Top issue for companies today: How to deliver excellent customer service

Lufthansa Consulting’s Inter-Branch division has launched a new study of the contact center market. The aim of this cross-sectoral survey – known as the “CCI – Contact Center Index” – is to examine the maturity of corporate contact centers, their integration, organization and procurement strategies, including price benchmarking. It will also analyze the strategic goals that companies pursue with their customer contact centers and their significance in terms of customer experience management.

At the corporate level, customer management at all the customer touch points is assuming ever-greater importance. Changing demands and new technologies present a challenge to companies, but at the same time they open up further opportunities to improve customer communications. Personalized service and the increasing integration of traditional offline and digital channels result in higher-quality and differentiated customer experiences and consequently a higher level of customer satisfaction. The aim is to safeguard this and not to lose sight of cost orientation.

The study will compare companies both within and outside the aviation industry. Lufthansa Consulting is planning to conduct an annual, global study on the establishment of a continuous benchmarking panel.

Survey participants will benefit in several ways. They will receive a free, anonymous report on the findings, plus a comparison of their company with best practices within and outside their industry, as well as specific examples of established best practices. In addition to the analysis, Lufthansa Consulting will provide them with identified potential solutions for improving their performance and efficiency. Non-participants can acquire a copy of the study for a nominal charge. If you are interested, please send an email to:

The survey kick-off is scheduled to be completed in June 2015. Results are expected from September of this year.

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