Airport development in the Russian Market

In an interview with the Russian regional industry magazine Vestnik, Stanislav Solomko shared his views on the development of Rostov-on-Don “Yuzhny” Airport. Stanislav Solomko is Head of Market Russia and the Baltic States, and Associate Partner at Lufthansa Consulting.

1. According to your estimates, planned capacity of Rostov-on-Don "Yuzhny" Airport currently under construction will be able to accommodate between 4.4 to 11.6 million passengers and between 6 to 70 thousand tons of cargo. At year-end 2014 the relevant capacity parameters of the existing airport were approximately 2 million passengers and 5 thousand tons of cargo. Will you elaborate on the scenario-based (inertia, positive, etc.) air traffic forecasts for ATMs, passengers and cargo at the airport?

Stanislav Solomko, Lufthansa Consulting:
Possible development scenarios – conservative, most likely and optimistic – have been considered for the preparation of the traffic forecast, both for passengers and cargo. Each of the scenarios relies upon organic industry growth based on a consensus forecast of economic development. Depending on the scenario, the following drivers and factors were taken into account for the traffic forecast:

a. Runway refurbishment
b. Changing share of transfer operations of the hub-carrier Donavia
c. Changing competitive environment
d. Travel industry changes
e. Launch of low cost carrier
f. FIFA World Cup Event

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