Helping the helpers

To celebrate 60 years of scheduled flights to Brazil, Lufthansa decided to demonstrate its firm belief in social engagement. As a token of its gratitude towards the country and its inhabitants, the company organized the renovation of the non-profit Centro Comunitário Paulo da Portela (CCCP) vocational training center in Oswaldo Cruz, a poor neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro, in August 2016. 

The CCCP offers successful preparatory courses for the Brazilian university entrance examination, as well as sewing, computer science and English courses seven days a week. Generally, this center funds itself but it depends on external assistance when larger maintenance measures are needed. Since 2011, Lufthansa’s charity organization Help Alliance has been a proud sponsor of this project.

To support the social activities, our colleague Denis Duarte, Consultant from Lufthansa Consulting Ltda. in Rio de Janeiro teamed up with more than 30 colleagues from the Lufthansa Group and gave the CCCP facilities and classrooms a new, colorful look. Several students participated with great enthusiasm and assisted with painting, hammering and plastering walls. 

Another highlight for the young adults and Lufthansa Group participants was the visit by the Beach Volleyball players and Olympic Games participants Julius Brink, Jonas Reckermann, Juliana Felisberta and Taiana de Sousa Lima, who all led a helping hand.