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26 Apr 2017

Development in the Russian air transport market

Lufthansa Consulting supports Aircraft Finance and Lease Russia & CIS 2017 as sponsor and moderator

14 Mar 2017

Digital transformation defines customer relationship management

Senior Consultant Georg Baust speaks at Passenger Terminal Expo on how digital media influence customer experience

10 Mar 2017

Leveraging Performance in Aircraft Maintenance

New Lufthansa Consulting White Paper now available for download

21 Feb 2017

Aviation Africa 2017 focuses on growth in Rwanda’s aviation industry

Lufthansa Consulting moderates UAV related panel discussion

20 Feb 2017

Annual Africa Airport Expansion Summit in Kigali

Associate Partner Bruno Boucher gives a lecture about the security at airports in Africa

31 Jan 2017

Argentina: Lufthansa Consulting sees great potential for growth in the air transport sector

Air connectivity and infrastructure development as basis for future intermodal travel

27 Jan 2017

Lufthansa Consulting speaks at 11th Annual Conference on Airports in India

Associate Partner Panagiotis Poligenis presents lecture on “Airport Asset Management”

14 Dec 2016

Innovate the passenger security check experience at airports

Improving terminal operations processes while meeting safety requirements – challenging but feasible

06 Dec 2016

Operational Excellence

How to improve airline efficiency and customer satisfaction at the same time

28 Nov 2016

Maintaining close contact with former colleagues

Lufthansa Consulting hosts fourth alumni event

18 Nov 2016

48th AFRAA AGM: Sustainable strategies for the viability of African airlines

Associate Partner Bruno Boucher moderates panel session on safety and operational efficiency

11 Nov 2016

Bienvenidos at the ALTA Airline Leaders Forum 2016!

Lufthansa Consulting is represented at joint exhibition stand with Lufthansa Systems and Lufthansa Technik

08 Nov 2016

Iraq upgrades civil aviation with the help of Lufthansa Consulting

Agreement signed with Ministry of Transport to foster the country’s economic growth and develop a modern aviation industry

25 Oct 2016

Lufthansa Consulting team represented at Moscow International Forum for Innovative Development

Associate Partner Bruno Boucher speaks about Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

11 Oct 2016

Lufthansa Consulting takes part in PACEdays 2016

Partner Marc Landgraf presents the future of onboard experience

04 Oct 2016

Working in-house: services and solutions for our key client Lufthansa

Ongoing support of numerous projects for Lufthansa Group companies

23 Sep 2016

Lufthansa Aerial Services enters into a partnership with the Nordex Group

Partners plan to work together to develop applications for the use of drones in the wind energy sector.

22 Sep 2016

World Routes 2016: Lufthansa Consulting sees a run for long-haul connections to China

European airports benefit from pre-departure spending by Chinese visitors

21 Sep 2016

Building a stable economy and infrastructures is vital to recovery

Developing multi-modal airport infrastructures and civil aviation industry

08 Sep 2016

Is your aircraft maintenance organization fit for the future?

A tailored strategy makes MRO service providers successful

30 Aug 2016

Brexit and the possible implications for aviation

How to prepare for U.K. exit from the E.U. – without knowing exactly what lies ahead

18 Aug 2016

Helping the helpers

Lufthansa Consulting joins Lufthansa Group project for Help Alliance in Brazil

11 Aug 2016

Airport privatization in Africa

Great potential for alternative airport ownership and operations models


02 Aug 2016

Lufthansa Consulting recommends: Nordica must focus on premium-class passengers

Associate Partner Stanislav Solomko gives interview to Estonian newspaper Eesti Päevaleht

25 Jul 2016

Clever airline product optimization makes the difference

Lufthansa Consulting aims to challenge airlines’ products along the entire service chain to find the right balance between satisfying customer requirements and keeping costs under control

08 Jul 2016

In good shape for the Olympics and for future challenges

RIOgaleão – Tom Jobim International Airport ensures operational readiness in new Pier Sul and Terminal 2


06 Jul 2016

Lufthansa Consulting contributes to the Super Star project in a special way

Reviewing and optimizing the business plan for operations of famous restored Super Constellation

30 Jun 2016

A good reason to celebrate: Four decades of experience in aviation

40 years ago Lufthansa Consulting was established as a department

22 Jun 2016

Associate Partner Catrin Drawer holds speech at Aviation Festival Africa

Airline and airport passenger experience topics in focus

16 Jun 2016

Your untapped potential

The top five ancillary revenue practices that every airline should know about

10 Jun 2016

Conversion of military airports to civil use – Germany’s experience is highly relevant for international airports

Delegation from Finland’s Kauhava Airport on visiting tour of Frankfurt-Hahn

01 Jun 2016

Africa Wings Journal: Drone technology – Safe coexistence of airspace users is key

