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20 Jan 2023

Media Coverage: Aviation Week Network

Lufthansa Consulting expert statements from Asia Connect Airline Network Development Conference

20 Dec 2022

Season’s greetings

Wishing you a peaceful holiday season and a happy, successful and healthy 2023!

14 Dec 2022

EASA review of standard passenger weights 2022

Lufthansa Consulting conducted field survey to obtain the average weight of passengers

12 Dec 2022

10th Lufthansa Consulting Alumni Meeting

Company highlights and above all networking in focus

08 Dec 2022

Emerging stronger and bolder from the crisis

Five things airlines must get right coming out of the pandemic

28 Nov 2022

Will the skies become green by 2050?

IATA plan: The untapped but substantial potential of operational excellence deserves much more emphasis

01 Nov 2022

How to enhance cost management and ROI with new approaches to agile airport operations

Lufthansa Consulting moderates panel session at GAD World 2022 in Amsterdam

31 Oct 2022

Lufthansa Consulting and ATBD celebrate five years cooperation

Offering time-tested aviation advisory and contract services

14 Oct 2022

Gain exclusive solutions from Lufthansa Consulting’s experts at Routes World in Las Vegas

Best in class and award-winning services for airports, airlines and tourism stakeholders

30 Aug 2022

Always safety first – It’s all about data management and monitoring

Lufthansa Consulting and zeroG offer innovative Safety Excellence tool for aircraft operators to control and mitigate aviation risks

29 Jul 2022

Expert opinion: Air Cargo yields – Quo Vadis? Cargo business is booming but for how long?

Ongoing stable development expected, but also potential limitations

15 Jun 2022

Expert aviation solutions for ever-changing realities

Airlines benefit from Lufthansa Consulting’s comprehensive and tailored consultancy services

17 May 2022

Meet Lufthansa Consulting’s experts at their exhibition stand at Routes Europe in Bergen

Presenting best in class and award-winning services for airports, airlines and tourism stakeholders

29 Apr 2022

Lufthansa Consulting in the media: Airline Business/ and Airliner World

Read the articles about airline dept and Africa's aviation potential with statements from our Lufthansa Consulting experts.

14 Mar 2022

Lufthansa Consulting ranked among the top consulting firms in Germany

We made it again into the brandeins list of “Best Consultants”!

21 Feb 2022

Guest lecture "Introduction to Network and Fleet Planning" at Cranfield University

Lufthansa Consulting continues relationship with renowned British academy

15 Feb 2022

Lufthansa Consulting experts ready to meet you at Routes Americas 2022

Focus for exchange: Enhanced Air Service Development product including revenue potentials from Air Cargo / Achieving sustainable tourism regrowth in a post-Covid world

10 Feb 2022

Operational excellence in clinic operations

Lufthansa Consulting and Rottal Inn Kliniken explore commonalities between aviation and health care

02 Feb 2022

Podcast: The great awakening – Back to operational stability

The pre-pandemic years were characterized by growth, tight schedules and congestion both on the ground and in the air. Airline and airport operations were under pressure, leading to delays, flight disruptions, cancellations and overall poor operational stability. With the pandemic in 2020, air traffic came to a halt and subsequently went through ups and downs.

17 Jan 2022

Media coverage: Aviation & Allied Business Journal

Cover feature by our experts Arvind Chandrasekhar and Matthias Kern: Potential for African airline partnerships and consolidation as a lever for post Covid-19 growth

20 Dec 2021

Happy holidays and best wishes for the new year

We look forward to working with you and supporting you in the coming year

01 Dec 2021

Challenges and opportunities for Ukrainian aviation at Aviation and Tourism forum

Lufthansa Consulting joins expert panel at Large Construction: Aviation and Tourism forum at Boryspil International Airport in Kyiv, Ukraine

25 Nov 2021

Virtual networking: Lufthansa Consulting hosts the 9th annual Alumni Meeting

Sharing insights and keeping in touch with our alumni in a digital event

27 Oct 2021

Podcast: Making air cargo more digital

Air cargo has become more digital in the past decade by initiatives like IATA’s eFreight program promoting the paperless transport of cargo. Yet a huge amount of potential for digitalization remains to be unlocked by the industry

