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The dynamic Asia-Pacific region is still driving global growth and aviation remains a key factor to economic and social development. Asia-Pacific leads the world traffic growth with a robust increase in passenger travel and a currently recovering air cargo market. These challenging developments and resulting requirements show a demand for solutions from airlines, airports and related organizations in the area and a necessity for detailed planning and appropriate optimization support.

Our assignments and business cover the entire South East Asia region. Please contact us to learn more about our activities in this area and how we can support you as an airline, MRO provider, airport operator or investor with our customized solutions.

Latest activities

  • 23 - 26 Sep 2017 , Barcelona, Spain

    World Routes 2017

    The 23rd World Route Development Forum takes place at the Fira Gran Via in Barcelona, Catalonia.

    With 300 airlines, 700 airports and 3,000 delegates attending, World Routes provides an unrivalled platform for route development professionals to discuss, develop and plan route strategy. It is the event that unites the route development community by bringing together all kind of experts. Furthermore, new air services will be established there, resulting in other positive catalytic impacts, such as increases in tourism, trade and investment.

    Meet Dr. Andreas Kraus, Associate Partner responsible for the European region, Panagiotis Poligenis, Associate Partner responsible for the Asia-Pacific region and Qian Chen, Senior Consultant.

  • 21 - 22 Mar 2017 , New Delhi, India

    PPP Airport Investments Summit

    The 3rd Annual PPP Investments Summit will take place at the JW Marriott Hotel, New Delhi Aerocity.

    It is the only event dedicated exclusively to Public Private Partnerships (PPP) in the Airports sector. This year, it will be held under the patronage of the Ministry of Civil Aviation, Government of India. In 2017, the summit will host key stakeholders from the Airport PPP ecosystem with the focus on Asia, bringing in also industry leaders from MENA, Europe and South America to share and discuss vital market insights.
    The expert panel of speakers will address the challenges of developing, structuring and managing successful Airport PPPs.

    The event will be attended by Panagiotis Poligenis, Associate Partner and Head of Market Asia-Pacific, who will also hold a speech.

  • 15 - 16 Mar 2017 , Yangon, Myanmar

    Myanmar Civil Aviation Development Conference

    The Myanmar Civil Aviation Development Conference (MCADC) of 2017 will be held at the Sedona Hotel Yangon in Yangon, Myanmar.

    The two-day event is the only civil aviation conference endorsed by the Ministry of Transport Myanmar and the Department of Civil Aviation Myanmar. It is a great opportunity to hear first-hand expert advice, case studies and discussions on the opportunities in Myanmar’s aviation industry. It covers topics such as Aircraft leasing and financing, Regulating airport and airlines to support the sustainable development of Myanmar’s aviation sector, as well as Accelerating Myanmar’s key airports development and expansion plans.

    Associate Partner and Head of Market Asia-Pacific, Panagiotis Poligenis, will take part in the conference.

  • Lufthansa Consulting speaks at 11th Annual Conference on Airports in India

    Lufthansa Consulting’s Associate Partner and Head of Market Asia-Pacific, Panagiotis Poligenis, will hold a speech on “Airport Asset Management” at the Airport Development Conference in Delhi.

    This year, the annual conference takes place from 30 - 31 January 2017 and is organized by the India Infrastructure Publishing Pvt. Ltd. The event is focused on airports, air transport, aviation and investment issues. Its main aim is to highlight the recent trends and developments in the sector, to discuss the new policy initiatives and examine the way forward.

    Furthermore, it is a great opportunity for face-to-face meetings with those driving the future in this business segment. Principal topics, amongst others, are airport construction, air traffic management and air safety, as well as technology used in enhancing passengers experience and airport financing.

    Website India Infrastructure

  • Innovate the passenger security check experience at airports

    The security screening experience at airports remains a high-ranking pain point for air passengers as confirmed by recent surveys such as IATA’s Passenger Survey 2016. The limitations in passenger terminal throughput and operational efficiency negatively impact service levels and journey experience mainly due to the overall perceived uncertainty, waiting and queueing times, duration and procedures of the control process itself and the checkpoint environment.

    At airports around the globe stakeholders have initiated activities to improve processes, inspired by concepts put forward by the air transport industry’s associations IATA and ACI. The aim is to deliver improvements and satisfy passengers’ preferences. The most significant issues concern the preparation process (removal of belt, jacket, shoes, electronic devices), the simplification and consistency of the screening process and the multiple security checks required throughout journeys involving a connection.

    What are the success drivers and key challenges in implementing the various measures and projects, whether minor adjustments of operating procedures or adaptations to the terminal building’s layout or infrastructure?

    A concept development and implementation requires collaboration and buy-in of all parties at the respective local airport and state level. Effective passenger terminal operations enhance the passenger experience, therefore leading airlines are widely engaged in facilitating improvements at airports in their networks. In order to specify an action plan and deliver smart solutions it is essential to integrate both airline and airport perspectives from both the operational and commercial points of view.

    The experience gained at Lufthansa Group hubs as well as at many of its destination airports can be applied to capacity-constrained capital and regional airports in other areas. Lufthansa Consulting supports your ideas or initiated efforts to optimize your terminal infrastructure and meet your airport’s strategic goals.

    Our experts help you to develop or fine-tune your plans to streamline and simplify the security control of passengers and baggage in a technology-enabled, digitalized environment to achieve a successful overall passenger-empowered airport experience.

    Contact us to discuss critical factors for successful delivery and related challenges facing airlines and airport operators.


Customer Satisfaction Improvement

Airline in India

Performance improvement potentials identified along the service chain at all customer touch-points. Recommendations defined in an implementation plan to achieve sustainable customer satisfaction and enable the airline to meet requirements for joining a large airline alliance.

Air Service Development for Airport

Airport in Japan

In preparation for airport privatization our experts analyzed the aviation market to create a clear understanding of air service for both passenger and cargo business. Our consultants defined a robust air service development plan and identified prospective O&D’s including the most beneficial carriers and schedule.

Design support for a new Aircraft Maintenance Hangar

Engineering company in Taiwan

Planning and conceptual design of professional and customer oriented MRO hanger facility for the maintenance of different types of aircraft. Preparation of a specification book including detailed technical, functional and operational requirements for the construction of a hanger which complies with international standards.