International Meeting on Defence Projects Financing

17 - 18 Oct 2017
São Paulo, Brazil

The 2nd International Meeting on Defence Projects Financing, brings together professionals from strategic defense companies, Brazilian and foreign academic institutions, associations and entities of the defense sector, as well as banks and export credit agencies from various countries.

The meeting involves two days with lectures and panels on financing, innovation, compensation agreements and startups. At the end of the first day a Networking Meeting will be held, in order to allow even greater interaction between the organizations participating in the event.

The main focus of the 2nd Meeting will be to carry on the discussions initiated in the first event and explore new opportunities to connect people and institutions in the areas of innovation, offset agreements and incentives to startups, involving governments, the academic sector and companies.

Liége Emmerz, Head of Market South America at Lufthansa Consulting, has been invited to attend this event by the Directorate of Economy and Finance of the Brazilian Air Force.