22 Oct 2021

Bringing customers back: CX workshop co-hosted with AFRAA

Main drivers for creating a positive environment for customers are trust, a level of carefreeness and using the digital potential in service development

10 Oct 2021

Lufthansa Consulting exhibits at World Routes 2021

Focus: enhanced post-COVID Air Service Development product including Air Cargo

15 Sep 2021

Beyond the crisis: Leveraging airline consolidation for air transport industry sustainability

African Airlines Association (AFRAA), Lufthansa Consulting and Kenya Airways staged a high level workshop on African airlines consolidation

08 Sep 2021

Podcast: Challenges and solutions for Ground Operations – GO2030

Aviation Talk now streaming on Spotify, Apple Podcast and Amazon Music

04 Aug 2021

The future of crew sourcing and training

Which trends will influence pilot demand and how can the airline industry prepare?

28 Jul 2021

Stronger together: surviving the COVID 19 crisis with airline partnerships

Article in the series “Airline Business Models” published in

16 Jul 2021

The future of airline business models for Africa post-COVID

Becoming a master of survival in the African airline industry

27 May 2021

Impact of Covid-19 on material management practices

The challenges for airline operators and MROs of being prepared for the time after

05 May 2021

Podcast: Airline consolidation and operational integration – Key considerations and challenges

Aviation Talk now streaming on Spotify, Apple Podcast and Amazon Music

28 Apr 2021

Monetizing customer experience: how to create value for your customers and your business

A quick guide to achieving the much sought-after return on investment

22 Apr 2021

Travel bubbles as a means to revive air travel: potential, pitfalls and implementation

Travel bubbles are seen as one of the most promising ways to gradually reopen global air travel.

22 Apr 2021

Podcast: Bringing Customers Back, Part 2

Sustainability and personalized offers can be key for aviation stakeholders to win customers back

07 Apr 2021

Podcast: Bringing Customers Back, Part 1

New health and hygiene measures complement the trend of the seamless travel journey. Both are of utmost importance to succeed in creating a positive customer experience in aviation

01 Apr 2021

Lufthansa Consulting increases power in internal and external consulting business

Christine Weigner appointed as Head of Market Lufthansa Group Ronald Schulz appointed as Head of Market Global


31 Mar 2021

White Paper: Bringing customers back

Aviation experts share their perspective on trends in customer experience and how they will matter on the way out of the Covid-19 crisis

29 Mar 2021

brand eins ranking "Best Consultants 2021"

Lufthansa Consulting again among the best in the German consulting market

24 Mar 2021

Podcast: EASA's Third-Country Operators Concept

New podcast in our series Aviation Talk now streaming on Spotify, Apple Podcast and Amazon Music

17 Mar 2021

Preparing for the next wave of airline operational integration

Aviation industry eagerly awaits traffic recovery later this year

03 Mar 2021

Wet lease agreements: universal remedy for airlines post crisis or risky business?

The challenge of airline profitability vs customer satisfaction

24 Feb 2021

Air cargo under pressure? How learnings from 2020 can enhance future network and fleet planning

How can cargo and combination carriers prepare networks to succeed post-crisis?

17 Feb 2021

Podcast: Airport business models - Adapt or perish

New podcast in our series Aviation Talk now streaming on Spotify, Apple Podcast and Amazon Music

05 Feb 2021

Challenges facing MRO operations to comply with the implications of Brexit

Assessing the impacts on regulatory requirements and safety certificates

27 Jan 2021

Podcast: Managing remote work as well as planning and leading virtual workshops

New podcast in our series Aviation Talk now streaming on Spotify, Apple Podcast and Amazon Music


21 Jan 2021

Collaboration, personalization and creating value with your distribution strategy

Is your airline distribution strategy prepared for the road to recovery?

06 Jan 2021

Exploring larger UAV market opportunities

Breakthrough technology with the potential to both increase efficiency and reduce costs is now progressing significantly, involving UAV manufacturers, authorities and users

14 Dec 2020

Season's Greetings and our best wishes for the New Year

The entire Lufthansa Consulting team sincerely wishes you a peaceful Holiday Season and a happy, successful and – above all – healthy New Year!

