Comeback of travel to and from China: Is the aviation industry prepared?

The impact on wide-body aircraft through increasing demand – a Lufthansa Consulting analysis

by Haihong Xu, Senior Consultant, and Vincent Hütte, Associate Partner


Gaining leverage - As airlines emerge from Covid-19 and into cost pressures exacerbated by war in Europe, they face a years-long effort to pay down the debt accumulated to survive the challenges

Read the article about airline debt with statements from our experts Arvind Chandrasekhar, Matthias Kern and Haihong Xu published in the March-April 2022 issue of Airline Business.


Realising Africa's aviation potential

Airliner World examines the challenges and opportunities posed as the continent seeks to strengthen its routes. Read the article with statements from our experts Arvind Chandrasekhar and Catrin Drawer in the April 2022 issue of the magazine.


New service: Support in Competency Based Training and Assessment CBTA

Lufthansa Consulting offers support in the area of Competency Based Training and Assessment CBTA. After first implementation initiatives in pilot training, CBTA is now also becoming relevant for Flight Operations Officers. We can help CAAs, ATOs and airline operators in the customization and implementation as well as the first run of CBTA in their organizations.


Исследование уровня эффективности операционной деятельности авиакомпаний

Область исследования: планирование и контроль операционной деятельности, управление эффективностью (предварительные результаты)

Если вы хотите более подробно ознакомиться с исследованием и обсудить полученные нами результаты, а также ваши текущие планы по достижению операционной эффективности, просим обращаться к авторам исследования: Martin Sedlacek или Anna Sauer либо к представителям Lufthansa Consulting в России и СНГ: Stanislav Solomko и Askhat Torshin


Initial results of the Airline Operational Excellence Survey

When rebuilding their operations for the „new normal“, airlines should consider learning from the past. The initial results of the survey by Martin Sedláček, Associate Partner and Head of Solution Group Flight Operations and Safety Management, and Anna Sauer, Senior Consultant in the Solution Group Infrastructure and Operations (Ground).


A customer experience perspective on how to deal with COVID-19-induced uncertainties

Understanding customers has never been more important for the aviation industry in order to identify and prioritize product and service investments effectively. In the article Shaping flexible organizations a customer experience perspective, our expert, Sarah Espinoza explains why an invest in customer experience improvement measures today can help airlines and airports to stay competitive in the long run.


Flexible rightsizing of airline staff in times of uncertainty

Airlines are now facing the challenge of reducing staff while ensuring flexibility for ramp-up, managing public opinion and corporate culture.

Insights by Hannah Kugler, Associate Consultant, business psychologist and former flight attendant. She is an expert for governmental and regulatory affairs and Matthias Rolfs, Consultant, former airline pilot and expert for flight operations and airline organization, They are both members of the Solution Group Flight Operations and Safety Management.


The coming air cargo reality check: how the industry will evolve through COVID-19

Aviation as a whole is being hit hard by the ongoing restrictions in travel. The air cargo business has also been affected, but to a lesser extent. 

Christopher Karp, a cargo expert from the Network and Fleet Management Solution Group, addresses the outlook for the industry on three dimensions – volume (demand), capacity (supply) and yield levels.


The return of the state-owned carrier?

State aid in one or multiple forms will likely be required by most if not all carriers and can be immensely beneficial, if provided intelligently.

Insights from Henrik Mädler, Senior Consultant in the Solution Organization, Strategy and Finance at Lufthansa Consulting


Getting ready for take-off: Ramping up airport operations

Airports are now dealing with the challenge of adapting operational procedures and terminal infrastructure to the industry’s new normal.

Read the article by Tim Möws and Dennis Uderhardt, experts in the Infrastructure and Operations Solution Group.


The role of regional airlines in supporting post-COVID-19 industry recovery

Deploying small aircraft within a geographic niche is still highly relevant as the industry slowly recovers. Surviving the crisis will require a willingness among stakeholders in the regional airline business to explore three key avenues: state support, partnership or collaboration models and, in some cases, possible consolidation. 

Arvind Chandrasekhar and Michelle Feil from the Solution Group Network and Fleet Management share their insights.


New challenges for policy makers

With air traffic down to a fraction of its volume from three months ago – and while overwhelmed with emergency support negotiations – should policy makers review their aviation planning frameworks?

Article by Hans-Dieter Janecke, expert in the Infrastructure and Operations Solution Group and Christopher Karp, expert in the Network and Fleet planning Solution Group 


Capacity adjustments caused by Covid-19: The challenges of accelerated lease returns

When Covid-19 hits a prospering leasing market, the effects will be substantial. It is expected that significant capacity adjustments will lead to a wave of premature lease returns and present unprecedented challenges to aircraft operators (lessees) and leasing companies (lessors). 

Insights by Dr. Axel Schauenburg, Associate Partner and leader of the Solution Group Maintenance and Engineering.


