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Career FAQ

Inside Lufthansa Consulting

  • What is special about Lufthansa Consulting?

    Aviation is our business and we are passionate and curious about all aspects of the wonder that is human flight.

    Interdisciplinary teams work together in a dynamic, flexible professional atmosphere in which results and performance are recognized and rewarded. Our flat hierarchies encourage quick assumption of responsibility. We are a team that includes both young and very experienced individuals with incredibly diverse professional and cultural backgrounds.

    We offer new employees the chance to work independently on national and international projects in our exciting, fascinating industry experiencing various different cultures.


  • What languages are required at Lufthansa Consulting?

    Lufthansa Consulting is bilingual German / English. Our common company language is English. Due to the international nature of our work every other language skill is highly valued, especially Spanish, French, Russian, Portuguese, and Arabic.


  • What is the employee structure at Lufthansa Consulting in terms of nationalities?

    About a quarter of Lufthansa Consulting's employees are of non-German descent and represent a total of 17 different nationalities (including Italian, Canadian, Russian, Brazilian, French, Chinese to name but a few).


Project Work

  • What type of projects do Lufthansa Consulting employees manage?

    Lufthansa Consulting projects are very diverse in type, size and duration. They all do, however, involve clients from the aviation industry and range from a strategic focus to implementation on a global level (55 % of projects are completed over the course of several years with a large project team, e. g. the restructuring of an airline). Other projects involve providing solutions to clients within a period of weeks or months. Of course many projects involve clients from the Lufthansa Group.

  • What percentage of travel does project work entail for team members?

    Because our clients are distributed around the globe, team members often travel extensively. Usually, up to 60% of the project work entails travel and working on location, but based on the clients and the specifics of the project the extent of individual travelling may differ greatly from one consultant to another.


  • What is a project's structure in terms of teamwork?

    Project teamwork varies greatly depending on the nature and details of the project. This is why teams may consist of two consultants or twenty. Due to the nature of our work consultants, however, rarely work alone on projects. We attach a great deal of importance to placing young employees in projects with our more experienced employees. This encourages knowledge transfer and also ensures that our mission and values are communicated over generations.


  • Do some projects require that consultants work abroad for extended periods of time?

    There have, on occasion, been projects at Lufthansa Consulting for which employees were delegated to work abroad for a time period of 1.5 - 3 years. Such assignments are rare and they are always discussed with individual employees in advance so that they may discuss and plan their stay abroad with family/partners.


  • Can Lufthansa Consulting employees expect to work at our office location in Frankfurt on certain days?

    Due to our involvement in international projects, Lufthansa Consulting does not function according to the usual system of 4 days with clients, 1 day at the office. Project work varies in duration which in turn influences the amount of time spent at the main office in Frankfurt.

Career Development

  • What are the career development prospects at Lufthansa Consulting?

    There are five consultant levels at Lufthansa Consulting: Business Analyst, Associate Consultant, Consultant, Senior Consultant and Managing Consultant. Top performing consultants can progress to the level of Associate Partner / Partner who shape Lufthansa Consulting´s strategic development and report directly to the executive management.

  • Does Lufthansa Consulting offer introductory programs for new employees and what is the initiation process like?

    To facilitate a good start for new employees, we have set up an introductory program starting at the Lufthansa Consulting offices in Frankfurt. In a training program you learn more about the methodological skills which are mandatory for the work as a consultant at our company.

    After the trial period, goals and training for the future are discussed and set with mentors. The initial months at work are discussed in detail so that employees receive feedback and can constructively discuss and evaluate their performance.


  • What opportunities for further training does Lufthansa Consulting offer its employees?

    We offer our employees a wide array of training programs which include the development of technical skills, social skills, and methodological skills to further build on their experience. Additionally, our executives also have the opportunity to participate in seminars such as performance management and developing their management skills. All employees participate in numerous training activities each year.

    Lufthansa Consulting offers unique career development opportunities in which employees are encouraged to continually further their education and training and expand their horizons. A training plan is established for all employees and we have access to Lufthansa's corporate training schemes.

  • Are there rotation opportunities at Lufthansa Consulting to Lufthansa AG or other members of the corporate Group?

    Lufthansa Consulting employees may apply for any internal jobs advertised by the various business units within the Lufthansa Group. Rotation back to one's original position is not part of the plan, but may be a part of the Lufthansa executive development program.

  • How are salaries set at Lufthansa Consulting?

    Salaries at Lufthansa Consulting are modeled after those in the Lufthansa Group and are orientated towards the different consultant levels, including a variety of further benefits as well as an achievement-oriented compensation. Base incomes are determined according to previous knowledge and experience.

  • What type of benefits does Lufthansa Consulting offer?

    Fringe benefits at Lufthansa Consulting include (in accordance with Lufthansa Group policy):

    • Special flight travel rates for all employees and their immediate family
    • Numerous travel discounts (rental cars, hotels, cruises, vacation clubs etc.)
    • Jobticket for the use of public transportation in the Frankfurt area
    • Employee pension plan
    • Opportunity to take part in the LH employee shares program
    • Special insurance policy rates


Recruitment Process

  • What is involved in the job application process?

    Applicants may submit their résumé and complete documents to Lufthansa Consulting online via A selection process then takes place from which potential candidates are contacted for a telephone interview with our human resource specialists. This may be followed by the participation in another telephone interview with one of our partners and finally our recruiting days.


  • What can applicants expect to experience on Lufthansa Consulting recruiting days?

    All applicants can expect a one-day recruiting day in which up to four candidates participate at our main office in Frankfurt. Candidates do not compete with each other directly, however, as Lufthansa Consulting is committed to continuous growth and fosters a culture of mutual support from day one.

    Each candidate is screened individually. The day starts with a self-presentation in English followed by interviews and a case study. The individual recruiting day topics are related to real consultant tasks and activities. The day's activities are conducted in two languages: German and/or English depending on the individual´s personal background. All applicants will be asked to complete a part of the recruiting day in English. Candidates may also be asked to do some preparation in advance of the recruiting days.

  • What opportunities does Lufthansa Consulting offer to students?

    Students can gain practical experience at Lufthansa Consulting and complete their dissertations. Based on demand, internships are offered for a duration of about six months. Support for dissertations is usually given after finalization of an internship. Students may also apply on an initiative basis.

  • Where does Lufthansa Consulting have offices and where can I inquire about vacancies?

    Lufthansa Consulting is based in Frankfurt, Germany.
    In addition, we are present internationally with offices in Moscow and Rio de Janeiro and we maintain project offices on location to serve our current projects.

    To view our current openings, please visit Lufthansa´s corporate website at

    Please direct any questions you may have to


Best Consultants 2022

Best Consultants 2022: Lufthansa Consulting ranked among the top consulting firms in Germany

Listed by brandeins, the renowned German business and trend magazine, for the seventh time. Lufthansa Consulting ranked top of the category "aerospace and defense" and ranked high in the area "transport, traffic and logistics". The rating is greatly respected throughout a wide range of industries and is based on recommendations from industry experts and client assessments.