Global Contact Center benchmarking study: Results now available

As announced in June 2015, Lufthansa Consulting has conducted a cross-sectoral survey of the contact center market known as the “CCI – Contact Center Index”. Now the results are available.

The Contact Center within the scope of customer experience and omni-channel management strategies furthermore continues to grow in relevance. Personalized services and improved integration in other channels opens up new opportunities for higher value and differentiating customer experiences. Results of our recently conducted benchmarking study prove that in many places the full potential is not being taken advantage of.
The study examined the level of maturity of the Contact Center and sourcing strategies and included a price benchmarking for outsourcing services. Specifically the areas of "goal achievement" and "current performance level", on the basis of defined KPIs (only 28% goal achievement) show a need to catch up. The average goal achievement of only 55% in the category of "customer insight management" shows that the cross-channel networking and integration of the Contact Center into a holistic customer service strategy represents a key challenge for the coming years. The best results were in the areas of "organizational structures", “accountabilities" and “governance" averaging a goal achievement of 83%.

The entire field of participants which was comprised of companies of nine sectors could reach a maximum of 1,000 points. A leading tour operator from Germany achieved the best results with 713 points. The lowest number of points was achieved by a railway company from a neighboring European country with 367 points. On average, a value of 557 points was achieved across all sectors. Further insights can be found in our download section.

Lufthansa Consulting performs the benchmarking study using a rolling process. Participating companies secure a free, anonymous results report which compares them with best practices within and outside of their industry. In addition, an anonymous results report is available at Lufthansa Consulting for a nominal fee in the amount of € 1,250.