial aviation industry. The goal of this event is to stimulate an international dialogue that promotes safer, more cost-efficient and environmentally friendly aviation in the region. The forum provides an excellent opportunity for the participants to come together, analyze and discuss the current and future industry challenges. Top level industry speakers will discuss issues of importance to the region’s airline industry at the event.

  • 19 - 21 Nov 2017 , Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Alta Airline Leaders Forum

    The Alta Airline Leaders Forum is the largest event of its nature in the Latin American and Caribbean Commercial Aviation Industry. It provides an excellent opportunity for the industry to come together, analyze and address how to navigate through current challenges of the sector and take a look at the future and the developments of air transport. The goal is to promote an international dialogue that promotes safer, more cost efficient and environmentally friendly aviation in the region. The event will be hosted by the city of Buenos Aires and the carriers Aerolíneas Argentinas and Latam Airlines. The forum will be divided in an exhibition where companies present themselves and their products, a conference where recent trends will be debated and panel sessions on various topics concerning aviation in South America will be held.

    Meet Liege Emmerz, Partner and Market Leader of South America, at the forum.

  • 17 - 18 Oct 2017 , São Paulo, Brazil

    International Meeting on Defence Projects Financing

    The 2nd International Meeting on Defence Projects Financing, brings together professionals from strategic defense companies, Brazilian and foreign academic institutions, associations and entities of the defense sector, as well as banks and export credit agencies from various countries.

    The meeting involves two days with lectures and panels on financing, innovation, compensation agreements and startups. At the end of the first day a Networking Meeting will be held, in order to allow even greater interaction between the organizations participating in the event.

    The main focus of the 2nd Meeting will be to carry on the discussions initiated in the first event and explore new opportunities to connect people and institutions in the areas of innovation, offset agreements and incentives to startups, involving governments, the academic sector and companies.

    Liége Emmerz, Head of Market South America at Lufthansa Consulting, has been invited to attend this event by the Directorate of Economy and Finance of the Brazilian Air Force.

  • Lufthansa Aerial Services – What’s new?

    As part of the series “Lufthansa Group Innovation Drivers” a video was produced showing the work of Lufthansa Aerial Services. In an interview Dr. Benjamin Löhr, Head of Lufthansa Aerial Services, explains how UAV technology has opened up a new civil aviation market. The video presents the team in action during an inspection of a wind turbine. It is available on YouTube or on the Lufthansa Aerial Services Twitter page.

    Welcome to our new Lufthansa Aerial Services Website in German! It aims to attract new clients from the DACH area and thus extend the UAV business spectrum. Several strategic development partnerships have already been formed with large German industrial companies.

    Lufthansa Aerial Services is also participating in industry events such as the Interaerial Solutions Forum, part of Intergeo in Berlin and The Commercial UAV Show in London in order to promote new techniques and processes.

    Please follow Lufthansa Aerial Services on Twitter! 

  • Air Integration in South America

    The South American Council for Infrastructure and Planning is striving to improve and develop all means of travel and transportation on the American subcontinent. On 26 July 2017 the expert group will meet in Georgetown, Guyana, with the objectives of analyzing the airport network system and recognizing industry related trends and investment potentials for South America. The main goal is to increase the continental connectivity through hub building, network strategies and the inclusion of financial institutions as catalysts for regional air integration. The council was specifically formed by the Union of South American Nations to enhance a united approach in regard to infrastructural challenges. Among others, the technical executive group on air integration focuses on the impact of air transport on the national economies and on future strategies for the regional aviation industry. 

    Lufthansa Consulting’s Liege Emmerz, Partner and Head of the South American market, will contribute a speech entitled “Air transportation and connectivity index – a key driver for economic growth”. The index is a network analysis method to define a global measure of connectivity. It captures all nodes of a countries’ or regions’ air travel network, even when there are no direct flight connections between them. The measure of connectivity is closely correlated with important economic variables, such as the degree of liberalization of air transport markets, and the extent of participation in international production networks. It provides a strong basis for future growth in air transport as well as for international trade in general. 


Improvement of flight safety standards

Flight operations of Brazilian energy corporation

Improved safety levels through standardized procedures and implementation of higher operations standards. Staff training and audits ensure conformity with higher standards and continued improvements.

Network optimization and fleet plan validation

Brazilian airline

To secure the future viability and growth of the airline, Lufthansa Consulting optimized the route network and identified new potential markets. Recommendations for short and long term fleet planning were defined to support the network optimization.

Cargo terminal enhancement

Brazilian airport

The efficiency of the existing cargo terminal facilities was improved to handle the future cargo demand until at least 2018. The client is the number one freight airport in Brazil with a terminal area of 96,000sqm handling 439,000t of cargo per year.