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Since the opening of the first intercontinental flight from Europe to Rio de Janeiro in 1956, aviation has become an important part of the economy of South America.

Although it has faced many challenges, the aviation industry in South America has been growing constantly during the last years. The numbers of passengers travelling within the continent are increasing rapidly, thus demanding more from airlines. Economic stability and higher income allow an increasing number of South Americans to travel for leisure and business purposes. The necessity for improvements in security measures leads to better decision making by airlines and airport companies, as well as by the highest authority­­­ in aviation-the Civil Aviation Authority.

The demand derived from international events, such as the World Soccer Championship 2014 and the Olympic Games 2016, speed up growth and create the necessity for detailed planning and appropriate solution finding. Lufthansa Consulting supports the effective, fast and transparent development of such projects.


Latest activities

  • 02 - 04 Oct 2018 , Dallas, USA

    CHC Safety & Quality Summit

    Each year, hundreds of professionals from around the world gather to attend the CHC Safety and Quality Summit. Delegates and speakers from across the aviation, oil & gas and energy, safety, insurance and technical industries join colleagues and coworkers to share best practices and discuss the latest trends and topics essential to establishing and maintaining a robust safety environment.

    This year’s theme for the Summit is:  Building Safety At Every Level: Does this start at the top or with front line employees?

    Meet Liége Emmerz, Head of Market South America, at the summit in Dallas.

    CHC Safety & Quality Summit Website

  • Strategy plan optimization for Caribbean Airlines

    Lufthansa Consulting was recently contracted to review the strategy plan of Caribbean Airlines (CAL), the national carrier of Trinidad and Tobago. After the aviation experts were already engaged to develop a strategy in 2015, the twin island state’s government now requested a powerful implementation in order to ensure the break-even of the carrier until 2019.

    Together with CAL’s strategy team a full business plan for the next four years was developed, whereas a special focus was given to revenue and pricing management, fleet renewal and air cargo business. The outlooks of bringing Caribbean Airlines to a profitable operation are quite optimistic. Through a professional team of CAL experts and a robust airline strategy combined with positive air traffic growth expectations for the Caribbean region, Lufthansa Consulting is very confident in the successful turnaround of the airline.

  • 14 - 16 Aug 2018 , Sao Paulo, Brazil


    LABACE is one of the 4 NBAA’s partnerships trade shows worldwide and the Latin American largest business aviation event. A wide range of companies are participating in the exhibition and the conference agenda covers speakers from the region focussing on current aviation issues.

    Meet Liége Emmerz, Partner and Head of Market South America at Lufthansa Consulting.

    LABACE event page

  • 30 years competence as independent Lufthansa Group subsidiary

    This year Lufthansa Consulting is celebrating its founding as a limited company 30 years ago. All in all, the aviation consultancy has now been providing expertise and services to clients for more than 40 years starting in 1976 as a department of Deutsche Lufthansa AG.

    Lufthansa Consulting operates worldwide, providing specialist expertise in all areas of commercial aviation and offering a range of custom-made services to airlines, airports, aviation authorities as well as to related industries and institutions. The German management consultancy currently employs 100 full-time and freelance staff, and in addition to the headquarters in Frankfurt has an office in Moscow and Rio de Janeiro. In-house consulting work for the Lufthansa Group companies has gained in importance over the past five years.

    What sets the company apart from its competitors is the way in which it supports its customers and helps them to implement solutions developed in projects with a passion for the aviation industry. This hallmark has paid off: more than 3.000 projects were successfully concluded over the past 30 years. Lufthansa Consulting has even more reason to celebrate. This year, the aviation consultancy was awarded as one of Germany’s leading consultancies from an esteemed German business magazine for the third time in a row. 

    The info graphic shows the highlights from 1988 until today. 

  • 09 - 10 Aug 2018 , Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    CHC Brazil Safety Summit

    CHC’s Safety Summit attracts representatives from across the aviation and oil & gas industries to share knowledge and best practices around developing and maintaining a robust safety environment. This year the Brazil Summit runs under the focus "Consistent Level of Safety: Countinous Monitoring of Systems and Human Performance".

    Liége Emmerz, Partner and Head of Region South America at Lufthansa Consulting, will attend this event.


Improvement of flight safety standards

Flight operations of Brazilian energy corporation

Improved safety levels through standardized procedures and implementation of higher operations standards. Staff training and audits ensure conformity with higher standards and continued improvements.

Network optimization and fleet plan validation

Brazilian airline

To secure the future viability and growth of the airline, Lufthansa Consulting optimized the route network and identified new potential markets. Recommendations for short and long term fleet planning were defined to support the network optimization.

Cargo terminal enhancement

Brazilian airport

The efficiency of the existing cargo terminal facilities was improved to handle the future cargo demand until at least 2018. The client is the number one freight airport in Brazil with a terminal area of 96,000sqm handling 439,000t of cargo per year.