Exploiting the potential of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

The commercial UAV market is booming and the civil use of UAV is expected to increase continually.

Lufthansa Consulting invited business partners and clients to take part in a workshop to explore the potential of UAV’s in various industries. The introduction of UAV technologies opens up a range of questions such as: which operating model is required to comply with safety and regulatory standards, what type of UAV model and add-ons are most suitable for certain businesses, how can new data be integrated and applied with the existing data warehouse, etc. 

The aviation consultants presented the important strategic, financial and administrative aspects which need to be considered in the use of UAV’s and explained how Lufthansa Consulting can provide support. 

Today UAV technologies deployed in different industries provide greater profit for business. Introduction of UAV operations offers the chance to significantly save operating costs and assets downtime, access difficult and dangerous areas, provide real time imaging and high-quality data and reduce humans and financial risks.

Currently companies in a variety of industries operate UAVs to monitor and inspect bridges, tunnels, barriers (e.g. dams, rock falls), silos, tanks, cisterns, chimneys, towers, power plants, aerial tramway/ropeways, theme park infrastructure, inside warehouses & RFID logistics. UAVs are also being used for area scanning and landscape mapping of production facilities, monitoring employees’ safety, etc. 

Following the master class in Rwanda “UAV: How drones will change your business” held by our Associate Partner, Bruno Boucher, the event in Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan gave our business partners in the CIS region the opportunity to learn about and discuss the possibilities of using UAV’s for their businesses. 

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