Secure your airport the pole position during the recovery phase

When recovering from the Covid-19 standstill, all aviation stakeholders have to adjust to new circumstances, ongoing uncertainty, perceived health risks and respective anti-Covid-19 measures. Touchpoints that are already popular for long queues, such as check-in, security checks or boarding, will be associated with the fear of infection. Therefore, passengers will aim for an increased proximity combined with increased personal distance. At first glance a contradiction, at second glance an exciting challenge. Airports, that succeed beyond the obvious initiatives of increased hygiene and sanitizing measures, will be the ones leaving a lasting impression. 

Joint coordination among the stakeholders leads to quick solutions and prevents the accumulation of passengers or employees. There are a range of issues which need to be addressed on the path to airport recovery such as health measures compliance, process adjustment and infrastructure adaptations, ideally by a team which includes relevant airport stakeholders. Each airport should have the goal to offer a stress-free and health-technical safe route for the passengers while ensuring adherence to the new processes and infrastructure changes, monitored and supported by the E-AOCC.

Experts from our Solution Groups Operations and Handling, Customer Experience and Infrastructure and Logistics share their combined expertise and insights.

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