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Southern Africa and Indian Ocean is an exciting and dynamic area, which is currently experiencing strong economic growth and increased tourism. This leads to a demand for intermodal transport infrastructure solutions to serve the markets and satisfy international investor requirements. Passengers and goods need safe and reliable transport. Establishing a comprehensive civil aviation administration framework is crucial to ensure safe and secure operations and open sky policies. We are experienced in the intricacies of the strategic development and capacity building of airports and airlines in expanding markets.

Iraq and Jordan also lie within my area of responsibility. Both countries require a competitive aviation infrastructure and need to enhance their CAA framework. Modern and reliable airlines are key to keeping pace with the challenging Middle East and European carriers. A strong aviation industry will be able to support the local economy in the future for the benefit of the communities and their people.

Please feel free to contact me at any time to discuss the challenges you are facing in the transport sector. 


Latest activities

  • 28 Nov - 02 Dec 2021 , Zurich, Switzerland

    GAD World

    GAD World is the only forum dedicated to airport investment, partnerships, finance and performance

    In 2021 we are looking forward to coming together in Zurich to share expertise on how airport models are fairing in the current climate, what is the latest thinking on airport PPPs and ownership models, environmental concerns and best practice strategy for returning to growth.

    The GAD World 100+ speaker faculty represents the 'who's who' of airport operator and investor community and brings together an an unrivalled pool of expertise in airport management, concession and financing models.

    Meet Catrin Drawer, Associate Partner and our team of experts at this event.

    GAD World event page

  • 10 - 12 Oct 2021 , Milan, Italy

    26th World Route Development Forum

    The largest and most-established route development event in the world.

    For over 25 years, Routes has provided an unrivalled platform for an audience of highly influential route development professionals to discuss and negotiate new and existing air services on a global scale. 

    The event provides unique cost and time-saving benefits, attracting the most senior decision-makers from the world's leading airlines, airports, tourism authorities and other aviation stakeholders.

    A combination of extensive meeting opportunities, exclusive industry insight and a first-class hospitality programme has made World Routes a must-attend ever for over 25 years. An opportunity to meet new and existing industry peers, gain valuable insights into what’s happening in the market amidst a global audience at World Routes.

    Meet the Lufthansa Consulting delegates at our exhibition booth

    World Route Development Forum website

  • The future of airline business models for Africa post-COVID

    The African aviation market has always been promising and filled with opportunities, yet operating in this environment is challenging. It is a fast-growing market in which air connectivity went up by 30% from 2014 to 2019. Africa has a large, young workforce that can drive economic growth and which brings velocity to digital innovations. The continent has skipped certain stages of digitalization and jumped right into the mobile world. Coupled with the entrepreneurial spirit seen across the continent, African travelers have adopted smart, digital solution such as micro money platforms.

    African Airlines were hit hard by the pandemic with capacity dropping to 20% or less of 2019 levels. Most are planning to produce below 80% levels compared to 2019 by the end of 2021. African Airlines are facing the questions of how they can use this crisis as an opportunity to transform their business model. In their search for answers, airline managers need to take an investors perspective on their own enterprise and evaluate two main dimensions. 

    First, how future-ready is their business model and was it working before COVID-19 struck? Secondly, will it work in the post COVID environment where so much has changed? Depending on the answer, airline managers need to evaluate whether implementing balance-sheet optimizing and cash-saving measures will be sufficient or whether a transformation of the business model is necessary.

    Lufthansa Consulting advises airlines to take action in 6 key areas in order to shape their business model, effectively fulfil their goals and become a “master of survival”.

    Read the full article here

    Watch the presentation by Matthias Kern: "The future of airline business models for Africa post-Covid" which he held at the African Airlines Association (AFRAA) 9th Aviation Stakeholders Convention 

    Further insights from Lufthansa Consulting’s aviation experts are available here  

  • 13 Jul 2021 , Digital Event

    ACI Africa Webinar: African Airports Privatization in the New Normal

    Although most African airports are Government-owned, airport privatization has been a tried and tested option to financing airport infrastructure projects in many parts of the world, including in Africa, where there are some examples of successful public-private partnership. More than ever, in this pandemic period, where access to finance is becoming a growing concern to keep the airport business afloat, privatization may be a viable solution to contemplate on the path to a sustainable recovery.

    In this webinar, industry experts, who are closely involved with this subject on the African continent, will share with us their views and experience.

    Catrin Drawer, Head of Market Africa will participate in this event.

    ACI Africa Webinar page

  • Impact of Covid-19 on material management practices

    When Covid-19 hit a prospering industry, the effects were substantial. Significant capacity adjustments led to a wave of unprecedented challenges for aircraft operators. The impact affected all relevant divisions of operators and premature lease returns leaving parked aircraft on the agenda. 

    During Covid-19 the pressure on material management reduced as a result of fewer material requests and the possibility of borrowing spares from parked aircraft. Nevertheless, the time to get prepared for the post-Covid-19 period has arrived. 

    Advanced software solutions, big data and digitalization may give advanced opportunities to predict material requirements. However, these systems usually do not correctly handle a demand situation such as during a pandemic and the related material consumption. Using historical data, such systems may miscalculate the real demand. Therefore, it is crucial that material planning experts understand how to handle the systematic calculation to avoid shortcomings in the post-pandemic period. Relying on system forecasts only may become a dangerous undertaking in the near future.

    Our observation is that the typical material planning function does not exist in many companies. The title ‘Material Planner’ may be registered in the staff list but the function is usually limited to ‘performing what the system says’, or ‘responding to actual maintenance requests’. The blind trust in computer systems, combined with material planning which never had to perform detailed calculations of spares, may become a problem in material provisioning. 

    The fundamental question will be: Is material planning aware of the revised tasks and are the planning staff able to fulfill the additional requirements?

    Read the full article for an overview of the most common problems in material management for airline operators and MROs with recommendations on how to act in preparation for post-Covid19.


Airline operations assessment

Mauritian airline

Assessment of operational areas leads to recommendations to increase efficiency and productivity. Improvements for the organizational structure, and processes and procedures were defined by the consultant team.

Airport economics consulting & strategy development

International airport in South Africa

Business process reengineering and implementation support results in 24.8 m EUR net EBITDA client benefit and improved customer satisfaction.

Airport Master Plan for strategic airport development

Airport in the Indian Ocean region

Planning guidelines to optimize the utilization of existing facilities of the airport to meet the projected capacity of c.6.2 million annual passengers in 2033. Strategic development of the airport and outline of efficient utilization of airport assets to create space to expand passenger terminal and new air cargo, commercial and heliport area.