Knowledge transfer within the Lufthansa Group at Frankfurt Airport

Lufthansa Consulting employees looked behind the scenes at the Hub Management Frankfurt department FRA SO/A Aircraft Handling and Surveillance as part of their work for Lufthansa Consulting’s Solution Group “Operations and Ground Handling”.

Aircraft ground operations and handling involve complex processes such as fueling, catering, boarding, load control and baggage handling which need to be as safe and time-effective as possible to guarantee a smooth aircraft turnaround. The Operations and Ground Handling Solution Group helps clients like airports, airlines, ground handlers and investors in ground facilities to sustain and improve their competitiveness through state of the art, efficient and lean processes, and by designing an infrastructure tailored to customer requirements. 

The staff of the Aircraft Handling and Surveillance department led a guided tour which focused on ramp handling including towing with pushback tractors, air cargo handling and refueling. According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), conservative estimates indicate that airlines outsource more than 50 per cent of the ground handling at airports worldwide. Ground handling processes of Lufthansa aircraft are also operated by external Lufthansa partners. These are monitored and evaluated by Lufthansa employees from the department Aircraft Handling and Surveillance who ensure the safe, quality and punctual performance.

Our employees gained first-hand knowledge and insights of the ground handling and aircraft turnaround process chain at Frankfurt Airport which will be valuable for their future project work.


Best of Consulting

For the second time in a row Lufthansa Consulting has been awarded the renowned consultancy prize "Best of Consulting" by the German weekly business news magazine WirtschaftsWoche. The “Excellent” award went to a successful Air Service Development project with Auckland International Airport, the largest airport of New Zealand and the third busiest international airport in Australasia. Lufthansa Consulting and its client Auckland International Airport are incredibly pleased about the award and that the WirtschaftsWoche jury could also be convinced of this successful project. Both look very much forward to their further productive and prosperous cooperation.