Lufthansa Aviation Talk Podcast: Creating flexibility in fleet through premature lease returns

The impact of Covid-19 on the aircraft leasing market will be substantial. It is expected that significant capacity adjustments will lead to a wave of premature lease returns and place unprecedented challenges to aircraft operators (lessees) and leasing companies (lessors).

In this podcast, Lufthansa Consulting’s Associate Partner Dr. Axel Schauenburg discusses early lease contract termination as an opportunity for capacity flexibilization in response to current market volatilities and gives detailed and hands-on insights into how to identify and overcome challenges in the process. 

Host: Florian Schwendner, Senior Consultant 
Expert: Dr. Axel Schauenburg, Associate Partner and Head of Maintenance and Engineering Solution Group

Listen to Lufthansa Consulting Aviation Talk Podcast Episode 002

Read the article by Dr Axel Schauenburg: 
Capacity adjustments caused by Covid-19: The challenges of accelerated lease returns