14 Dec 2020

Podcast: Rethinking Airline Organizations

How to develop a future-ready and unique airline organization with an archetype approach to cluster organizational functions

09 Dec 2020

Rethinking Airline Organizations: What if we could start from scratch?

Aviation experts take a fresh perspective on the way we think about and design airline organizations in a new white paper

07 Dec 2020

Podcast: Air Service Development crisis recovery strategy focusing on Air Cargo

New podcast in our series Aviation Talk now available for streaming

02 Dec 2020

Through severe turbulence to new heights for regional airports

The future of regional airports is tangible for those actively mastering the challenges

26 Nov 2020

Initial results of the Airline Operational Excellence Survey

When rebuilding their operations for the "new normal“, airlines should consider learning from the past


23 Nov 2020

AVIATIONVSCOVID19: Key takeaways from the industry’s first virtual innovation challenge

New podcast in our series Aviation Talk. Now also available for streaming

18 Nov 2020

Digital solutions, services and technologies improve passenger travel experience

Shaping flexible organizations – How digital solutions, services and technologies make organizations more flexible and improve the passenger travel experience


17 Nov 2020

help alliance project in Uganda

Creating perspectives in times of crisis

11 Nov 2020

Highlights for investors and airports at GAD World 2020

Our experts present airport rightsizing, the future of forecasting, a workshop for regional airport operators and investors, new retail, customer experience and Air Service Development

10 Nov 2020

Airports en route to the “New Normal” – Rightsizing of infrastructures and operations

Airports and investors need to reassess airport assets, and manage infrastructures and resources to ensure financial stability

05 Nov 2020

Podcast: The need for aviation customer experience management during COVID-19

Insights into managing customer experience in our podcast series: Aviation Talk

02 Nov 2020

Potential of flexible rightsizing for European MRO organizations through adaption of aviation law

Illustrated by the proposal of a consolidated CAMO for European airline groups

14 Oct 2020

Podcast: How airlines deal with the financial impacts of the COVID Crisis

Experts share insights into strategy and finance in the Lufthansa Consulting podcast series: Aviation Talk

05 Oct 2020


Virtual Innovation Challenge from 21 - 23 October 2020

30 Sep 2020

Flexible rightsizing of airline staff in times of uncertainty

Airlines are now facing the challenge of reducing staff while ensuring flexibility for ramp-up, managing public opinion and corporate culture

23 Sep 2020

Shaping flexible organizations: an organizational perspective

As the ground keeps shifting below them, aviation organizations must adapt for increased decision and execution speed with potentially fundamental organizational changes on the horizon

17 Sep 2020

Stronger together: airline partnerships as a means of surviving COVID-19 and thriving thereafter

Airline partnerships, even with former rivals, may offer a financially sustainable path

09 Sep 2020

Shaping flexible organizations: how to deal with COVID-19-induced uncertainties

Taking a detailed look at how to approach strategy, market, customer and operations to shape organizations for optimum flexibility in the months to come

26 Aug 2020

The coming air cargo reality check: how the industry will evolve through COVID-19

Air cargo has become a significant factor in airline strategic planning, necessitating a robust view of its development as the industry recovers


17 Aug 2020

Podcast: Ground Handling Ramp Up. Why an immediate start is essential

What can ground handling companies do today, in the midst of the pandemic, to set themselves up for industry revival and future growth?

13 Aug 2020

Webinar ACI Africa: Time to fly again - Shaping a world of trust

Now available on YouTube Catrin Drawer, Associate Partner and Head of Market Africa joins a panel of industry experts to discuss the way forward for airports in Africa.

05 Aug 2020

Podcast: Covid-19 as an opportunity to boost operational efficiency

Experts share insights into airport operational efficiency in the Lufthansa Consulting podcast series: Aviation Talk

29 Jul 2020

The return of the state-owned carrier?

State aid in one or multiple forms will likely be required by most if not all carriers and can be immensely beneficial, if provided intelligently.

22 Jul 2020

Is your IOSA renewal audit due in the current difficult times?

