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Economic and technical analysis of engine options powering the A320neo aircraft

Airline in the Middle East

Performed technical and economic analysis forecasting the investment and maintenance cost over the engine life time. Recommended most efficient engine solution for the carrier’s operational profile. Identified areas to improve terms and conditions offered by the OEMs resulting in >20% CAPEX and OPEX reduction over the entire life cycle in comparison to initial OEM proposal.

Economic & technical evaluation of new fleet options and negotiation support

Low cost airline in the Middle East

Assisted the airline in decision making by simplifying the process with pre-defined standards and selection criteria. Provided powerful negotiation support for the procurement of the new aircraft. Thorough economic, technical and network evaluation of aircraft options and their impact on the existing structure, operations & processes formed the basis for the choice of new aircraft orders.

Aviation Group Strategy

State-owned Aviation Holding in the Middle East

Development of a business strategy aiming to create a commercially sustainable aviation group and to drive added macroeconomi c value and local prosperity. Comprehensiv e business plan addressing weaknesses and risks and giving access to funding. Expansion opportunities into as yet unexplored sectors of the aviation industry.

Airport Master Plan for strategic airport development

Airport in the Indian Ocean region

Planning guidelines to optimize the utilization of existing facilities of the airport to meet the projected capacity of c.6.2 million annual passengers in 2033. Strategic development of the airport and outline of efficient utilization of airport assets to create space to expand passenger terminal and new air cargo, commercial and heliport area.

Operational Readiness and Airport Transfer (ORAT)

Airport in Brazil

Full support for operational readiness of a new terminal. The objective of the ORAT project was the coordinated approach to prepare all airport stakeholders for the operations in and at the new terminal. Preparation and execution of different operational trial scenarios to fully test and prove all aspects and to ensure a seamless transition into the operations.

Implementation support of the EU-GDPR legal framework requirements

European Airline Group

Created international and company-wide aligned standards for a data protection framework and implemented a politically sensitive international corporate compliance and transformation project. Under the lead of an airline group project manager our specific analytical and methodical expertise and our industry knowledge contributed significantly to the on-time fulfillment of the new legal requirements.

Customer self-service and service center process optimization

European Airline

Higher customer satisfaction and call cost reduction through increase of customer self- service functionalities combined with process optimization at all service centers. Implemented in areas passenger information, voluntary and involuntary rebooking, refund, baggage processes and customer touch points. Production of videos for self-service communicatio n and conducted a comprehensiv e communicatio ns campaign.

Five-year network development plan update

Russian Airline Group

Optimized route network of airlines of the Group with regards to their interconnection in order to maximize profitability. Optimized schedule for the five-year period with recommendations for fleet planning strategy. Systematic approach to frequency and capacity changes based on level of contribution of a given route to the Group network and enabled economic based decisions.

Extended market potential analysis, traffic forecast and peak capacity analysis

Airport in Russia

Independent and professional market potential analysis and traffic forecast for the Russian airport with capacity requirements analysis. Benefits were a clear understanding of the Russian market dynamics and the potential of the airport at national level, network development opportunities, quantification of the traffic potential of the airport and flight plan projections for the next 30 years.

Air Service Development and successful launching of new routes

International airport in Asia Pacific

Developed business activities of the airport by establishing a best-in-class air service development concept. Quantified, airline- equivalent market potential analyses to provide the airport with convincing and realistic arguments to negotiate business opportunities with airlines. Successfully convinced airlines to launch new international routes and another airline to retain an existing route.

Revenue optimization for Premium Economy product

Airline in the Middle East

Detailed pricing and revenue management strategy as well as a Frequent Flyer Program concept for the new cabin class. Framework for a competitive pricing concept to allow revenue increases without jeopardizing Business Class revenues. Step-by-step implementation plan to enable a professional introduction of the new concepts.

