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Inter-Branch builds on our renowned expertise in the global aviation industry and transfers this know-how to provide services to clients beyond the aviation industry. Our portfolio covers consulting and implementation services in all aspects of a top management consulting firm. We have identified that many of the areas of expertise in which we have a strong track record can be successfully transferred to non-aviation sectors and vice versa. In particular we focus on global transport and logistics companies, railways, bus line operators, service providers and the main players within tourism and hospitality, and seaports and heliports around the globe.

Over the next few years, companies can expect to face increasing challenges as a result of changing customer demands, market situations, new technologies and the increasing integration of traditional offline and digital channels.

Inter-Branch offers your company innovative services in these areas:

  • - Transferring best practices from the aviation industry (such as safety and risk management, pricing and revenue management, business transformation and cost management, process excellence)
  • - Customer experience, multichannel and loyalty management
  • - Sourcing and procurement
  • - Digitalization
  • - Lean and agile


I look forward to discussing how we can create innovative solutions for your challenges.

Latest activities

  • Lufthansa Consulting in the media: Airline Business/ and Airliner World

    Lufthansa Consulting recently achieved a very good visibility in two major aviation trade magazines with statement publications from some of our experts. We highly recommend the article about airline dept in Airline Business/ as well as a feature on Africa's aviation potential in the current April issue of Airliner World.

    Airline Business/ and Airliner World article

    Also tune into our podcast series AviationTalk with insights into various exciting trend aviation topics on Spotify, Apple Podcast and Amazon Music. Listen to the recent episode “The great awakening – Back to operational stability” or into previous editions.

    Listen to our Lufthansa Aviation Talk Podcast Episode 019 here

  • Lufthansa Consulting ranked among the top consulting firms in Germany

    Lufthansa Consulting is once again represented in the "Best Consultants 2022” ranking of the renowned German business and trend magazine brandeins for the seventh time! The consultant rating is greatly respected throughout a wide range of industries and is based on recommendations from industry experts and client assessments.

    Lufthansa Consulting is listed top of the category "aerospace and defense" The aviation consultancy received the highest possible rating of three points, both in the evaluation of experts and of clients. In the area "transport, traffic and logistics" it achieved two of three points from both evaluator groups.

    "It's absolutely great that we have again been honored by the highly esteemed brandeins magazine in 2022," says a delighted Lufthansa Consulting Managing Director Hannes Müller. "Particularly after the second year of the pandemic, this award means a lot to the entire Lufthansa Consulting team. The success makes us proud and motivates us to continuously go the extra mile for our clients, even in these challenging times. It also confirms that our company is a very attractive employer which supports our current recruitment offensive.”

    brandeins Best Consultants ranking 2022  (in German)

  • Guest lecture "Introduction to Network and Fleet Planning" at Cranfield University

    Our Lufthansa Consulting network and fleet planning experts once again delivered a guest lecture for graduate students at Cranfield University. On 17 February, Arvind Chandrasekhar, Associate Partner and Head of Solution Group Network and Fleet Management as well as Consultant Johann Gies conducted their "Introduction to Network and Fleet Planning" to the students of the MSc in Air Transport Management. The group discussed how network planning works within an organization, the basics of developing a plan and the impact and implications of Covid-19. In addition, the class brought the topic to life through a case study for a new intercontinental route.

    "We greatly value our longstanding relationship with Cranfield University, and thank Professor Andy Foster for inviting us to speak to his class. It’s always a pleasure to engage with the future of our industry," said Arvind Chandrasekhar after the lecture session.

    The postgraduate university has world-class expertise in its sector-leading specialist areas, particularly also in the field of aviation.

  • Operational excellence in clinic operations

    Airlines and airports as well as clinics are facing the challenge to implement Operational Excellence in a sustainable way in the face of high competitive pressure. The well-being and safety of passengers and patients is always the top priority, so that experience and best practices in safety management seem to be transferable in both industries.

    Lufthansa Consulting has gained intensive experience with the implementation of Operational Excellence as well as Safety Management systems in aviation. Together with the clinic consultancy medcura GmbH and Rottal Inn Kliniken, Lufthansa Consulting has carried out an initial pilot project in order to make use of the commonalities within the framework of an exchange of experience.