If you are preparing for an initial or renewal audit in any form and need support, do not hesitate to contact us

20 Jul 2020

Podcast: Airline operations restart – getting the basics right

Experts share insights into airline operational excellence in the Lufthansa Consulting podcast series: Aviation Talk

08 Jul 2020

Getting ready for take-off: Ramping up airport operations

Airports are now dealing with the challenge of adapting operational procedures and terminal infrastructure to the industry’s new normal

06 Jul 2020

The role of regional airlines in supporting post-COVID-19 industry recovery

Deploying small aircraft within a geographic niche is still highly relevant as the industry slowly recovers

06 Jul 2020

Lufthansa Aviation Talk Podcast: Creating flexibility in fleet through premature lease returns

Welcome to Aviation Talk - the Lufthansa Consulting podcast series

01 Jul 2020

New challenges for policy makers

How to re-think civil aviation policy in pandemic times

29 Jun 2020

Capacity adjustments caused by Covid-19: The challenges of accelerated lease returns

Unprecedented challenges for aircraft operators and leasing companies

24 Jun 2020

AIR Convention Digital Week: "Comeback to the skies” video – How to navigate through uncertain times

Managing Director Hannes Müller and Associate Partner Christine Weigner share “Next steps for aviation amid COVID-19 - a survival guide for aviators”

15 Jun 2020

The new ‘sanitized’ air travel customer journey: possibilities for a post-COVID-19 world

The passenger journey as the vehicle to re-establish travelers’ confidence, satisfaction & loyalty

10 Jun 2020

Secure your airport the pole position during the recovery phase

Airports, that succeed beyond the obvious initiatives of increased hygiene and sanitizing measures, will be the ones leaving a lasting impression

08 Jun 2020

Podcast: Rethinking the basis for revenue management and pricing

Welcome to Aviation Talk - the Lufthansa Consulting podcast series

05 Jun 2020

Cargo – driving revenue in the crisis and beyond

Will cargo become a focal point of airlines’ post Covid-19 recovery?

03 Jun 2020

Physical distance creates need for emotional proximity

Understanding Covid-19 as a trigger for a future digitally engaged customer journey

29 May 2020

Shaking up the foundations of revenue management and pricing

Real-time data will play a significant role for airline decision-making

27 May 2020

Loyalty programs during COVID-19 – a silver lining in times of crisis

A customer-centric approach to emerge from the crisis

20 May 2020

Revamping passenger demand models for a post-COVID aviation world

With the aviation world slowly initiating a recovery from the capacity shock resulting from Covid-19, stakeholders require reliable demand forecasts to plan for the future

13 May 2020

Regional airports: alliances and cooperation for better connectivity

To revive traffic, regional airports will need to think creatively – including exploring greater cooperation among themselves to ensure viable service.

11 May 2020

Hannes Müller appointed as Managing Director of Lufthansa Consulting

Growing and positioning the consulting business in-house within the Lufthansa Group and in the external market

06 May 2020

Should regional airports get state aid?

It is not a question of if, but rather how key regional airports should be bailed out

30 Apr 2020

Personalizing the passenger experience as a way out of the Covid-19 crisis

A customer centric approach to recover revenues after the crisis

29 Apr 2020

Operations 2.0: Leveraging the Covid-19 disruption to meet the challenges of future airline operations

Emerging from the crisis is an opportunity to reevaluate an airline’s approach

23 Apr 2020

How airlines can prepare for ‘Day 1’ after Covid-19

Insights by Lufthansa Consulting from the webinar ‘Partnering for a Better Tomorrow’ by RateGain

20 Apr 2020

Expect the unexpected: How airports can prepare for the next crisis

A comprehensive Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) enables airports to respond faster and more efficient to any crisis whenever it may come.


16 Apr 2020

MRO operations and Covid-19: leveraging the enforced ground time and planning for the future

How airline MRO organizations can emerge stronger, smarter and more efficient

09 Apr 2020

Navigating an airline through the COVID-19 crisis: turbocharging the CXO checklist

The drastic impact on the aviation industry will last for some time. Basic measures for crisis response and cash conservation will not suffice; it is time to act aggressively.


08 Apr 2020

Airports in crisis: Measures to respond to and recover from COVID-19

In the face of an unprecedented crisis, airports should respond pro-actively and plan for the aftermath in order to recover and come back strong.


