Aviation Insights Interview

The editorial staff of Lufthansa Consulting’s newsletter Aviation Insights asked internationally renowned, seasoned aviation executive Fred Reid, Member of the Lufthansa Consulting Advisory Board, about his role in the expert forum.

[Aviation Insights]: You have been a member of the new Lufthansa Consulting (LCG) Advisory Board since the summer of 2014. What can the Board achieve for LCG?
[Fred Reid]: From my point of view, the different members fulfill complementary tasks. Mrs. Menne and the other colleagues from the Lufthansa Group support Lufthansa Consulting and raise awareness within the Group airlines, Lufthansa Technik, Cargo and the other business units. I support LCG with my global understanding of the aviation industry and personal network. Together we discuss the strategic development of Lufthansa Consulting and industry trends that we need to focus on. Lufthansa Consulting lives the brand values of Lufthansa and many other typical German companies. That’s a great asset, which is clearly acknowledged by LCG’s customers, as a recent customer survey has shown. Besides this, Lufthansa Consulting operates as an independent consulting company, both within and outside the Lufthansa Group. That means that the individual client comes first, and confidentiality is guaranteed in every case! I think the Advisory Board can help LCG to become the trusted advisor of any potential customer, in exactly the same way as other Lufthansa business units work for any airline around the world.

[Aviation Insights]: You have declared your willingness to act as a Senior Advisor to LCG.  What should we expect from your participation? And how do you envisage your role?
[Fred Reid]: In addition to my role as advisor to LCG, I will provide support for the company’s acquisitions and project management activities. Whenever there is a chance to bring in my industry expertise to clients and to kick-start projects I would be very happy to do so. Having gained experience in different management positions, I am very keen to advise companies on such matters as strategy, branding, restructuring, pricing and ancillary revenues, to mention just a few.

[Aviation Insights]: How do you see LCG developing in the future?
[Fred Reid]:  LCG has been conducting projects worldwide for more than 25 years. Consultants representing about 20 different nationalities work for Lufthansa Consulting. However, LCG could still create greater global visibility and identity. With locations in Frankfurt, Moscow and Rio de Janeiro, we are well on the way to achieving that goal, and I am convinced that we will see more offices worldwide in 2015. Besides regional growth I would expect to see expansion in terms of the topics we deal with. LCG is very good at transferring the skills acquired in the airline business to other industries and vice versa. We intend to support this development and create additional opportunities.

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