Next Level@LCG event - new ways for digital transformation in the aviation industry

The blue light in which Lufthansa Consulting had immersed its premises at Frankfurt Airport gave a hint that something particularly exciting was taking place there on the early evening of 14 November 2018: The aviation consultancy had transformed their offices into a small digital world of experience and invited their top customers, the executives of the Lufthansa Group, to join them on a journey into the future of the aviation industry.

Challenges and opportunities of new technologies for the aviation industry and an exchange of ideas on digital transformation with leading digitalization experts were on the agenda. The aim was to gain insights into best practices as well as experiences with digital transformation and how to use "Agile Project Management".

Expert speech and panel

Following a welcome by Christine Weigner and Marc Landgraf, Lufthansa Consulting's Heads of Market for the Lufthansa Group in-house business, the excursion into the future got started with a real-time online survey among the event participants on the status of agility in the Lufthansa Group.

This survey laid the thematic basis for the eagerly awaited keynote speech from a leading international digitalization specialist.

After his presentation, the expert together with an IT-technology professional joined the group of  panelists from Lufthansa and Lufthansa Consulting to continue the discussion about "Digital challenges for aviation and how to handle them at the Lufthansa Group" moderated by Lufthansa Consulting’s Managing Director, Dr. Andreas Jahnke.

The intensive expert’s exchange of experiences resulted in interesting impulses for the participants and the concluding question: "How does the Lufthansa Group manage the digital transformation in the next five years to achieve its objectives?"

Market place

Lufthansa Consulting had even more in store for the guests that evening: Information displays on "Agile Project Management" and "Seamless Travel" offered the opportunity to get a more detailed insight into these future topics:

"Agile Project Management"

“How do I transform my organization into a digital enhanced operating model?”, was the specific entry question for discussion and exchange of opinions at this booth. The Lufthansa Consulting experts outlined eight key elements according to which the transformation should ideally take place. Here the consultants demonstrated their agile expertise in terms of methodology, supporting tools and use cases. The offer of conducting workshops with the SCRUM methodology was very well received and some participants were interested in the realization in their organization. On the tools support side, necessary IT systems such as "JIRA" for the monitoring of project tasks were presented. Lufthansa Consulting showed the prototype Web Chat & Alexa Skill "Free Baggage Allowance" developed in cooperation with Accenture Liquid Studio and the guests had the opportunity to test it.

"Seamless Travel”

The Seamless Travel booth was an innovative visual attraction. The consultants had built a spectacular Lego model of an airport, which represented the interface between airport and airline and demonstrated which aspects could sustainably change the perceived services to increase the customer experience. At various touch points the model showed how the current customer journey compares with the potential future door-to-door customer journey.

The future topics for optimized digital "Seamless Travel" considered show a Separate Baggage Process no longer entwined with the passenger process at the airport, comparable to a transparent, traceable transport process at courier services, or "Collaborative decision making involving the passenger". This involves real-time processing of the data of possible events during the passenger's door-to-door journey and their adaptation to control an optimized overall itinerary. By achieving this level of transparency the best possible options for the various conceivable situations during the journey can be offered. Further topics at the Seamless Travel booth were service ideas such as Food Delivery, Digital Wallet or the improvement of the Security process.

The blue light in Lufthansa Consulting's office burned until quite late on that evening, because the excursion into the digital future of the aviation world offered a lot of conversation topics among the guests, well after the end of the official program.

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