Bernd Knabe

Head of Corporate Office

Specialist area

Bernd Knabe is Head of Corporate Office and Partner. He is responsible for the internal administration units Accounting, Controlling, Legal,  IT-Management and Research Centre/General Services.

Recent assignments & responsibility

  • Lufthansa Systems, Germany:  Project Manager Cost Cutting, Finance Functions and Process Concepts
  • Lufthansa German Airlines, Germany: Project Director Implementation Support to establish a centralized Risk Management in the Lufthansa Passage Areas


  • General Manager and Authorized Representative of Lufthansa Consulting 
  • Consultant for management accounting, Lufthansa Consulting 
  • Master Degree in Business Administration from the University of Cologne, Germany 
  • Part-time employee in several functions in human resources units, Lufthansa German Airlines 
  • Apprenticeship earning a Commercial Air Transport Certificate from the Chamber of Commerce