Price and revenue management check-up and introduction of branded fares concept development

European Airline

Redefinition of revenue management processes achieved revenue increase. In-house revenue management and pricing expertise was significantly improved. Branded Fares Concept was introduced to exploit ancillary revenue potential. Our experts optimized the distribution channel mix, implemented alternative distribution channels and thus reduced the GDS cost

Evaluation and improvement of QMS/SMS

North African Airline

Comprehensive evaluation of all operational areas regarding compliance and organizational efficiency. Performance assessment with training recommendations resulting in significant process improvement. Organizational development towards EASA regulations and increased level of quality and safety.

Commercial drone operations

Lufthansa Aerial Services

Developing a business model to provide civil drone flight operations to major infrastructure clients for aerial inspections, surveillance, measurement and data documentation in difficult or dangerous-to-access sites like wind turbine rotor blades, bridges or overland pipelines. Clients benefit in terms of costs, safety, reliability, data quality, speed and environmental impact.

Network optimization, five-year plan and schedule optimization

Airline in southern Africa

After completion of a thorough market potential analysis, Lufthansa Consulting delivered clear direction for network development, including destinations, preferred date of introduction, frequencies and fleet development plan. The five-year plan included an optimal rotated schedule from winter 2016 through to 2021 according to the airline network plan.

Preparation of intercontinental passenger services and station management

German Airline

Preparation of ten intercontinental stations considering all operational specifications including diverse interfaces such as purchasing, IT, Ground Operations, Product Management, Catering and Security. Coordination of challenges facing the new intercontinental operation such as the organization of different operators, charter and scheduled flights as well as cruise/land operations.

Digital passenger services

Major European airline

Wireless internet connection to passenger owned devices and inflight internet connectivity on long-haul as well as short-/medium haul flights. Our team supported the airline in the implementation of an award-winning wireless in-flight entertainment platform. The digital connectivity served to upgrade and differentiate the in-flight product and generate ancillary revenues.

Profit improvement program

First tier European airline

Savings of 1.5 billion euros were achieved in the operating result to secure the future viability of the company. The experts developed and implemented improvements for a wide range of internal challenges such as fuel efficiency, ground handling processes, airport ticketing, irregularity handling and the assessment of central functions.

Design support for a new Aircraft Maintenance Hangar

Engineering company in Taiwan

Planning and conceptual design of professional and customer oriented MRO hangar facility for the maintenance of different types of aircraft. Preparation of a specification book including detailed technical, functional and operational requirements for the construction of a hangar which complies with international standards.

IOSA preparation support

Airline in Asia

Airline succeeded in achieving the IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) certification. Our experts provided advice on all IOSA scopes in the various departments including implementation support, created manuals, upgraded existing documentation, identified training needs and recommended suitable providers.

Customer Satisfaction Improvement

Airline in India

Performance improvement potentials identified along the service chain at all customer touch-points. Recommendations defined in an implementation plan to achieve sustainable customer satisfaction and enable the airline to meet requirements for joining a large airline alliance.

Air Cargo Facility Development

Airport in Egypt

Design of a fully mechanized cargo terminal with a capacity of 320,000 tons/year. In the frame of a cargo area extension of an Egyptian airport a fully integrated cargo city including cargo terminals, forwarder buildings, facilities for the handling of special cargo and related infrastructure were developed. A security concept observing all latest international rules and regulations helped our client to implement a state-of-the-art cargo handling concept.

Maintenance Cost Reduction

Airline in the Middle East

Significant savings in airline maintenance costs achieved through identification of shortcomings in maintenance processes and identification of key cost drivers. The project management provided on-site support to develop cost saving initiatives and successfully implement the cost reduction measures.

Development of airports financial model

West African airport company

Capital and operational expenditure assessment and criteria for a balanced approach to infrastructure upgrade and capacity increase for the development of a financial model of the airport company. Air traffic forecast to derive minimum investment essential to comply with aviation safety and security requirements as well as capacity enhancement to ensure efficiency and service quality.

SAFA support for an airline

Airline in the Middle East

On-site assessment of the situation of the airline and the local CAA led to adaptations in action plan and sustainable closing of SAFA (Safety Assessment of Foreign Aircraft) findings. The expert knowledge transfer provided a basis to improve action plans for aviation safety in future.

Airport economics consulting & strategy development

International airport in South Africa

Business process reengineering and implementation support results in 24.8 m EUR net EBITDA client benefit and improved customer satisfaction.