Africa could be a pioneer in developing regulation standards for synchronized operations


30 May 2016

Exploiting the potential of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Lufthansa Consulting holds workshop for business partners in Kazakhstan

23 May 2016

“brand eins” industry survey “Beste Berater 2016”

Lufthansa Consulting ranked among the top consulting firms in Germany

06 May 2016

African Aviation Stakeholders Convention

Associate Partner Bruno Boucher leads master class and moderates panel session

21 Apr 2016

Aero Expo Panama Pacifico

Lufthansa Consulting is represented as an exhibitor at Panama Pacifico International Airport

05 Apr 2016

South American Exhibition for Logistics, Cargo Transport and International Trade

Lufthansa Consulting representatives at 22nd Intermodal South America in São Paulo

18 Mar 2016

The outlook for aviation in South America

Lufthansa Consulting market study predicts high potential for airline business in Bolivia

26 Feb 2016

Process orientation enhances efficiency and profit

Now is the time to unfold your full success potential

01 Feb 2016

Ancillary infrastructure opportunities for Cargo and MRO on Indian airports

Panagiotis Poligenis participated in the 10th Annual Conference on Airports in India and held a speech on the topic “Developing Ancillary Infrastructure for Cargo and MRO”

26 Jan 2016

Lufthansa Aerial Services division inks deal with drone-maker DJI

Lufthansa Aerial Services and DJI join forces to develop commercial applications for drone technology

18 Jan 2016

Knowledge transfer within the Lufthansa Group at Frankfurt Airport

Lufthansa Consulting employees gained valuable insights from the department Aircraft Handling and Surveillance at Hub Management Frankfurt

21 Dec 2015

Promising development for new business model

Lufthansa Aerial Services – Commercial drone operations for major infrastructure clients

16 Dec 2015

Affair of the heart: Lufthansa Consulting employees bake Christmas cookies

Advent charity drive in support of help alliance

11 Dec 2015

Aerospace business opportunities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and in Middle East

Lufthansa Consulting with exhibition stand at the Saudi Aerospace Conference & Exhibition 2015

09 Dec 2015

Stanislav Solomko moderates at Transport Week 2015 in Moscow

Round table discussion about new challenges in the aviation sector with the Russian Transport Minister and key stakeholders from Russia

01 Dec 2015

Lufthansa Consulting supports Kazakhstan’s new regional airline Qazaq Air

Development of feasibility study and business plan

25 Nov 2015

Lufthansa Consulting active at 1st Business Week of the University of Koblenz

Top consultants provided workshop on customer experience management

20 Nov 2015

Lufthansa Consulting keeps in touch with alumni

Guest speakers presented exciting Lufthansa projects at meeting with former employees

15 Nov 2015

ALTA Airline Leaders Forum 2015

Lufthansa Consulting is traditionally present at the largest event in the Latin American and Caribbean commercial aviation

12 Nov 2015

Next round of introductory training for new consultants

2nd Lufthansa Consulting Boot Camp

09 Nov 2015

Lufthansa Consulting supports Global Airport Development Conference 2015

High level airport representatives from all over the world under one roof

28 Oct 2015

Global Contact Center benchmarking study: Results now available

Cross-channel networking and integration of Contact Centers are key challenges for companies’ excellent customer service in the upcoming years

20 Oct 2015

Actively involved in Wings of Russia International Aviation Forum 2015

Lufthansa Consulting represented in panel sessions and with exhibition stand

19 Oct 2015

Highly motivated at the world’s largest rowing event

Lufthansa Consulting team successful at the Head of the Charles Regatta

15 Oct 2015

Airport development in the Russian Market

Interview with the Russian regional industry magazine Vestnik

07 Oct 2015

Lufthansa Consulting Executive Circle

Great interest in Customer Journey 3.0 topic

02 Oct 2015

Double delight: Lufthansa CityLine wins quality award and Lufthansa Consulting shares their joy

Consultants supported organization of relocation project from Cologne to Munich

23 Sep 2015

Lufthansa Consulting cooperates with International University of Applied Sciences Bad Honnef

Case studies and guest lectures planned as part of Aviation Management degree program


18 Sep 2015

21th World Route Development Forum

Lufthansa Consulting presents successful strategies and sustainable solutions for the aviation industry

03 Sep 2015

Lufthansa Consulting @ First East Russia Economic Forum

Associate Partner Stanislav Solomko moderates the Aviation Roundtable

01 Sep 2015

Shaping the future of airports

Lufthansa Consulting is exhibitor at ACI Latin America-Caribbean Annual General Assembly

17 Aug 2015

Sharing expertise at the Haiti Entrepreneurship Camp 2015

Lufthansa Consulting sponsors prize for the best business plan

22 Jul 2015

Striving for Operational Excellence

Cooperation with China’s OKAY airways continues

05 Jul 2015

Routes Silk Road 2015

Lufthansa Consulting focuses on airport privatization topics

18 Jun 2015

Customer Experience Management Study

Does the "anticipation" factor influence customer enthusiasm?

