Mexico’s Aviation Integrated Services Group counts on Lufthansa Consulting

An experienced team from Lufthansa Consulting supported Mexico’s leading aircraft services company and line maintenance supplier Aviation Integrated Services Group (AISG) in order to identify optimization potentials and implement measures to strengthen the organization.

As AISG has significantly grown during the last decade, management aimed to evaluate whether strategy, processes, organizational structure and IT systems are adequate for the future success of the business. In this context, Lufthansa Consulting was assigned for an on-site assessment to evaluate maintenance performance and give recommendations from MRO industries’ best practice. The line maintenance organization provides service at 21 airports to over 50 airline clients from all over the world. The company fully complies with regulations of various National Aviation Authorities: FAA, EASA and TCA.

Having reviewed AISG’s status-quo and market environment, Lufthansa Consulting elaborated customized key questions. To find answers to these questions, the experts prepared a detailed interview plan and performed an on-site assessment with the aim of achieving maximum benefits for the entire organization. The project team focused on an analysis within the holistic maintenance organization. In first instance administrative as well as operative processes, shift planning schemes, guidelines, fulfillment monitoring, balancing of performance, material planning and supply chain efficiency were revised. In addition to the existing IT-systems, available down times for maintenance in relation to required work scope and manpower capacity were assessed by making use of the lean methodology.

Applying their experience with international MRO providers the project team could immediately identify processes, tools and procedures where AISG could establish projects to furthermore increase effectiveness and efficiency. Thus, specific measures, means and advice were recommended to the operator and clustered according to their time, strategic and financial impact. In addition, a detailed action plan was defined to serve the company as a guideline to prioritize the recommended tasks and to keep track on the implementation progress.

Lufthansa Consulting supported its client during the implementation phase which included the definition of roles, job descriptions and responsibilities, collecting requirements for an integrated IT-system, streamlining of administrative and operative processes and drafting KPI’s for efficient steering and controlling of the organization’s performance. The project was completed in September 2014.

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