Airline operations assessment

Mauritian airline

Assessment of operational areas leads to recommendations to increase efficiency and productivity. Improvements for the organizational structure, and processes and procedures were defined by the consultant team.

New airline sales strategies

Russian airline

Effective sales processes were introduced to strengthen the international sales performance and support expansion plans. Market entry strategies were defined with sales and distribution channels and partners. The Russian airline benefited from revenue enhancement through stringent sales steering and a tailored market entry strategy.

Cargo terminal and facility design

Cargo service in Vietnam

The experts designed a state of the art, fully integrated cargo terminal; including facilities for the handling of special cargo and related infrastructure. Detailed investment calculations and a sound security concept were defined.

Cargo growth strategy in New York, USA

North American airline

A sustainable, tailor-made business unit strategy was defined with a solution targeted strategic road map. The experts identified additional revenue potential of 80 Mio USD per year.

Pricing and revenue management check-up

Airline in Asia

The efficiency of pricing and revenue management was improved in cooperation with the sales force to support the growth strategy of the company while ensuring enhanced revenue generation.

Privatizing Greek airports

Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund

How to achieve a smooth transition, generate a good return for taxpayers, maintain jobs and create attractive investment opportunities.

Development of airport master plan

Airport in Kazakhstan

To meet the projected capacity of 14 – 18 million annual passengers, a master plan concept defined the strategic development of the airport for the next 20 years. A new terminal and the development of the airfield system were planned. Optimized utilization of the existing facilities of the airport created additional space for the new passenger terminal, air cargo area and aircraft parking stands.

Conceptual planning for narrow-body aircraft maintenance hangar

Albanian airline

The layout and facility requirements for an aircraft maintenance hangar were planned and evaluated. The experts collaborated with the architect and provided support in establishing a financial project plan.

On-board product management implementation support

Saudi Arabian airline

An improved product and service were introduced on-board the Saudi Arabian Airlines flights. The cabin crew complement was adapted according to industry standards, the service flow was enhanced and saving potentials were identified.

Master plan development

International airport in Russia

New greenfield airport in strategic location in Russia is designed by Lufthansa Consulting to function as a hub with two runways and a capacity of over 15 million passengers. The concept provides revenue enhancements and investment opportunities.

European Emission Trading Scheme

Airline in Switzerland

Emission Trading Scheme – ETS: Lufthansa Consulting supports the development of the required process documentation and monitoring concept for the responsible European authority in compliance with all necessary requirements.

Fuel procedures and policy review

Airline in United Kingdom

Fuel policies and procedures were evaluated and benchmarked against best practice to identify potential fuel saving initiatives. The recommended implementation program promises considerable yield savings.

Air Astana: climbing to a new growth level

Air Astana

An expansion plan grounded in reality and operations trimmed for efficiency: managing the growth is as important as realizing the potential for it.

Airport marketing and route development to the Russian and CIS markets

German airport

Airport marketing efforts on behalf of the German Airport and a tailored route study convince targeted Russian airline to commence services from the German airport to Russia and CIS.

Functional and performance improvement

Cargo airline in Egypt

The airline’s economic success and competitiveness were significantly improved through performance excellence plans. The optimized use of client resources was ensured by improving the organizational structure and prioritizing tasks.

Preparation for IOSA audit

Airline in Azerbaijan

Following a series of comprehensive assessments, the experts defined corrective actions to enable the airline to comply with IOSA requirements. The operational safety was improved, manuals and a document control system were introduced.

Market entry strategy

Portuguese charter airline

The charter airline required support in entering the scheduled commercial aviation market. The Lufthansa Consulting team analyzed the market, facilitated cooperation with a major scheduled carrier and recommended a commercial and fleet plan.

IOSA preparation support

Cargo airline based in Lebanon

The documentation, processes and procedures required for IOSA certification were reviewed and developed. Lufthansa Consulting experts supervised the implementation and actively supported the entire preparation process.

Aeroflot gears up for operational excellence


Optimum performance on the ground and in the air – not wishful thinking, but day- to-day reality in one of the most challenging environments.