Home Sweet Home: identifying potential ‘winners’ in domestic-led aviation recovery and crafting the right strategic response

The global aviation industry is cautiously taking to the skies once again. In nearly every region, air passenger capacity (seats) is rising in June as compared to previous months. 

Insights from Wasiq Khurshid, Solution Group Network and Fleet Management and Arvind Chandrasekhar Associate Partner and Solution Group Leader. 


The new ‘sanitized’ air travel customer journey: possibilities for a post-COVID-19 world

A new ‘sanitized’ passenger journey awaits travelers around the globe: While recovering passenger travels will be a major challenge for the upcoming years, airlines and airports alike are already working on re-establishing consumers’ confidence in future traveling through innovative solutions, empathy and care.

Read the article by Julian Wildtraut




Secure your airport the pole position during the recovery phase

Airports, that succeed beyond the obvious initiatives of increased hygiene and sanitizing measures, will be the ones leaving a lasting impression. 

Elena Plaumann, Martin Neuser and Michael Baltosee share their combined expertise in Operations and Handling, Customer Experience and Infrastructure and Logistics.



Cargo – driving revenue in the crisis and beyond

The Covid-19 crisis has hit the aviation industry harder than anything else for the last seven decades. Whilst passenger numbers went back to levels of the 1950’s, cargo has been hit much less – and the lost capacities caused soaring airfreight rates.

Managing Consultant Christian Meyer asks: Will cargo become a focal point of airlines’ post Covid-19 recovery?


Physical distance creates need for emotional proximity

With the gradual resumption of air traffic post Covid-19, airports need to consider appropriate measures – physical in the short term, digital in the long term. 

Martin Neuser and Felix Piper, experts in the Customer Experience Solution Group specializing on airport commercial and operational topics at Lufthansa Consulting, reflect on the impact of Covid-19 on touch points along the customer journey.


Shaking up the foundations of revenue management and pricing

Within a couple of weeks, historic data as the foundation to monitor trends and performance has become irrelevant, shaking up the foundations of revenue management and pricing. Real-time data will play a significant role for airlines to make decisions by considering market-specific factors. 

Read the article by Nadine Meichsner, expert in the Sales and Revenue Management. 


Loyalty programs during COVID-19 – a silver lining in times of crisis

Airlines with a successful loyalty program have an advantage in trying to overcome this crisis. How can airlines benefit from their loyal customer base and what should airlines do to ensure their customers’ loyalty in the future?

Read the article by Vera Aurbach, expert in the Customer Experience Solution Group.


Revamping passenger demand models for a post-COVID aviation world

With the aviation world slowly initiating a recovery from the capacity shock resulting from Covid-19, stakeholders within the industry – airports, airlines, regulators, governments, investors and lessors - are in need of reliable demand forecasts in order to strategize and plan for the future.

Our authors: Arvind Chandrasekhar is an Associate Partner at Lufthansa Consulting, and leads the Solution Group Network and Fleet Management.  Wasiq Khurshid is an expert in the Solution Group. The authors would also like to thank Philipp Khokhlov for his support and contributions.


Regional airports: alliances and cooperation for better connectivity

To revive traffic regional airports will need to think creatively – including exploring greater cooperation among themselves to ensure viable service.

Insights from Karel Sucha, Managing Consultant and expert in Air Service Development for airports, and Arvind Chandrasekhar, Associate Partner and Head of Solution Group Network and Fleet Management. 


Should regional airports get state aid?

COVID-19 pandemic has seriously disrupted the aviation industry including both airports and airlines. Unless a significant improvement of the current situation takes place, which is unlikely, a financial bailout for some regional airports will be inevitable in the coming months. 

Read the article by Haihong Xu, an aviation financial expert in the Solution Group Organization and Strategy. 


Personalizing the passenger experience as a way out of the Covid-19 crisis: A customer centric approach to recover revenues after the crisis

The consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic are expected to trigger long-lasting changes in customer habits, expectations and decisions. To remain relevant and competitive, airlines need to rethink and redesign commercial strategies to adjust products and services for the first weeks and months with the resumption of service. 

Read the article by Laura Nostadt, expert in Customer Experience and Nadine Meichsner, expert in Sales and Revenue Management.


How airlines can prepare for ‘Day 1’ after Covid-19: insights by Lufthansa Consulting from the webinar ‘Partnering for a Better Tomorrow’ by RateGain

The webinar ‘Partnering for a Better Tomorrow: Impact of COVID-19 and the way forward’, hosted by RateGain on April 21, 2020, brought together industry experts to discuss the impact of the pandemic and the path forward for airlines, particularly from a commercial perspective. The session covered the latest developments in China and lessons learned, the approach to network and route planning, the impact on regional carriers in Europe and how to prepare for ‘Day 1’ of service resumption.

Read the key insights from Lufthansa Consulting’s experts Arvind Chandrasekhar and Nadine Meichsner


Expect the unexpected: How airports can learn from this crisis to prepare for the next one

Overwhelmed by the dimensions of this crisis, airports worldwide suffer from the operational and financial impact. Flexibility and immediate adaption to the rapidly changing market environment is now key to success. Comprehensive Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) enables airports to respond faster and more efficiently to any crisis, whenever it may come.