    Constant improvement of processes - that is only one of the challenges of everyday hospital life. The project looked at different areas of the clinic to identify commonalities and to test the transferability of processes and methods from aviation to clinic processes and vice versa. To this end, employees from the three companies recently came together for consultations, interviews and walk-throughs at the Rottal Inn Klinik Eggenfelden. In the final workshop, the impressions and results were summarized and the identified similarities and differences discussed. Parallels that emerged directly were, for example, high safety standards, the great importance of the well-being of patients/customers, and the strong regimentation through specifications. The report on the results is currently being compiled by Lufthansa Consulting, after which joint implementation steps for the future will be examined.

  • Podcast: The great awakening – Back to operational stability

    Operational challenges despite low traffic

    The comparably low traffic during the pandemic has been no guarantee for more operational stability, as new challenges arise. Even though there are fewer flights and passengers, many airports experience an increase in traffic peaks, causing constraints and at certain times even capacity overloads. Many aviation professionals have left the industry, leaving the remaining and newly hired staff to perform duties with higher effort due to lengthier processing times and procedures, and the overall lack of resources. In this framework, the entire aviation system is under high pressure to enhance productivity and reduce costs. While all stakeholders have to deal with these challenges, there is often no joint approach on stakeholder management and collaboration.

    Stakeholder collaboration is essential to foster operational stability

    With the phase of recovery in sight, the top three issues in focus for airlines, airports and ground handlers must be collaboration, optimization and operationalization. The collaboration of stakeholders and becoming partners instead of contractors and providers is the first field of action. By jointly approaching the challenges in operations, meaningful solutions can be created together. This includes transparency and the exchange of data in a timely manner to optimize operations and enable partners to have a lead in the information chain to prepare for peaks or irregular events in operation. Secondly, the optimization of processes is a lever of improvement by combining self and staffed services by airlines and airports to enhance the handling procedures. A shift in resource allocation according to the needs of a flight helps utilize staff and equipment more effectively. Overall, procedures should be adapted to individual requirements of airlines and airports, while assuring the product is delivered, but being flexible enough to make operations flow smoothly. And thirdly, the ideas and measures must be operationalized by establishing processes and running operations with continuous improvement cycles. The connection of stakeholders’ data systems, training for operational staff at the boundaries and practicing more agility to adjust procedures are effective examples for operationalization.

    Airports are a central meeting point of all involved stakeholders and are the proximity switch to foster relative coordination among all partners. Practicing relative coordination assures all stakeholders know about the role, responsibilities, as well as potential constraints of a system partner. This understanding strengthens relationships and leads to shared goals, common values and mutual respect, which is an important prerequisite for operations.

    Reliable operations re-instate trust in the aviation industry

    With the recovery to busier seasons ahead, enhancing operational stability is at the forefront of the to do list for all stakeholders. By working together to structure, update and digitalize data, providing partners with easy-to-use system support in order to make the correct decisions in a timely manner and enabling each other to acknowledge diverse operational matters when planning capacity, will support more stability to the aviation system. It will moreover contribute to greater productivity and performance, while reducing disruption costs at all ends leveraging more competitiveness and flexibility to react to the dynamic industry demands. All stakeholders bear a great responsibility to help recover confidence in air travel through safe and reliable operations. As trustworthy partners the aviation community can master the great awakening successfully.

    Listen to our Lufthansa Aviation Talk Podcast Episode 019 here 

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    Sebastian Kaiser – Consultant in the Solution Group Customer Experience
    Sascha Vogel – Senior Consultant in the Solution Group Infrastructure & Operations

Best Consultants 2022

Best Consultants 2022: Lufthansa Consulting ranked among the top consulting firms in Germany

Listed by brandeins, the renowned German business and trend magazine, for the seventh time. Lufthansa Consulting ranked top of the category "aerospace and defense" and ranked high in the area "transport, traffic and logistics". The rating is greatly respected throughout a wide range of industries and is based on recommendations from industry experts and client assessments.