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Even during the Corona crisis, help alliance project "Farming goes to school" at St. Anthony Secondary School in Kyazanga/ Uganda, supported by Lufthansa Consulting, is making progress. Nevertheless, neither the St. Anthony School nor the work of help alliance remains unaffected by the crisis. Especially the income from donations suffers from the decreasing flight booking numbers through the lack of donations from passengers at airports or through on-board collections.

For several years Lufthansa Consulting has supported help alliance - the aid organization of the Lufthansa Group and its employees. Lufthansa Consulting has a special relationship with St. Anthony Secondary School in Kyazanga, Uganda, where the consultant Matthias Rolfs volunteers as help alliance project coordinator.

In Uganda there are only a few purely public secondary schools. Most of the schools are privately founded by Faith based organizations. Some are Government aided and others are purely private schools. In addition, the quality of public schools is low due to overcrowded classes, automatic promotion and few refresher courses for teaching staff. By supporting the St. Anthony Secondary School in Kyazanga, in the southwest of Uganda, help alliance project aims to enable young people from socially deprived families to receive a high-quality secondary education in order to improve their future career prospects. Kyazanga itself is located in a rural area where most of the families generate their income through agriculture; therefore, the already existing agricultural profile of the school is planned to be further extended.  During the last year a specialist wing for the natural sciences and also an agricultural training workshop with modern machines was completed. Currently, the dilapidated administration building, which is also used provisionally as a library, is to be replaced by a modern administration center. At the same time, the project plans to enable the construction and equipping of two IT rooms including a school library. As several other classrooms are provisionally used as dormitories, the construction of a boarding section is planned in the long term.

With a consistent policy, regular exchange with scientists and numerous targeted tests in recent months, the government has so far succeeded in keeping the COVID-19 infection rate relatively low - despite the current increase in the number of cases. But this policy came with severe consequences. In a country with class sizes of up to 100 students, many boarding schools with huge dormitories and cramped living conditions in the villages, there was hardly a middle way between lockdown and rising infection rates. Since 20 March, all schools in Uganda have been closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In particular non-governmental schools like the St. Anthony school were hit hard by the lockdown. While the government continued to pay the salaries of teachers at the government grant aided schools during the final months of the lockdown, the majority of private schools could not afford to do so. Many teachers lost their jobs and had difficulties to earn a living and to survive with their families. Also, parents cannot afford the school fees now in order to save the schools from insolvency as they lost their jobs and income during the corona crisis and the weeks of the lockdown. Now the Ministry of Education and Sports has decided to gradually reopen the educational facilities from October 2020. For the time being, the opening applies only to the graduating classes.

The crisis has also affected help alliance. Especially the reduction of the flight program has affected the donations of help alliance, as a significant part of the donations from passengers is made through e.g. "Miles to help", donation boxes at airports, on-board collections. Therefore, help alliance and the continuation of the project at St. Anthony Secondary School is more than ever dependent on private donations. Continuation of the project is more important than ever, especially in times of crisis. It strengthens confidence in the educational institutions and gives students career prospects in their home countries despite a collapsing global economy.

With your donation you are supporting help alliance to proceed in the further develop of the St. Anthony's School in Kyazanga. Lufthansa Consulting would particularly appreciate your commitment. Your support is very welcome via the project website or you can use the donation account:

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