Read the full article by Dennis Uderhardt, expert in the Solution Group Infrastructure and Operations at Lufthansa Consulting


MRO operations and Covid-19: leveraging the enforced ground time and planning for the future

While most aircraft sit idle on the ground with uncertainty as to when regular flight patterns will resume, what can an airline MRO organization do? We take a look at the various options airline MRO organizations have to manage the Covid-19 impact, whilst remaining productive and planning for the future to emerge from the crisis stronger, smarter and more efficient. 

Read the full article by Dr. Axel Schauenburg, Associate Partner at Lufthansa Consulting and Head of Solution Group Maintenance and Engineering.


Navigating an airline through the COVID-19 crisis: turbocharging the CXO checklist

COVID-19 will have a drastic impact on the aviation industry for some time to come. Basic measures for crisis response and cash conservation will not suffice; it is time to act aggressively.

Read the insights of Arvind Chandrasekhar, Associate Partner and Head of Solution Group Network and Fleet Management.


Airports in crisis: Measures to respond to and recover from COVID-19

In the face of an unprecedented crisis, airports should respond pro-actively and plan for the aftermath in order to recover and come back strong. The industry can navigate this crisis and come out stronger by responding proactively, with a mix of instant measures for recovery as well as mid to long term scenario planning. 

Article published by ACI Africa in the Covid 19 section: Best Practices, Guidelines and Analysis from ACI Africa partners


The evolution of car parking at airports – solutions and models to retain future contribution in a period of transformation

With airport car parking constantly evolving thanks to new technologies and a changing environmental landscape, Lufthansa Consulting's expert Martin Neuser looks at how regional airports need to adapt to ensure they don't miss out on this non-aeronautical revenue stream. 

This article has been published in the March issue of Regional Gateway magazine.


How airlines can derive strategic benefits from multi-AOC operations

One of the most striking developments in the aviation industry over the last 15 years is steady industry consolidation, resulting in the rapid rise of airline groups. In most cases, these groups operate using multiple Air Operator Certificates (AOCs) as production platforms for air transport services. Some carriers are multi-brand ‘portfolios’, several others operate as a single customer brand. Owning multiple AOCs introduces complexity, but also the opportunity for an airline to differentially position each production platform. 

This piece, written by our consultants Lars-Michael Wendel and Arvind Chandrasekhar and published in the February 2020 issue of Air Transport World magazine, introduces a spectrum of strategic options for an airline or airline group to steer multiple AOCs, balancing the degree of integration with the level of independence and potential for brand differentiation. Through three case studies it discusses the drivers of this strategic choice and its implications. The article also highlights key considerations airline managers must address in order to establish efficient, productive and flexible multi-AOC operations. 


The next 'Pot of Gold' – Attracting the most suitable financial and operational partner to grow your airport sustainably

Against the background of IATA's forecast in October 2018 that the number of air travelers will reach 8.2 billion in 2037 airlines and airports have to cope with such growth and should preferably benefit from this development. Airports, in particular, face specific challenges to increase their capacity due to high capital requirements and complicated consultation and decision-making processes. On top of these difficulties, the financing of infrastructure projects themselves can be a challenging task. In most cases, current airport owners cannot finance their projects only through debt financing and have to share parts of the ownership with new investors. If an airport is currently owned by a governmental authority, a Private Sector Participation (PSP) in terms of either concession or other forms of private ownership, can be one of the choices. Thus, it is important for airports to develop these opportunities and present them to investors.

In its current edition AFRAA's African-skies magazine has published an article by our experts Haihong Xu and Hans-Dieter Janecke on how airports can attract the most suitable partner for suistanable growth.


Driving connectivity on the African continent

A profound Air Service Development program has major benefits for a wide range of stakeholders. The airport’s shareholders profit from increased shareholder value and return on investment whilst also preserving the sustainability of the airport strategy. Passengers embrace having greater connectivity to the world allowing them to travel to more destinations in a flexible manner. They also profit from lower ticket prices due to increased competition. Consultant Luisa Grasshoff’s shares her insights in an article published in the latest issue of Africa Wings.


Bringing out the best in regional airports to create a customer-centric portfolio aimed at boosting non-aeronautical revenues

The Regional Gateway magazine has published an article of Lufthansa Consulting's expert Martin Neuser in its September issue.
Martin explains why a customer-centric approach for regional airports is key to success when it comes to non-aeronautical revenues.

Best Consultants 2022

Best Consultants 2022: Lufthansa Consulting ranked among the top consulting firms in Germany

Listed by brandeins, the renowned German business and trend magazine, for the seventh time. Lufthansa Consulting ranked top of the category "aerospace and defense" and ranked high in the area "transport, traffic and logistics". The rating is greatly respected throughout a wide range of industries and is based on recommendations from industry experts and client assessments.