Growth perspectives for Panama’s aviation sector

Lufthansa Consulting contributed to the Central American and Caribbean aviation symposium from 10 - 11 April 2014 in Panama City with a speech of its Senior Consultant Christian Meyer. This conference explored the latest developments in commercial aviation in Central America and the Caribbean. Themes included the future of commercial aviation, aircraft financing structures in the region, leasing options for regional operators and other issues related to airport infrastructure development, aircraft operations, safety, pilot training and maintenance.

It is expected that 6.9% airline growth will take place in Latin America in the next 10 years. Furthermore, it is predicted that 2,500 aircraft will be required by 2030 and airlines will increase their market share. Panama is developing as a hub for aviation services in the region. There are new opportunities, advantages and maintenance needs for aviation services in Panama for operators, OEM, MRO, training organizations and aviation related services.

In his speech “Aviation in Panama: Integration to the country’s Logistic Hub” Christian Meyer expected the Panama air freight market growth rates to be above the world average. He examined Panama`s unique geographical position as a linking for traffic flows to unlock growth potential and drive prosperity. He presented the Cargo City Concept with coordinated multimodal freight hubs that exploit the connectivity and benefit from value chain concentration. Air Cargo Cities generate both macro and micro economic value and form an opportunity for Panama. Meyer identified modern supply chains for logistic hub as an intelligent solution for linking all possible modes of transport in Panama.