Developing airports in Latin America

Governments and stakeholders often aspire to creating larger airports to cope with growing capacity demands. But is expansion always the best course of action? 

It is important to take a longer-term view and consider the full range of potential options. Airport expansion projects should always be supported by a solid professional analysis, including market potential analysis, long-term market forecasting and a thorough evaluation of the existing structure, including its efficiency. 

In the case of a real need to expand the current airport structure, the market potential, with a strong economic vision, must define the size and the goals of the project. It is crucial to avoid unnecessary and costly developments, which might financially affect business results. Additionally, a proven solid experience in project management is essential to ensure the smooth development of the project, to mitigate risks and to lead the project to a successful conclusion.

Our consultant team based in Brazil presented the Lufthansa Consulting approach to airport expansion at the Latin America Airport Expansion Summit in Sao Paulo. The event was particularly relevant as throughout Brazil the entire transportation networks are being modernized to support the current dynamic change and economic growth. Investments are being planned to enable the airports to improve their infrastructure and prepare for increased capacity as demand grows.

Our Senior Consultant, Bruno Picinatti, spoke about the many aspects to be considered before planning the expansion of an airport. 

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Best of Consulting

Lufthansa Consulting has been awarded the coveted consultancy prize "Best of Consulting 2018" by the German weekly business news magazine WirtschaftsWoche. The aviation consultants took part in this competition for the first time and achieved their goal straight away with first place in the category “Competitive Strategy”. The award went to a project which was successfully completed with Czech Airlines (CSA), the national airline of the Czech Republic. Lufthansa Consulting and CSA jointly developed an ancillary revenue strategy and a branded fares concept. The implementation of the overall project resulted in a significant increase in ancillary revenues and thus in a positive operating profit for Czech Airlines.