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Southern Africa and Indian Ocean is an exciting and dynamic area, which is currently experiencing strong economic growth and increased tourism. This leads to a demand for intermodal transport infrastructure solutions to serve the markets and satisfy international investor requirements. Passengers and goods need safe and reliable transport. Establishing a comprehensive civil aviation administration framework is crucial to ensure safe and secure operations and open sky policies. We are experienced in the intricacies of the strategic development and capacity building of airports and airlines in expanding markets.

Iraq and Jordan also lie within my area of responsibility. Both countries require a competitive aviation infrastructure and need to enhance their CAA framework. Modern and reliable airlines are key to keeping pace with the challenging Middle East and European carriers. A strong aviation industry will be able to support the local economy in the future for the benefit of the communities and their people.

Please feel free to contact me at any time to discuss the challenges you are facing in the transport sector. 


Latest activities

  • Keep your customers happy with a customer centric approach

    Today, consumers increasingly base their buying decisions on their expected individual experience. A more customer centric orientation enables an airline to shape individual passenger experiences.

    By placing the customer firmly in the center, airlines understand how changes in consumer expectations are influencing purchasing decisions. Customers expect ease, consistency, immediacy, competitive prices, value and most importantly a relevant personalized offer. Platforms such as Netflix and Amazon are examples of platforms using advanced technologies to drive consumer demands for individualized and creative customer centric services. So this is what customers have come to expect.

    Improved customer service aims to increase customer happiness, but how can airlines achieve this? Lufthansa Consulting believes that the key is an organizational strategy that enhances customer experience by aligning the offer with individual customer expectations. This means on all levels, not just by adapting the tangible products and processes, but also by aligning the service culture, attitudes and interaction with customers to create a harmonious positive customer experience with the airline.

    One benefit of satisfying customers along the entire customer journey and creating a happy customer experience is increased loyalty. Another benefit is brand differentiation. Customers perceive an excellent customer experience as valuable and desirable. Therefore ensuring an excellent customer experience is particularly important in competitive markets. Positive experiences motivate customers to build a preference for a brand and differentiate it from other airline brands. This in turn creates stability, reduces churn, increases profit and secures the airline’s market position.

    In order to create a unique customer experience, Lufthansa Consulting advises clients in both, strategic and tactical questions towards becoming a more customer centric airline.Lufthansa Consulting has a broad experience in customer centricity, customer experience and loyalty projects and our experts have worked with various airline business models throughout the world.

    Recently Catrin Drawer, Head of Southern Africa and Indian Ocean, presented customer centricity models for the African market at the 48th Airline Association of South Africa Annual General Assembly in Livingstone, Zambia. This supported the focus of the event: customer service. Visitors explored and discussed ways to use customer centricity to create a better passenger experiences. 

    If you would like to learn more please visit our Commercial Services page and contact our Solution Group Customer Experience for more details.



  • 11 - 14 Oct 2018 , Livingstone, Zambia

    48th AASA AGA

    The 48th Airline Association of South Africa Annual General Assembly will take place in Livingstone, Zambia.

    The Airlines Association of Southern Africa (AASA) is the leading representative airline organisation within southern Africa, working together with leaders of the aviation industry and senior public and government officials on policy, regulatory, planning, operational, safety, security and financial matters affecting the overall profitability of the airlines and their continued sustainability.

    Visit the Lufthansa Consulting booth in the exhibition area and meet Catrin Drawer, Associate Partner responsible for Southern Africa.

    AASA AGA event page

  • 30 years competence as independent Lufthansa Group subsidiary

    This year Lufthansa Consulting is celebrating its founding as a limited company 30 years ago. All in all, the aviation consultancy has now been providing expertise and services to clients for more than 40 years starting in 1976 as a department of Deutsche Lufthansa AG.

    Lufthansa Consulting operates worldwide, providing specialist expertise in all areas of commercial aviation and offering a range of custom-made services to airlines, airports, aviation authorities as well as to related industries and institutions. The German management consultancy currently employs 100 full-time and freelance staff, and in addition to the headquarters in Frankfurt has an office in Moscow and Rio de Janeiro. In-house consulting work for the Lufthansa Group companies has gained in importance over the past five years.

    What sets the company apart from its competitors is the way in which it supports its customers and helps them to implement solutions developed in projects with a passion for the aviation industry. This hallmark has paid off: more than 3.000 projects were successfully concluded over the past 30 years. Lufthansa Consulting has even more reason to celebrate. This year, the aviation consultancy was awarded as one of Germany’s leading consultancies from an esteemed German business magazine for the third time in a row. 

    The info graphic shows the highlights from 1988 until today. 

  • 16 - 18 Jul 2018 , Accra, Ghana

    Routes Africa 2018

    Routes Africa is the longest standing aviation forum bringing together leading airlines, airports and tourism authorities to discuss air services to, from and within Africa for over a decade. By uniting the region’s key decision makers, Routes Africa provides a platform for key decision makers to update their industry knowledge, discuss potential and existing air services, and network with industry influencers.

    Routes Africa brings together top-level speakers from across the sphere of aviation to discuss the most pressing issues facing the industry. Will the Single African Air Transport Market agreement enable large airlines to emerge and dominate the industry? How can the region's airlines tackle the challenges faced by aging infrastructure and rising oil prices? Delegates look forward to actionable insights to update their industry knowledge during the Routes Africa conference programme. 

    Meet our Lufthansa Consulting delegates Luisa Grasshoff and Karel Sucha at Routes Africa. Please contact to arrange a meeting.

    Routes Africa 2018 website

  • Hat trick: Lufthansa Consulting awarded as one of Germany's leading consultancies for third time in a row

    Lufthansa Consulting has made it into the “brand eins” list of the best consultants in Germany for the third time! The company is successfully represented in two categories and is placed under the best consultants in the industries Transportation, Traffic & Logistics and in Aviation & Aerospace, Defense. As in the previous year, the aviation experts were able to impress with their high level of perceived customer satisfaction by achieving a result of 2.5 out of 3 in the client survey.

    “brand eins” is a renowned German business magazine with a reach of over 92.000 copies. Their fifth annual ranking of consulting companies is distinguished and highly respected within all kind of industries and known as the largest in Germany. Only 293 consultancies out of 19.000 management consultancy firms in Germany have made it onto the list for 2018.

    For the evaluation, over 1.700 consultants were asked for their recommendations. In the second step, 1.500 clients rated the consulting companies based on their personal experiences.

    Lufthansa Consulting is honored to receive this prestigious accolade yet again and looks forward to continue its role as a top consultant.

    Read more on the “brand eins” German interactive website


Technical assistance for Civil Aviation Authority

CAA in Middle East

The modernization of the CAA improved aviation safety and security systems according to ICAO and EU standards. By introducing more efficient processes and structures the authority profited from long- term business planning.

Airline operations assessment

Mauritian airline

Assessment of operational areas leads to recommendations to increase efficiency and productivity. Improvements for the organizational structure, and processes and procedures were defined by the consultant team.

Airport economics consulting & strategy development

International airport in South Africa

Business process reengineering and implementation support results in 24.8 m EUR net EBITDA client benefit and improved customer satisfaction.