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The Russian Federation stands out as a high-growth region for the aviation industry even among the BRIC countries with promising opportunities and challenges for all stakeholders. Lufthansa Consulting clients include airlines, airports and aviation authorities as well as related industries such as ground handling companies, cargo terminal operators, aircraft manufacturers and financial institutions. Our experts, including Russian speakers, are ready to assist you and find solutions to match your aviation business needs. Our clients range from global network airlines to medium size and small regional carriers, large aviation hubs and small regional airports. We look forward to working with you.

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  • Collaboration, personalization and creating value with your distribution strategy

    Distribution within the airline industry always was and continues to be a complex topic involving many different players. This includes airlines, travel agents, other intermediaries, metasearch engines and, as more recent entrants, tech giants and native digital companies with high retail expertise.

    To survive in this environment the focus for most airlines is on personalization of their offers. However, this is only achievable if the offer is more than a commodity. Collaboration and data exchange among the players, especially a data loop back to the airline must be enabled. 

    IATA’s NDC (New Distribution Capability) can be mentioned here as a key enabler, since it is “helping airlines and agencies shift travelers flight purchase decision from commodity to a more value-focused process”.  This includes capabilities to better present (personalize) and learn (gather data) about the own offer.

    Nevertheless, the mindset to collaborate becomes key for all players involved, in order to offer the customer an improved and consistent retail experience on any chosen channel, by addressing their shift in behavior now and in the future. Only this way the customer will have a frictionless interaction with all channels and players. 

    This customer-centric approach must be the goal for any industry player with the target to maximize the value of the product offered to the customer and to optimize the own revenue streams and reduce costs. 

    The COVID-19 pandemic has influenced and accelerated the need to adapt the distribution strategy towards a more collaborative model. Customers now more than ever before are highly influenced in their purchasing decision by factors like flexibility, transparency and availability of information regarding regulations and restrictions. Data about what they need and choose becomes more important than ever before.

    Information sharing and data exchange through collaboration as well as communication with all involved parties is key to success, now more than ever

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    The author, Laura Lusche, is an expert in the Sales and Revenue Management Solution Group

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  • Exploring larger UAV market opportunities

    UAV operations have been on the radar for years by many companies, especially airline operators and aviation third-party service contractors for cargo transportation and aerial inspections. But so far, service opportunities are still restricted to small “off-the-shelf” UAVs that are only capable of offering about 30 minutes of flight with short range and limited payload. 

    It is very likely, though, that this situation will change in the upcoming years with the introduction of more robust UAVs, which until now were only available for military activities or prototypes in start-up companies. This unmanned air vehicle category is in the process of being certified for the general public as the regulations are being established by the aeronautical authorities with significant contributions from manufacturers and customers.

    Several examples can be seen in regional markets around the world, such as Europe, the United States or South America and also across a diverse range of industries such as the Oil & Gas, Energy, Mining and others.

    The main question is: Why do I have to - either as an operator or as a third-party service contractor – spend resources working jointly with other stakeholders on something that will certainly be available off the shelf in the next 3 years? And the answer is quite simple: those who can influence manufacturers and regulators, will not need to spend additional time on lengthy post-certification development and will be instantly prepared to introduce more robust UAVs into their operations, while assuring the required level of safety and operational efficiency.

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    The author is Bruno Picinatti, Senior Consultant at Lufthansa Consulting, and project team leader in Engineering, Operations and Safety Management.

    To learn more and discuss how organizations can benefit from Lufthansa Consulting expertise on the evolving UAV market with the next UAVs capable of providing adequate range and payload, please get in touch: 

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  • Season's Greetings and our best wishes for the New Year

    We look back on an unprecedented year of crisis in the aviation industry with the severely destructive effects of the Corona pandemic. Since March, our industry has been under enormous pressure to manage the extreme challenges and set the right course for recovery. Anything but easy at times when many countries are experiencing the second wave and further shutdowns of public life are necessary to cope with the crisis.

    Nevertheless, the effectiveness of the political measures and the prospect of vaccinations give our aviation business and our clients worldwide hope that 2021 will be a better year and that more passengers will be back in the air. We will continue to support you during and after the crisis with advice, concrete solutions, and recommendations - that is a promise! 

    At the end of this difficult year, the entire Lufthansa Consulting team sincerely wishes you a peaceful Holiday Season and a happy, successful and – above all – healthy New Year! We would especially like to thank you for your loyalty and continued trust during the last 12 months. We will stand by you with all our strength and passion for our aviation industry, during the crisis and of course beyond, and look forward to our continued future cooperation. 

  • Podcast: Rethinking Airline Organizations

    The already volatile business environment of airlines is intensified by the COVID-19 crisis to an extreme. In this episode, our Airline Transformation Expert Lars Wendel explains why the traditional organizational setup of airlines no longer fits today for the “New Normal” and why “off-the-shelf” organizational concepts are difficult to copy-paste for aviation. Learn about our experts’ novel approach on how to develop a future-ready and unique airline organization with an archetype approach to cluster organizational functions.

    Dominique Bayer – Consultant

    Lars Wendel – Senior Consultant and Expert in Airline Transformation in the Solution Group Organization & Strategy 

    This Aviation Talk podcast is now available here, also for streaming and downloading on Spotify, Amazon Music and Apple Podcasts

    Tune in on your favorite app for this podcast and other interesting conversations on issues which matter most in the aviation industry. 

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  • Rethinking Airline Organizations: What if we could start from scratch?

    Covid-19 imposes a major challenge on airlines around the world: survival. The initial focus was on crisis response, i.e. managing the shut-down, drastically cutting cost and enabling the carrier to remain in business. In the crisis recovery mode, we see a fundamental rightsizing of many airlines globally to get in shape for the ‘New Normal’.

    Before the crisis, several airlines had already initiated major transformational programs to leave behind old patterns, organizational silos and inefficiencies. The current rightsizing threat amplifies the need to transform.

    In this White Paper, our Lufthansa Consulting experts for Airline Organizational Development, Florian Schwendner and Lars-Michael Wendel, take a fresh perspective on airline organizations and develop an archetype-driven design methodology. The result is an approach to design an airline organization, that is future-fit and enables individual functions to reach their full potential within organizational structures that meet the specific requirements. Agility is not an imperative. Neither are rigid structures. It is the balance that makes the difference. 

    What if we could start over and create a future-ready airline-organization from scratch?

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    Aviation Talk Podcast: Rethinking Airline Organizations available here and for streaming and downloading on Spotify, Amazon Music and Apple Podcasts


EASA Part-145 conformity assistance

Airline in Russian Federation

Processes and procedures were improved to conform with EASA requirements, particularly in material related activities. The airline achieved the first steps towards compliance both as an organization and as a maintenance organization.

Extended market potential analysis, traffic forecast and peak capacity analysis

Airport in Russia

Independent and professional market potential analysis and traffic forecast for the Russian airport with capacity requirements analysis. Benefits were a clear understanding of the Russian market dynamics and the potential of the airport at national level, network development opportunities, quantification of the traffic potential of the airport and flight plan projections for the next 30 years.

Five-year network development plan update

Russian Airline Group

Optimized route network of airlines of the Group with regards to their interconnection in order to maximize profitability. Optimized schedule for the five-year period with recommendations for fleet planning strategy. Systematic approach to frequency and capacity changes based on level of contribution of a given route to the Group network and enabled economic based decisions.