06 Apr 2020

We are in this together

Complimentary calls, sharing 40 years of airline consulting experience

27 Mar 2020

Navigating an airline through the COVID-19-Crisis

How to maneuver an airline through these stormy times? Six questions to Lufthansa Consulting's Associate Partner Christine Weigner

12 Mar 2020

Airport Operational Excellence Survey

Be part of the airport operational excellence initiative to turn current challenges into future success factors

03 Mar 2020

Using your potential to increase revenues

Understanding your customer is the key to revenue growth

21 Feb 2020

Designing successful loyalty programs of tomorrow

Sharing our expertise in developing loyalty programs in the airline industry

19 Feb 2020

Multiple opportunities for airports in Africa

Lufthansa Consulting gives speech at Annual Africa Airport Expansion Summit

04 Feb 2020

Lufthansa Consulting takes part in Routes Americas as exhibitor

Best in Class Air Service Development and Network and Fleet Planning solutions

19 Dec 2019

In-house consulting 2019

A review of our project work for the Lufthansa Group

11 Dec 2019

Social commitment for help alliance

Consultant Matthias Rolfs is involved as project manager in Uganda

08 Dec 2019

Annual Lufthansa Consulting Alumni event

Company highlights and above all networking in focus

06 Dec 2019

Awarded again “Best of Consulting” by WirtschaftsWoche

Lufthansa Consulting wins “Excellent” prize with Air Service Development project for Auckland International Airport


02 Dec 2019

Lufthansa Consulting supports establishment of new Lufthansa Group subsidiary

Foundation of Lufthansa Group Security Operations GmbH

14 Nov 2019

Aviation industry in Latin America facing tough challenges due to growing demand in the region

Lufthansa Consulting recommends airports to count on operational transparency

11 Nov 2019

Lufthansa Consulting as speaker and sponsor at GAD World

Growth drivers for regional airports and how investors realize the full potential of emerging markets

08 Nov 2019

AFRAA Annual General Assembly: Success in an integrated and interconnected Africa

Lufthansa Consulting moderates "Breaking the mould - working differently" panel

29 Oct 2019

Enabling a new level of customer centricity in the Middle East

Sharing data along the customer travel journey

28 Oct 2019

Achieve the next level of airline operational excellence

Participate in Lufthansa Consulting’s survey to benchmark your company with the industry

27 Oct 2019

Lufthansa Consulting takes part in ALTA Airline Leaders Forum 2019

Joint Lufthansa Group booth together with Lufthansa Systems and Lufthansa Technik

15 Oct 2019

Turkmenistan Airlines resumes European operations supported by Lufthansa Consulting

EASA reauthorizes Turkmenistan’s flag carrier as Third Country Operator

11 Oct 2019

Lufthansa Aviation Training and Lufthansa Consulting cooperate in specialized training of consultants

Transfer of aviation know-how to employees and thus added value for clients

20 Sep 2019

Lufthansa Consulting exhibitor at 25th World Route Development Forum

Best in Class Air Service Development and Network and Fleet Planning in focus

19 Sep 2019

Driving connectivity: the benefits of Air Service Development

Understanding the airline planning process and commercial decision criteria are crucial success factors

16 Sep 2019

Stress test for airport investors

Lufthansa Consulting speaks at Air Convention Europe 2019

15 Jul 2019

Lufthansa Consulting and German Aerospace Center agree strategic innovation partnership

Promotion of technology transfer and innovation for joint projects

25 Jun 2019

Award for Lufthansa also honors Lufthansa Consulting

Inkometa Award for successful internal communication of Lufthansa's new brand design

13 Jun 2019

Continued support for Turkmenistan Airlines to achieve compliance with international air safety standards

Turkmenistan Airlines updated EASA on status of implementation of corrective action

20 May 2019

Airbus Helicopters: learning best practice from the experts

Safety management and the latest production processes

30 Apr 2019

Developing airports in Latin America

Determining the best long-term strategy through solid professional analysis

17 Apr 2019

Ranked amongst the best consultants in 2019

Aviation clients rate high quality of service

13 Mar 2019

Lufthansa Consulting launches new image film

Expertise and passion for the aviation business

25 Feb 2019

Future airport development in Africa

Expansion is not always the only right way to go

14 Feb 2019

Supporting Turkmenistan Airlines to access compliance to international air safety standards

