Digital solutions, services and technologies improve passenger travel experience

Digital services based on disruptive technologies are core pillars of any flexible and future-ready organization. Deploying them alongside the travel journey helps to create a customer centric, seamless experience and restores lost trust during times of crisis. The greater an organization’s digital competence, the more flexible it is. According to trend study results, passengers demand digital solutions to accelerate and control their journey. They recognize them as a means to recover COVID-19 induced lack of confidence and feelings of insecurity. For organizations capable of respectively shifting management focus and meeting certain requirements already during crisis recovery, this will mean future flexibility, adaptability, customer retention and long-term profitability.

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This article is part of Lufthansa Consulting’s ongoing series Shaping flexible organizations: how to deal with Covid-19 uncertainties focusing on the new decision criteria of customers and how to adapt the revenue management, sales and distribution strategy. 

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Shaping flexible organizations: how to deal with COVID-19-induced uncertainties

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