16 Jun 2015

Lufthansa Consulting joins 2nd World Aviation Football Cup

Football teams from all over the world with a common goal: supporting a good cause

11 Jun 2015

Top issue for companies today: How to deliver excellent customer service

Lufthansa Consulting launches contact center and sourcing survey

08 Jun 2015

Supporting our TOP client Lufthansa with our full range of expertise

Lufthansa Consulting works for numerous group companies and innovation topics

03 Jun 2015

Learning - Team-building – Fun

Lufthansa Consulting hosted first Boot Camp for new consultants

27 May 2015

Sharing information on recent developments in the field of civil aviation training

6th International Conference of Flight Safety Foundation Mediterranean

22 May 2015

AEROCUP aviation business game at Moscow Higher School of Economics

Lufthansa Consulting supports career opportunities for students and young professionals

18 May 2015

Lufthansa Consulting supports Mann Yadanarpon Airlines with IOSA audit

Myanmar’s regional carrier strives to attain international safety standards

11 May 2015

A meeting place for the African and Middle East aviation business

Associate Partner Bruno Boucher moderates panel session at Aviation Africa 2015

08 May 2015

Asia/Pacific forms new dedicated regional market

Panagiotis Poligenis responsible for Asia/Pacific clients

28 Apr 2015

Interaction among aviation organizations and industry suppliers in Africa

Lufthansa Consulting’s Associate Partner Bruno Boucher moderates panel session at AFRAA’s Aviation Stakeholders Convention

24 Mar 2015

Entertainment in the air

Wireless on-board media and internet solutions highly valued by airlines and their passengers

09 Mar 2015

Lufthansa Consulting Executive Circle

Customer Service Excellence topic enjoyed great demand


04 Mar 2015

Learning from the aviation industry

Lufthansa Consulting speaks about comparable challenges in the maritime and aviation business at Port Finance International Brazil 2015

19 Feb 2015

Annual Africa Airport Expansion Summit 2015

Lufthansa Consulting chairs high-level conference in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

18 Dec 2014

Event preview: Lufthansa Consulting Executive Circle on 6 March 2015

Customer Service Excellence – New Business Models and Strategies for the Future

15 Dec 2014

Around the world with Lufthansa Consulting’s digital season’s greetings

Lufthansa Christmas card painting contest celebrates 20th anniversary

12 Dec 2014

Aviation Insights Interview

Three questions to Frederick Reid, Member of the Lufthansa Consulting Advisory Board

09 Dec 2014

Aligning airport parking profits with strategic goals

For broad and long-term success, airports need to balance car park profitability with achieving their overall objectives

25 Nov 2014

Networking is the main thing

Second Lufthansa Consulting alumni event at new premises in Frankfurt

17 Nov 2014

Lufthansa Consulting contributes to GAD Global Airport Development Forum 2014

Represented as moderator, sponsor and with delegate team


11 Nov 2014

ALTA Airline Leaders Forum 2014

Lufthansa Consulting focuses on start-up airline support and services for low-cost carriers

28 Oct 2014

Shaping the future with concentrated aviation expertise

New Lufthansa Consulting advisory board promotes the company’s business development

22 Oct 2014

Mexico’s Aviation Integrated Services Group counts on Lufthansa Consulting

Strengthening line maintenance business processes for future growth

22 Sep 2014

High Performance Business – Learning from the Aviation Industry

Executive Circle will explore innovative solutions for the transport and logistics sector

19 Sep 2014

Lufthansa Consulting presents strategies and services at 20th World Routes

Focus on Airlines – Airports – Logistics – Tourism

27 Aug 2014

Airline Strategy

Is your airline on the right track? The key success factor is strategic positioning.

14 Aug 2014

An affair of the heart for Lufthansa Consulting

Supporting the Haiti Entrepreneurship Camp 2014

07 Aug 2014

Lufthansa Consulting moves into new corporate headquarters

Frankfurt is now the point of departure for aviation consultancy expertise worldwide

23 Jul 2014

Mongolia visit with Germany’s Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs

Political talks with Mongolian Government on the future of the country’s aviation sector

01 Jul 2014

Lufthansa Consulting takes part in Aviation Outlook Africa 2014

Presenting successful strategies and sustainable solutions for airlines

23 Jun 2014

Improve your on-time performance

Delays cost more than just money on the short run and might lead to a loss of image and passengers. We support your airline with the right optimization approach.