Turkmenistan’s flag carrier pushes action to raise safety standards to meet EASA requirements

06 Dec 2018

Next Level@LCG event - new ways for digital transformation in the aviation industry

Lufthansa Consulting looks into the digital future with its Lufthansa Group customers

30 Nov 2018

Lufthansa Consulting Alumni Meeting 2018

Former employees celebrate 30 years of Lufthansa Consulting with an outlook on the future of digital aviation

27 Nov 2018

Lufthansa Consulting awarded “Best of Consulting” by WirtschaftsWoche

First place in the category “Competitive Strategy” with Czech Airlines project

14 Nov 2018

Keep your customers happy with a customer centric approach

Strategies and tactics to create an excellent customer experience

28 Oct 2018

Annual ALTA Airline Leaders Forum in Panama

This year the event focuses on the importance of connectivity

28 Sep 2018

German-Taiwanese Airport Solutions & Aviation Conference in Taipei

Lufthansa Consulting took part in business delegation trip of German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs

29 Aug 2018

Strategy plan optimization for Caribbean Airlines

Promising perspectives for air traffic in the region

10 Aug 2018

30 years competence as independent Lufthansa Group subsidiary

Lufthansa Consulting is the reliable partner for business success in the aviation industry

26 Jul 2018

Experts meet trainees: A new generation of aviation professionals in the starting blocks

Lufthansa Consulting shares knowledge with graduates of renowned Lufthansa ProTeam trainee program

28 Jun 2018

Largest company run in the world is no obstacle for our colleagues

Lufthansa Consulting team takes part in J.P. Morgan Challenge 2018

15 Jun 2018

Trend long-haul low-cost airlines – also a success model in Russia?

Lufthansa Consulting speaks at Aircraft Finance and Lease Russia & CIS 2018

09 Apr 2018

Lufthansa Consulting at Ancillary Merchandising Conference 2018

Back to the core elements of ancillary revenues: Experts show how marketing basics can be used in a successful integrated approach

20 Mar 2018

Digital Transformation in the airline industry

Driven by integration and people, not technology

02 Feb 2018

“Is customer loyalty still necessary for loyalty programs?”

Lufthansa Consulting with speech and exhibition stand at Loyalty 2018 event in Bangkok

18 Dec 2017

Doing our best for the 5-Star airline

Our expertise and excellence for our number one client Lufthansa

12 Dec 2017

Lufthansa Aerial Services – What’s new?

New video material and collaboration with Phase One Industrial

06 Dec 2017

Lufthansa Consulting supports Air Asia Company Limited to achieve EASA PART-145 standards

Taiwan’s leading MRO company plans to expand product portfolio

28 Nov 2017

Lufthansa Consulting hosts fifth alumni meeting

Interactive marketplace at annual event with former staff

20 Nov 2017

Back at ALTA Airline Leaders Forum 2017

Lufthansa Consulting, Lufthansa Systems and Lufthansa Technik at joint exhibition stand in Buenos Aires

17 Nov 2017

Tackling the high costs for the aviation industry in Africa

Lufthansa Consulting chaired panel session at 49th AFRAA AGA in Kigali, Rwanda

06 Nov 2017

Lufthansa Consulting at GAD World 2017

Which new technologies will have the power to reshape the airports’ revenue streams?


23 Oct 2017

Air Service Development for Swaziland

Lufthansa Consulting helps to foster King Mswati III International Airport

18 Oct 2017

Lufthansa Aerial Services

Phase One Industrial and Lufthansa Aerial Services Sign Cooperation Agreement for UAV-based Aerial Imaging

05 Oct 2017

Lufthansa Aerial Services – What’s new?

