An affair of the heart for Lufthansa Consulting

For Lufthansa Consulting it was an affair of the heart as soon as the request reached the company. Right from the start, it had absolutely no hesitation in supporting this pioneering project as a long-term partner together with Lufthansa Help Alliance, the Rotary Club and the Devoted Servants organization. Senior Consultant Pietro Montemurri and Associate Partner Bruno Boucher were two of six experts from different LH Group companies among the voluntary, high-caliber project consultants who traveled to Haiti this summer to be part of the Haiti Entrepreneurship Camp 2014 at the country’s Université Quisqueya in Port-au-Prince. About 30 young Haitian entrepreneurs aged between 24 and 42 gathered there for a free, two-week workshop designed to help them expand their business. One of the main aims was to support those who already run a business as well as those who are in the start-up phase and to impart the technical knowledge they need to succeed.

The overall objective of this ongoing project is to establish knowledge transfer interactions through a combination of theory and practice. It also aims to impart hands-on learning experience and empower the entrepreneurs by teaching them business skills and strategies, to provide them with the tools and confidence needed in order to run a successful business and generate sustainable, profitable growth. The camp enhanced the participants’ entrepreneurship and leadership skills, which will not only help their professional development but also boost their personal skills.

The consultants, who have gained experience worldwide, held active discussions during the camp to assist the audience members in meeting their specific challenges. Pietro Montemurri and Bruno Boucher conducted workshop sessions, which were devised to help the entrepreneurs to help themselves and identify the most important individual smart goals for every single participant. Bruno gave the keynote speech at the closing ceremony, and Lufthansa Consulting committed itself to providing expert mentors to support the camp participants after the workshop and ensure it has a sustainable impact.

The Haiti Entrepreneurship Camp 2014 will serve as a model for future projects elsewhere and - to close with very good news - the next camp project in Haiti is already scheduled for 2015.