Lufthansa Consulting contributes to the Super Star project in a special way

Lufthansa Consulting is proud to support Lufthansa Super Star gGmbH (LSSG), a Lufthansa subsidiary and future operator of the Super Star airplane, in evaluating and streamlining its current business plan. The project is part of the preparations for the operational launch of the Super Star after the completion of the restoration of the Lockheed L-1649A aircraft, better known as the Super Constellation, by Lufthansa Technik. As a special gesture, Lufthansa Consulting offered their services free of charge to this venture.

This aircraft model went into production in 1956 and is known as the most elegant and famous passenger airplanes ever built which made it possible for the first time in history to launch long-distance flights, such as Hamburg to New York, without having to stop for refueling. With the launch of Lufthansa’s “Super Connie” services in 1958, comfort and luxury were introduced in the new Senator First Class to make the travel experience as unique and comfortable as possible. 

In order to make the Super Star fit into the modern world, Lufthansa Technik engineers and mechanics work together closely and enthusiastically to return it to airworthiness. They apply their expertise to restore the airframe and incorporate the latest safety standards while keeping an eye on maintaining the charm and historical atmosphere of the aircraft. 

Lufthansa Consulting supported the review and the optimization of the existing business plan. It was tailored to the needs and requirements of its client, and the “clean-sheet design” turned the complex model into a more user-friendly application. The major advantage is that LSSG will now be able to modify the business plan to their individual planning’s and forecast the related business impact. The design will also enable the client to test and discuss various business scenarios with different business partners during the start-up phase. 

Until now, a major part of the restoration of the Super Star project has already taken place at Auburn-Lewiston Airport/U.S.A. As soon as it is fully completed, LSSG will start the operational business of the Super Star in early 2019. Passengers will then have the opportunity to enjoy a truly unique and exceptional flight experience, predominantly across European destinations.

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