Keep your customers happy with a customer centric approach

Today, consumers increasingly base their buying decisions on their expected individual experience. A more customer centric orientation enables an airline to shape individual passenger experiences.

By placing the customer firmly in the center, airlines understand how changes in consumer expectations are influencing purchasing decisions. Customers expect ease, consistency, immediacy, competitive prices, value and most importantly a relevant personalized offer. Platforms such as Netflix and Amazon are examples of platforms using advanced technologies to drive consumer demands for individualized and creative customer centric services. So this is what customers have come to expect.

Improved customer service aims to increase customer happiness, but how can airlines achieve this? Lufthansa Consulting believes that the key is an organizational strategy that enhances customer experience by aligning the offer with individual customer expectations. This means on all levels, not just by adapting the tangible products and processes, but also by aligning the service culture, attitudes and interaction with customers to create a harmonious positive customer experience with the airline.

One benefit of satisfying customers along the entire customer journey and creating a happy customer experience is increased loyalty. Another benefit is brand differentiation. Customers perceive an excellent customer experience as valuable and desirable. Therefore ensuring an excellent customer experience is particularly important in competitive markets. Positive experiences motivate customers to build a preference for a brand and differentiate it from other airline brands. This in turn creates stability, reduces churn, increases profit and secures the airline’s market position.

In order to create a unique customer experience, Lufthansa Consulting advises clients in both, strategic and tactical questions towards becoming a more customer centric airline.Lufthansa Consulting has a broad experience in customer centricity, customer experience and loyalty projects and our experts have worked with various airline business models throughout the world.

Recently Catrin Drawer, Head of Southern Africa and Indian Ocean, presented customer centricity models for the African market at the 48th Airline Association of South Africa Annual General Assembly in Livingstone, Zambia. This supported the focus of the event: customer service. Visitors explored and discussed ways to use customer centricity to create a better passenger experiences. 

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Best Consultants 2022

Best Consultants 2022: Lufthansa Consulting ranked among the top consulting firms in Germany

Listed by brandeins, the renowned German business and trend magazine, for the seventh time. Lufthansa Consulting ranked top of the category "aerospace and defense" and ranked high in the area "transport, traffic and logistics". The rating is greatly respected throughout a wide range of industries and is based on recommendations from industry experts and client assessments.