Dubai Airport Show

07 - 09 Dec 2020
Digital Event

In times of advancing digitization, in which technology is changing fast and passengers are demanding the very best connectivity as well as a seamless journey and more entertainment than ever before, Airport and Airlines have no choice but to keep ahead and have the technologies in place behind the scenes. Especially the areas of airport operations, security and air traffic control have to be aware of new trends to support a new age of consumer.

The Dubai Airport Show is designed to address the effects of the advancing digitization on the aviation market and is spread over three days. The Future Ground Handling Summit on June 22nd will examine current threats and challenges affecting ground handlers and passenger transportation. The Airport Passengers’ Experience conference held on June 23rd will present new benchmarks for the ultimate seamless passenger experience of the future. Global and regional airport security experts will gather on June 24th at the airport security conference to share insights and discuss important measures regarding airport security.

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