02 Jun 2014

New Lufthansa Consulting headquarters in Frankfurt

Offices conveniently located at Frankfurt Airport Center

16 May 2014

Lufthansa Consulting establishes subsidiary in Brazil

Partner for successful travel and transportation performance in South America

23 Apr 2014

Growth perspectives for Panama’s aviation sector

Senior Consultant Christian Meyer about promising opportunities for the Air Cargo market

17 Apr 2014

Lufthansa Consulting at Annual India Airport Expansion Summit in Delhi

Associate Partner Panagiotis Poligenis speaks about “Challenges and best practices in airport privatization”

28 Mar 2014

Airport Operations Optimization

Looking for ideas to increase your operating efficiency? Lufthansa Consulting knows how.

26 Feb 2014

Targeting the leisure market

Turning new requirements into sustainable airline success

14 Feb 2014

Identify measures to optimize your cost-revenue ratio

Learn more about the Lufthansa Consulting Sales efficiency check-up

31 Jan 2014

Airline Crew Leadership: A new model structure is overdue

In-depth analysis shows that fundamental changes in set-up and mindset are urgently needed

20 Jan 2014

How airport cities could provide a new economy

Civil aviation in Egypt: Opportunities for economic growth.

09 Dec 2013

Lufthansa Christmas message 2013

Christmas card design competition with a special award for a digital card design

06 Dec 2013

Lufthansa Consulting takes part in IUBH's Career Days

University and aviation consultancy deepen their beneficial cooperation

02 Dec 2013

In close contact to former employees

Lufthansa Consulting hosts 1st alumni event

28 Nov 2013

Kazakhstan's New Silk Way business forum trusts in intermodal solutions

Future vision of reliable connections between Asia and Europe

21 Nov 2013

The civil aviation sector as a driver for economic growth in Egypt

Approaches to stimulate growth in aviation beyond tourism

13 Nov 2013

Lufthansa Consulting takes part in ALTA Airline Leaders Forum 2013

Presenting valuable solutions for the aviation industry at booth 19


28 Oct 2013

Chinese Okay Airways relies on Lufthansa Consulting’s expertise

Airline employees benefit from workshops on airline processes

23 Oct 2013

Challenges for airports in Turkey

Airport expansion offers great opportunities for investors in the airport industry

17 Oct 2013

Mongolia and Lufthansa Consulting sign MoU

Developing the country’s aviation sector to boost national economy

02 Oct 2013

Lufthansa Consulting represented at 19th World Route Development Forum

Strategies and services for airlines and airports at booth P23

30 Sep 2013

Lufthansa Consulting reorganizes regional market responsibilities in Africa

Catrin Drawer new Associate Partner for Southern Africa and Indian Ocean region

11 Sep 2013

Airport holding strategy for 11 airports in Kazakhstan

Lufthansa Consulting develops management structure in line with international standards

29 Aug 2013

The most effective strategies for successful airport business in fast growing regions

Insights into inspired strategies that make airports competitive and attractive to airlines

25 Jul 2013

Network planning update and airport infrastructure planning for Air Astana

Lufthansa Consulting continues to support Kazakhstan’s national carrier increasing its traffic growth

21 Jul 2013

In focus at Routes CIS: Air Service Development – Network – Scheduling – Fleet

Lufthansa Consulting presents support services for airlines and airports at booth S2

03 Jul 2013

Challenge Fuel Management

Lufthansa Consulting contributed to “LH Academy” event with a speech on Fuel Efficiency

01 Jul 2013

Congratulations Germanwings!

Lufthansa Consulting wishes its client all the best for the successful launch of the "New Germanwings".

27 Jun 2013

Increasing airline revenue

Senior Consultant Uwe Kohn shares expertise in panel discussion at international forum

29 May 2013

Tender Announcement for Ground Handling Services at Iraq’s major airports

Lufthansa Consulting supports Ministry of Transportation

29 May 2013

Lufthansa Consulting’s website takes off with brand new look with dynamic features, customer dialogue and adaptive design for mobile devices

15 May 2013

Lufthansa Consulting to support development of Icelandair Ground Services

Expansion of catering facilities at Keflavik Airport to meet growing demand

02 May 2013

Lufthansa Consulting on campus Bad Honnef

Consultants share project experience with students at Bad Honnef University

04 Apr 2013

Kazakhstan’s Almaty International Airport is well-prepared for future demands

Lufthansa Consulting master plan project successfully completed

15 Mar 2013

Lufthansa Consulting hosted first African Airlines CEOs’ Cooperation Summit

Exploring opportunities for collaboration with the support of AFRAA

27 Feb 2013

Lufthansa Consulting: 25 years of competent advice for the aviation industry

Reliable partner offering expertise and quality services for business success

18 Jan 2013

Premium Economy Class - a suitable business model for your airline?

Lufthansa Consulting’s new service approach helps to make the right decision