Improvement of flight safety standards

Flight operations of Brazilian energy corporation

Improved safety levels through standardized procedures and implementation of higher operations standards. Staff training and audits ensure conformity with higher standards and continued improvements.

EASA Part-145 conformity assistance

Airline in Russian Federation

Processes and procedures were improved to conform with EASA requirements, particularly in material related activities. The airline achieved the first steps towards compliance both as an organization and as a maintenance organization.

Sustainable business model “Rent-a-Plan”

Estonian airline

The airline increased commercial planning efficiency with Lufthansa Consulting's "Rent-a-plan" service. The benefit for airlines is the speed and reliability of planning and scheduling without causing additional overhead costs.

Risk management for a German airline

German Airline

The identification and implementation of new risk management processes are supported by guidelines to ensure a consistent approach. Lufthansa Consulting experts guarantee an unbiased selection of an IT tool to monitor and manage the risks.

Technical assistance for Civil Aviation Authority

CAA in Middle East

The modernization of the CAA improved aviation safety and security systems according to ICAO and EU standards. By introducing more efficient processes and structures the authority profited from long- term business planning.

Successful start-up support for national carrier

African national carrier

A solid business plan and hands-on implementation support got an airline from the drawing board to the runway in just 1½ years. Applying the expertise in every airline area, finance, commercial and operations, the airline was set up based on European standards. Long-term on-site support enabled the airline to achieve growth and serve both regional and international routes.

Airline restructuring and shadow management

Airline in South East Africa

Within two years of the turnaround the airline generated 8 million US$ through cost reductions and revenue increase. Lufthansa Consulting took over some of the core management functions to lead the airline out of debt and crisis.

Feasibility study and business planning

Start-up airline in Georgia

As a reliable basis to evaluate the feasibility of a new airline in Georgia, Lufthansa Consulting carried out a realistic assessment of the air traffic market potential and analyzed the financial viability of the intended start-up.

Airline Technical Support Division

Russian airline

Increased process efficiency, productivity potentials and cost savings were identified following an in-depth assessment of the Technical Support Division of an airline.

Facilitating fuel efficiency among all Group airlines

Lufthansa Group

Pooling the fuel efficiency efforts and the knowledge of the Lufthansa Group airlines leads to more innovative results. A structured approach for collaboration coupled with independent expertise is expected to bring savings of over 100 m€.

Optimization of pricing and revenue management processes

Egyptian airline

The airline achieves instant revenue improvements through pricing and revenue management guidance and optimized yields in new customer segments. Experts develop new fare structures and give independent support in selecting new IT tools.

Successfully adapting to a new reality


Restructured and revitalized – how Saudia went from staid flag carrier to dynamic, lean and efficient aviation group.

Airline start-up in Africa

Airline in Cameroon

The national flag carrier in Cameroon started operations with the airline’s inaugural flight to Paris. The start-up process and the organizational structure were managed by Lufthansa Consulting in line with international regulations.

Cargo terminal enhancement

Brazilian airport

The efficiency of the existing cargo terminal facilities was improved to handle the future cargo demand until at least 2018. The client is the number one freight airport in Brazil with a terminal area of 96,000sqm handling 439,000t of cargo per year.

Preparation and implementation of an airport concession

Airports in the Republic of the Congo

To ensure a professional management of the airports Brazzaville, Pointe-Noire and Ollombo Lufthansa Consulting provided comprehensive support to the Government of the Republic of the Congo to identify a strategic partner for the airport concession

Network optimization and fleet plan validation

Brazilian airline

To secure the future viability and growth of the airline, Lufthansa Consulting optimized the route network and identified new potential markets. Recommendations for short and long term fleet planning were defined to support the network optimization.

Best Consultants 2022

Best Consultants 2022: Lufthansa Consulting ranked among the top consulting firms in Germany

Listed by brandeins, the renowned German business and trend magazine, for the seventh time. Lufthansa Consulting ranked top of the category "aerospace and defense" and ranked high in the area "transport, traffic and logistics". The rating is greatly respected throughout a wide range of industries and is based on recommendations from industry experts and client assessments.