The next 'Pot of Gold' – Attracting the most suitable financial and operational partner to grow your airport sustainably

Against the background of IATA's forecast in October 2018 that the number of air travelers will reach 8.2 billion in 2037 airlines and airports have to cope with such growth and should preferably benefit from this development. Airports, in particular, face specific challenges to increase their capacity due to high capital requirements and complicated consultation and decision-making processes. On top of these difficulties, the financing of infrastructure projects themselves can be a challenging task. In most cases, current airport owners cannot finance their projects only through debt financing and have to share parts of the ownership with new investors. If an airport is currently owned by a governmental authority, a Private Sector Participation (PSP) in terms of either concession or other forms of private ownership, can be one of the choices. Thus, it is important for airports to develop these opportunities and present them to investors.

In its current edition AFRAA's African-skies magazine has published an article by our experts Haihong Xu and Hans-Dieter Janecke on how airports can attract the most suitable partner for suistanable growth.


Driving connectivity on the African continent

A profound Air Service Development program has major benefits for a wide range of stakeholders. The airport’s shareholders profit from increased shareholder value and return on investment whilst also preserving the sustainability of the airport strategy. Passengers embrace having greater connectivity to the world allowing them to travel to more destinations in a flexible manner. They also profit from lower ticket prices due to increased competition. Consultant Luisa Grasshoff’s shares her insights in an article published in the latest issue of Africa Wings.


Bringing out the best in regional airports to create a customer-centric portfolio aimed at boosting non-aeronautical revenues

The Regional Gateway magazine has published an article of Lufthansa Consulting's expert Martin Neuser in its September issue.
Martin explains why a customer-centric approach for regional airports is key to success when it comes to non-aeronautical revenues.


Innovate and survive: Successful innovation is not a lucky accident, but a result of a disciplined process

Digital innovations are challenging the traditional aviation business, particularly in Africa. In the August-October edition of Africa Wings Journal, the official publication of AFRAA, Lufthansa Consulting's Managing Consultant Maciej Mazurowicz discussed in an article how creative and collaborative approaches can solve competitive challenges and unveil true potential.


Lufthansa Consulting: 30 years competence as independent Lufthansa Group subsidiary

This year Lufthansa Consulting is celebrating its founding as a limited company 30 years ago. All in all, the aviation consultancy has now been providing expertise and services to clients for more than 40 years starting in 1976 as a department of Deutsche Lufthansa AG. The info graphic shows the highlights from 1988 until today.


Digitalization in the MRO business … up and running? Or still in the fledgling stage?

In its September edition the AviTrader MRO magazine has presented an article of Lufthansa Consulting’s expert Volker Hildebrand, who explains the current state of digitalization in aircraft maintenance. He advises how to benefit from the significant potential of digitalization for the MRO (Maintenance Repair and Overhaul) and CAMO (Continuous Airworthiness Maintenance Organization) business.The download is now available here.


The top five ancillary revenue practices

Whether legacy, low-cost or hybrid carriers, they are not yet able to completely exploit the huge source of ancillary revenues. In the AUG-OCT issue of AFRAA's magazine Africa Wings Lufthansa Consulting's experts have summarized most important ancillary revenue strategies in order to help airlines to optimize their current practices. Here you can read the full article.


Digital transformation and its effect on the passenger: Creating a travel eco-system

Digital development is expected to bring disruptive changes and innovations to the aviation industry. Managing Consultant Georg Baust has written an article on that topic in the latest issue of the International Airport Review magazine entitled “Digital Transformation and its effect on the customer: Creating a travel eco-system”. He focuses on the influence and opportunities offered by digital transformation in regard to a thorough customer experience. The download is now available here.


Airport Traffic Forecasting – The art of predicting the future

Traffic forecasting in aviation is no easy task, not least for airports. Nevertheless, it is essential to anticipate potential developments and perform risk assessments well in advance. This calls for reliable and solid data analysis and a deep understanding of the market and industry environment. Lufthansa Consulting's experts know how to support airports with their special methodology. Take a closer look at the various possible scenarios.


Three tales of breakneck growth - The Middle East Three airlines

In its recent issue the Arabian Aerospace magazine has published an article of Lufthansa Consulting’s experts Arvind Chandrasekhar and Guillaume Schmidt, which discusses the current developments of the big three middle east airlines. Qatar Airways, Emirates and Etihad Airways have all listed constant growth in the last ten years. The story enlightens the strategies that lay behind those businesses in regard to partnerships, expansion and future prospects. The download is now available here.


Leveraging Performance in Aircraft Maintenance – Tailored integrated approach leads to success

Lufthansa Consulting’s Solution Group Maintenance & Engineering has completed its latest White Paper, which discusses the current situation among MRO market participants and shows a new integrated approach towards improving an airline's or MRO service provider's financial situation by reducing maintenance costs and increasing aircraft utilization. The free download is now available here.


The outlook for aviation in South America: Lufthansa Consulting market study predicts high potential for airline business in Bolivia

Lufthansa Consulting recently presented the results of their market study and the potential for Bolivia’s aviation sector to the country’s public authorities. One of Bolivia’s most important business journals, Cash, has published a detailed article in this context. Here you can read the full story in Spanish.


CCI Survey: How do companies achieve excellent customer service. Lufthansa Consulting contact center and sourcing survey

Lufthansa Consulting’s Inter-Branch division launched a study of the contact center market. The aim of this cross-sectoral survey – known as the “CCI – Contact Center Index” – is to examine the maturity of corporate contact centers, their integration, organization and procurement strategies, including price benchmarking. It also analyzes the strategic goals that companies pursue with their customer contact centers and their significance in terms of customer experience management. Results now available.


Airport development in the Russian Market

In an interview with the Russian regional industry magazine Vestnik, Stanislav Solomko shared his views on the development of Rostov-on-Don “Yuzhny” Airport. He explained the possible development scenarios – conservative, most likely and optimistic – which have been considered for the preparation of the traffic forecast, both for passengers and cargo. Stanislav Solomko is Head of Market Russia and the Baltic States, and Associate Partner at Lufthansa Consulting.




Customer Journey 3.0: Ancillary Revenues and Big Data

All global industries have to face the challenges of digitization and changing customer needs. Companies that are able to systematically collect and evaluate customer data and offer an increasingly personalized service will continue to have the best market opportunities in the future. The Lufthansa Consulting Executive Circle provides a forum for executives and specialists in their field to discuss strategically important topics within a small expert group.


Customer Service Excellence – New Business Models and Strategies for the Future

Experts and high level executives come together to discuss how best to fulfil customer needs and achieve customer service excellence. The Executive Circle event considers innovative solutions for customer management and to boost loyalty.


Best of Consulting

For the second time in a row Lufthansa Consulting has been awarded the renowned consultancy prize "Best of Consulting" by the German weekly business news magazine WirtschaftsWoche. The “Excellent” award went to a successful Air Service Development project with Auckland International Airport, the largest airport of New Zealand and the third busiest international airport in Australasia. Lufthansa Consulting and its client Auckland International Airport are incredibly pleased about the award and that the WirtschaftsWoche jury could also be convinced of this successful project. Both look very much forward to their further productive and prosperous cooperation.