Lufthansa Aerial Services – What’s new?

Lufthansa Aerial Services has produced a fascinating video which displays the value chain of their UAV operations. The video shows the entire process from the planning procedures, flying drone operations at large-scale assets through to analysis and delivery of precision data to Lufthansa Aerial Services’ clients. It presents various use cases and the benefits of using UAVs. The video is available on the Lufthansa Aerial Services website and Twitter page.

Phase One Industrial and Lufthansa Aerial Services have formed a cooperation to test innovative inspection and maintenance solutions for customers in a range of industries. The aim is to offer higher quality imaging solutions with lower operational cost and greater safety for a wide variety of specialized industrial applications such as power line monitoring, inspection of wind turbines, railways, roads, bridges and other civil engineering assets.

The Lufthansa Aerial Services team wishes you all a happy holiday season and looks forward to presenting the next exciting developments in 2018. 


Best of Consulting

Lufthansa Consulting has been awarded the coveted consultancy prize "Best of Consulting 2018" by the German weekly business news magazine WirtschaftsWoche. The aviation consultants took part in this competition for the first time and achieved their goal straight away with first place in the category “Competitive Strategy”. The award went to a project which was successfully completed with Czech Airlines (CSA), the national airline of the Czech Republic. Lufthansa Consulting and CSA jointly developed an ancillary revenue strategy and a branded fares concept. The implementation of the overall project resulted in a significant increase in ancillary revenues and thus in a positive operating profit for Czech Airlines.