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Since the opening of the first intercontinental flight from Europe to Rio de Janeiro in 1956, aviation has become an important part of the economy of South America.

Although it has faced many challenges, the aviation industry in South America has been growing constantly during the last years. The numbers of passengers travelling within the continent are increasing rapidly, thus demanding more from airlines. Economic stability and higher income allow an increasing number of South Americans to travel for leisure and business purposes. The necessity for improvements in security measures leads to better decision making by airlines and airport companies, as well as by the highest authority­­­ in aviation-the Civil Aviation Authority.

The demand derived from international events, such as the World Soccer Championship 2014 and the Olympic Games 2016, speed up growth and create the necessity for detailed planning and appropriate solution finding. Lufthansa Consulting supports the effective, fast and transparent development of such projects.


Latest activities

  • 27 - 29 Oct 2019 , Brasilia, Brazil

    ALTA Airline Leaders Forum

    The ALTA Airline Leaders Forum is the largest event of its nature in the Latin American and Caribbean commercial aviation industry. It is designed to stimulate an international dialogue that promotes safer, efficient and sustainable aviation in the region. The Forum provides an excellent opportunity for the industry leaders to come together, analyze and address how best to navigate through current industry challenges and take a look at preparing for the future of air transport. 

    The conference features an agenda of leading CEOs, government representatives and top-level industry executives to discuss issues of importance to the air transport industry and region's economic and social development.

    Meet Liége Emmerz, Head of Rgion South America at this event.

    ALTA Airline Leaders Forum website

  • 21 - 24 Sep 2019 , Adelaide, Australia

    World Routes 2019

    World Routes is the global meeting place for every airline, airport and aviation stakeholder. The event presents an unrivalled platform for route development professionals to discuss, develop and plan network strategy on a global scale. Providing unique cost and time-saving benefits, World Routes is an important event in the aviation calendar and attracts the most senior decision makers from the world’s leading aviation organisations.

    Over three concentrated business days, 3,000 delegates will take part in over 13,000 face-to-face meetings to discuss new and existing air services. Industry experts provide valuable insights into key air service development issues currently affecting the route development community. World Routes brings together top-level speakers from across the sphere of aviation, including airlines, airports, destinations, aircraft manufacturers and more, to discuss the most pressing issues facing aviation now and beyond.

    Visit the Lufthansa Consulting booth number 11 in the exhibition area. Our delegates look forward to discussing your most pressing issues and your plans for the future.

    World Routes website

  • Airbus Helicopters: learning best practice from the experts

    Lufthansa Consulting has been involved in several helicopter safety and operations projects so it was with great interest that our Solution Group Flight Operations and Safety Management visited Airbus Helicopters to learn about their newest products and services. Airbus Helicopters has very high safety standards and the company is constantly striving for further excellence. Lufthansa Consulting has profound expertise in flight operations and a safety reputation in the fixed wing area. The consultants aimed to learn from Airbus in order to develop best practices in the rotary wing area, but also to discover opportunities for cooperation. 

    Head of Aviation Safety Management and International Quality Network, Matthias Klein, welcomed the group and showed them the new production line for the new model (H160) where the production process has been significantly optimized and shortened.

    The visit provided both an exciting and valuable chance to learn more about modern helicopter production. “It was a fantastic opportunity to experience helicopters being produced live. I found the insights into their Safety Management System (SMS) for test flights extremely interesting” commented Liége Emmerz, Partner and Head of the Solution Group Flight Operations and Safety Management.

    The safety standards at Airbus Helicopters are incredibly high throughout the whole value chain from conception to production, through to the test flights and the daily operation by clients. “I found the presentation about accident analysis particularly impressive and valuable” said Harald Berg, Managing Consultant.