Up-to-date video and German website

25 Sep 2017

Government of Nunavut in Canada seeks new procurement strategy for flight services

Lufthansa Consulting optimizes purchasing policy focused on medical transportation and duty travel

22 Sep 2017

Lufthansa Consulting with lead topic at World Routes 2017

Turbulent European Skies – How can airports respond to airline consolidation

24 Aug 2017

Lufthansa Consulting in Africa Wings: The top five ancillary revenue practices

Senior Consultants Esther Samtlebe and Karel Sucha have summarized most important ancillary revenue practices in the current issue of AFRAA’s official magazine

15 Aug 2017

Congratulations to Myanmar’s Mann Yadanarpon Airlines

Asian regional airline acquires IOSA certification with support of Lufthansa Consulting

28 Jul 2017

Exploring the capability of Chinese aviation: Business development trip to China

Lufthansa Consulting participated in delegation’s journey organized by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy


25 Jul 2017

Air Integration in South America

Lufthansa Consulting’s Partner Liege Emmerz gives a speech about infrastructure developments and air connectivity in the continent’s air transport market.

17 Jul 2017

A smooth travel eco-system

Managing Consultant Georg Baust has contributed an article about digital transformation in regard to customer experience to the recent issue of the International Airport Review magazine

19 Jun 2017

Passenger Experience in PPP airports

Lufthansa Consulting speaks at unique Airport Investments Summit

16 May 2017

Lufthansa Consulting focuses on digital aviation together with Bitkom

Company to host a digital aviation roundtable to develop the future role and integration of innovative technologies in aviation processes


09 May 2017

We did it again! Lufthansa Consulting is one of the top consulting firms in Germany

“brand eins” industry survey “Best Consultants 2017“

26 Apr 2017

Development in the Russian air transport market

Lufthansa Consulting supports Aircraft Finance and Lease Russia & CIS 2017 as sponsor and moderator

14 Apr 2017

German Government explores chances in South America's transportation sector

Lufthansa Consulting part of business delegation

06 Apr 2017

New MRO facility in Russia’s Far East

Lufthansa Consulting supports Aeroflot’s subsidiary Aurora Airlines in hangar project

29 Mar 2017

Airport traffic forecasting

The art of predicting the future

14 Mar 2017

Digital transformation defines customer relationship management

Senior Consultant Georg Baust speaks at Passenger Terminal Expo on how digital media influence customer experience

10 Mar 2017

Leveraging Performance in Aircraft Maintenance

New Lufthansa Consulting White Paper now available for download

21 Feb 2017

Aviation Africa 2017 focuses on growth in Rwanda’s aviation industry

Lufthansa Consulting moderates UAV related panel discussion

20 Feb 2017

Annual Africa Airport Expansion Summit in Kigali

Associate Partner Bruno Boucher gives a lecture about the security at airports in Africa

31 Jan 2017

Argentina: Lufthansa Consulting sees great potential for growth in the air transport sector

Air connectivity and infrastructure development as basis for future intermodal travel

27 Jan 2017

Lufthansa Consulting speaks at 11th Annual Conference on Airports in India

Associate Partner Panagiotis Poligenis presents lecture on “Airport Asset Management”

14 Dec 2016

Innovate the passenger security check experience at airports

Improving terminal operations processes while meeting safety requirements – challenging but feasible

06 Dec 2016

Operational Excellence

How to improve airline efficiency and customer satisfaction at the same time

28 Nov 2016

Maintaining close contact with former colleagues

Lufthansa Consulting hosts fourth alumni event

18 Nov 2016

48th AFRAA AGM: Sustainable strategies for the viability of African airlines

Associate Partner Bruno Boucher moderates panel session on safety and operational efficiency

11 Nov 2016

Bienvenidos at the ALTA Airline Leaders Forum 2016!

Lufthansa Consulting is represented at joint exhibition stand with Lufthansa Systems and Lufthansa Technik

08 Nov 2016

Iraq upgrades civil aviation with the help of Lufthansa Consulting

Agreement signed with Ministry of Transport to foster the country’s economic growth and develop a modern aviation industry

25 Oct 2016

Lufthansa Consulting team represented at Moscow International Forum for Innovative Development

Associate Partner Bruno Boucher speaks about Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

11 Oct 2016

Lufthansa Consulting takes part in PACEdays 2016

Partner Marc Landgraf presents the future of onboard experience

04 Oct 2016

Working in-house: services and solutions for our key client Lufthansa

Ongoing support of numerous projects for Lufthansa Group companies

23 Sep 2016

Lufthansa Aerial Services enters into a partnership with the Nordex Group

Partners plan to work together to develop applications for the use of drones in the wind energy sector.

