Annual Africa Airport Expansion Summit 2015

Lufthansa Consulting’s Associate Partner Bruno Boucher is chairman of the 3rd Annual Airport Expansion Summit taking place from 19 – 20 February 2015. As the company’s regional representative for Africa North, Central and West, Bruno Boucher is responsible for all project and sales activities in these markets. Airport privatization as well as the planning of several new airport projects are currently being executed by Lufthansa Consulting in the region.

Bruno Boucher will chair this major event for the development of airports across Africa and hold the welcome address as well as the closing remarks at the two-day conference in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

In the framework of the forecasted expansion of air travel in Africa in the coming years it is expected that new airports will be built and existing ones will be expanded. Countries like Tanzania are leading this airport industry progress with the development and expansion of 10 airports.

Government officials, construction companies, airlines, airport authorities and operators discuss future aviation trends on the continent with consultants, architects, equipment providers and service groups, in order to better explore the market and support project development.

As one of the leading management consulting firms in the aviation industry with worldwide activities, Lufthansa Consulting has worked in Africa for almost 25 years, helping to enhance the aviation infrastructure on the emerging continent. The aviation consultancy specializes in restructuring and privatizing airlines, airline start-ups, strategic traffic development and airport privatizations.