White Paper: Bringing customers back

Promoting crisis as chance for renewal serves as common motivational lifeline these days. If the magnitude of the chances is somewhat correlated with the severance of the associated crises, there must be a lot of potential for aviation. Airline industry’s performance in terms of passenger numbers dropped by 60% in 2020 due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Speculations about the recovery path have shifted from an optimistic V-shape in 2020 to settling for an extended L-shape far into 2025. 

While the path to returning business remains ambiguous, the underlying driver for recovery is clear: Customers returning to the skies. This undeniable dependency of the industry on paying passengers creates momentum to reconsider what airports and airlines actually have to offer in order to bring customers back and reestablish loyalty and recurring bookings.

What do customers need to regain trust in global travel in time of the pandemic?

What do they expect in exchange for spending their money? 

In our Lufthansa Consulting study, we set out to answer exactly these questions. Based on our in-depth industry experience and first-hand involvement in various stabilizing endeavors during the crisis, we provide an overview of top trends that matter for customer experience right now: Health and hygiene, sustainability, seamless travel journey and personalization. Going beyond contemporary snapshots, we develop a strategic outlook on what current customer trends will imply for the future and which steps to take in order to be a step ahead of competition. 

For a copy of the white paper please contact:

Wolfgang Bublitz, Associate Partner and Head of Solution Group Customer Experience

Best Consultants 2022

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Listed by brandeins, the renowned German business and trend magazine, for the seventh time. Lufthansa Consulting ranked top of the category "aerospace and defense" and ranked high in the area "transport, traffic and logistics". The rating is greatly respected throughout a wide range of industries and is based on recommendations from industry experts and client assessments.