Customer Experience Management Study

In cooperation with the University of Koblenz-Landau, Lufthansa Consulting’s Inter-Branch division has launched a new study on "anticipation as a determinant of customer enthusiasm" using the example of the cruise industry.

Whether it is a case of screaming women in Zalando advertising or technology fans in Saturn commercials, advertising is full of “emotion”, even if that term is not always mentioned directly. Customer enthusiasm has become an important topic in marketing. Consequently, it is vital for companies to focus on generating customer enthusiasm, to identify the influencing factors and to measure the effects of their campaigns. 

But what exactly is meant by anticipation and how it can be defined?

The study takes the cruise industry as an example. How has this industry developed in recent years? What is the current situation? What are the challenges and what recent developments could play a role in the future of the industry? 

Furthermore, the study examines how the cruise industry in general woos customers and deals with the question of how the industry generates anticipation. How much does anticipation depend on the product, in other words, the cruise itself? 

However, anticipation also generates certain expectations. If these expectations are not fulfilled sufficiently by the service provided, it can lead to dissatisfaction. The study tries to explain this phenomenon based on expert interviews from cruise companies. 

But the study does not focus solely on the cruise industry. It also examines other industries where, from the outset, the product lacks excitement. How can they generate anticipation? Results are expected from September of this year.

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