    Lufthansa Consulting has been working in the helicopter business for many years. We have supported Petrobras (Petróleo Brasileiro S.A.), the largest Brazilian oil and gas company, in flight safety issues related to their helicopter fleet since 2005. The cooperation has been so successful that Lufthansa Consulting opened an office in Rio de Janeiro in 2014. Our experts have excellent knowledge of the helicopter market in Latin and South America, which is an important region for Airbus. In Russia and the CIS our aviation consultants have project experience supporting oil and gas companies to help improve their helicopter operations

    Lufthansa Consulting offers professional support to clients aiming to improve the safety mangement of their helicopter operations. Our flight safety expertise combined with our understanding of the strict requirements for helicopter operations specifically in the oil and gas industry is a great benefit for helicopter operators. Our consultants help oil & gas companies to achieve new standards in flight safety and to make this a requirement in contracts with their helicopter and/or fixed wing operators too.

    The headquarters of Airbus Helicopters, which our consultants visited, is located at Marseille International Airport in Marignane, France. 8000 employees build a range of helicopters for both military and civilian purposes. The company has a worldwide market share of 54% with 413 contracted orders in 2018 from 158 clients in 47 countries. 

    Contact our Solution Group Flight Operations and Safety Management

  • Developing airports in Latin America

    Governments and stakeholders often aspire to creating larger airports to cope with growing capacity demands. But is expansion always the best course of action? 

    It is important to take a longer-term view and consider the full range of potential options. Airport expansion projects should always be supported by a solid professional analysis, including market potential analysis, long-term market forecasting and a thorough evaluation of the existing structure, including its efficiency. 

    In the case of a real need to expand the current airport structure, the market potential, with a strong economic vision, must define the size and the goals of the project. It is crucial to avoid unnecessary and costly developments, which might financially affect business results. Additionally, a proven solid experience in project management is essential to ensure the smooth development of the project, to mitigate risks and to lead the project to a successful conclusion.

    Our consultant team based in Brazil presented the Lufthansa Consulting approach to airport expansion at the Latin America Airport Expansion Summit in Sao Paulo. The event was particularly relevant as throughout Brazil the entire transportation networks are being modernized to support the current dynamic change and economic growth. Investments are being planned to enable the airports to improve their infrastructure and prepare for increased capacity as demand grows.

    Our Senior Consultant, Bruno Picinatti, spoke about the many aspects to be considered before planning the expansion of an airport. 

    Advisory services for airports

    Lufthansa Consulting in South America


  • Lufthansa Consulting launches new image film

    Lufthansa Consulting launches a brand new corporate video as a further basis for dialogue with clients in digital media.

    The film, which is available on the Lufthansa Consulting YouTube channel, shows the exciting developments in the aviation business and some of the major challenges like increasing competition, digitalization, capacity constraints or efficiency demands. With powerful images from aviation and consultants at work, it demonstrates that our clients can rely on us as an experienced and innovative partner in this environment. 

    Lufthansa Consulting is an award-winning consultancy working on projects throughout the world. One of the key messages in the film is that our consultants speak the clients' language, listen to their specific needs and work closely with them to implement the solutions devised in projects.

    As the only airline-affiliated management consulting firm with a great passion for the aviation business we would love to be challenged by you!

    Enjoy our new video and feel free to contact us at any time!


Improvement of flight safety standards

Flight operations of Brazilian energy corporation

Improved safety levels through standardized procedures and implementation of higher operations standards. Staff training and audits ensure conformity with higher standards and continued improvements.

Network optimization and fleet plan validation

Brazilian airline

To secure the future viability and growth of the airline, Lufthansa Consulting optimized the route network and identified new potential markets. Recommendations for short and long term fleet planning were defined to support the network optimization.

Cargo terminal enhancement

Brazilian airport

The efficiency of the existing cargo terminal facilities was improved to handle the future cargo demand until at least 2018. The client is the number one freight airport in Brazil with a terminal area of 96,000sqm handling 439,000t of cargo per year.



Best of Consulting

Lufthansa Consulting has been awarded the coveted consultancy prize "Best of Consulting 2018" by the German weekly business news magazine WirtschaftsWoche. The aviation consultants took part in this competition for the first time and achieved their goal straight away with first place in the category “Competitive Strategy”. The award went to a project which was successfully completed with Czech Airlines (CSA), the national airline of the Czech Republic. Lufthansa Consulting and CSA jointly developed an ancillary revenue strategy and a branded fares concept. The implementation of the overall project resulted in a significant increase in ancillary revenues and thus in a positive operating profit for Czech Airlines.