22 Sep 2016

World Routes 2016: Lufthansa Consulting sees a run for long-haul connections to China

European airports benefit from pre-departure spending by Chinese visitors

21 Sep 2016

Building a stable economy and infrastructures is vital to recovery

Developing multi-modal airport infrastructures and civil aviation industry

08 Sep 2016

Is your aircraft maintenance organization fit for the future?

A tailored strategy makes MRO service providers successful

30 Aug 2016

Brexit and the possible implications for aviation

How to prepare for U.K. exit from the E.U. – without knowing exactly what lies ahead

18 Aug 2016

Helping the helpers

Lufthansa Consulting joins Lufthansa Group project for Help Alliance in Brazil

11 Aug 2016

Airport privatization in Africa

Great potential for alternative airport ownership and operations models


02 Aug 2016

Lufthansa Consulting recommends: Nordica must focus on premium-class passengers

Associate Partner Stanislav Solomko gives interview to Estonian newspaper Eesti Päevaleht

25 Jul 2016

Clever airline product optimization makes the difference

Lufthansa Consulting aims to challenge airlines’ products along the entire service chain to find the right balance between satisfying customer requirements and keeping costs under control

08 Jul 2016

In good shape for the Olympics and for future challenges

RIOgaleão – Tom Jobim International Airport ensures operational readiness in new Pier Sul and Terminal 2


06 Jul 2016

Lufthansa Consulting contributes to the Super Star project in a special way

Reviewing and optimizing the business plan for operations of famous restored Super Constellation

30 Jun 2016

A good reason to celebrate: Four decades of experience in aviation

40 years ago Lufthansa Consulting was established as a department

22 Jun 2016

Associate Partner Catrin Drawer holds speech at Aviation Festival Africa

Airline and airport passenger experience topics in focus

10 Jun 2016

Conversion of military airports to civil use – Germany’s experience is highly relevant for international airports

Delegation from Finland’s Kauhava Airport on visiting tour of Frankfurt-Hahn

01 Jun 2016

Africa Wings Journal: Drone technology – Safe coexistence of airspace users is key

Africa could be a pioneer in developing regulation standards for synchronized operations


30 May 2016

Exploiting the potential of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Lufthansa Consulting holds workshop for business partners in Kazakhstan

23 May 2016

“brand eins” industry survey “Beste Berater 2016”

Lufthansa Consulting ranked among the top consulting firms in Germany

06 May 2016

African Aviation Stakeholders Convention

Associate Partner Bruno Boucher leads master class and moderates panel session

21 Apr 2016

Aero Expo Panama Pacifico

Lufthansa Consulting is represented as an exhibitor at Panama Pacifico International Airport

05 Apr 2016

South American Exhibition for Logistics, Cargo Transport and International Trade

Lufthansa Consulting representatives at 22nd Intermodal South America in São Paulo

18 Mar 2016

The outlook for aviation in South America

Lufthansa Consulting market study predicts high potential for airline business in Bolivia

26 Feb 2016

Process orientation enhances efficiency and profit

Now is the time to unfold your full success potential

01 Feb 2016

Ancillary infrastructure opportunities for Cargo and MRO on Indian airports

Panagiotis Poligenis participated in the 10th Annual Conference on Airports in India and held a speech on the topic “Developing Ancillary Infrastructure for Cargo and MRO”

26 Jan 2016

Lufthansa Aerial Services division inks deal with drone-maker DJI

Lufthansa Aerial Services and DJI join forces to develop commercial applications for drone technology

18 Jan 2016

Knowledge transfer within the Lufthansa Group at Frankfurt Airport

Lufthansa Consulting employees gained valuable insights from the department Aircraft Handling and Surveillance at Hub Management Frankfurt

Best Consultants 2022

Best Consultants 2022: Lufthansa Consulting ranked among the top consulting firms in Germany

Listed by brandeins, the renowned German business and trend magazine, for the seventh time. Lufthansa Consulting ranked top of the category "aerospace and defense" and ranked high in the area "transport, traffic and logistics". The rating is greatly respected throughout a wide range of industries and is based on recommendations from industry experts and client assessments.