Air cargo under pressure? How learnings from 2020 can enhance future network and fleet planning

Undoubtedly, 2020 was a historic year for aviation. Thousands of jobs were cut and some airlines will never fly again. Only one business area took off strongly and is yet to find its limits– air cargo. While the passenger business and related services struggle to find a way through the crisis, cargo was and still is flourishing. 

But will cargo continue to fly high or will it again become the low-margin problem child it used to be before the crisis? How can cargo and combination carriers prepare their networks to take advantage of current market conditions and continue to succeed post-crisis? What are the lessons learned from 2020 and how can they be applied in 2021 and in future years? How will market conditions develop, and how should airlines shape their networks, schedules and fleets to make the most of the “new normal” in air cargo?

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Christopher Karp is a Consultant and cargo expert from the Network and Fleet Management Solution Group at Lufthansa Consulting.

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