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Inter-Branch builds on our renowned expertise in the global aviation industry and transfers this know-how to provide services to clients beyond the aviation industry. Our portfolio covers consulting and implementation services in all aspects of a top management consulting firm. We have identified that many of the areas of expertise in which we have a strong track record can be successfully transferred to non-aviation sectors and vice versa. In particular we focus on global transport and logistics companies, railways, bus line operators, service providers and the main players within tourism and hospitality, and seaports and heliports around the globe.

Over the next few years, companies can expect to face increasing challenges as a result of changing customer demands, market situations, new technologies and the increasing integration of traditional offline and digital channels.

Inter-Branch offers your company innovative services in these areas:

  • - Transferring best practices from the aviation industry (such as safety and risk management, pricing and revenue management, business transformation and cost management, process excellence)
  • - Customer experience, multichannel and loyalty management
  • - Sourcing and procurement
  • - Digitalization
  • - Lean and agile


I look forward to discussing how we can create innovative solutions for your challenges.

Latest activities

  • Digital transformation defines customer relationship management

    Digital transformation is of rising importance for the aviation industry. To keep up with increasing passenger demands, airlines and airports urgently need to expand their customer offerings with regard to digital services. Consequently, it is one of the main topics at this year’s Passenger Terminal Expo & Conference in Amsterdam from 14 -16 March, dealing with the most recent issues and innovations of the aviation business. Senior Consultant Georg Baust will represent Lufthansa Consulting at this event and will give a speech entitled “Don’t adapt, innovate – increase customer experience with digital transformation”

     In order to stay competitive it is key for airlines and airports to adjust to technological developments. As the customer journey and experience should always be the main focus of a successful business, an orientation towards customer needs and habits is essential. Nowadays, those needs are mostly influenced by the use of digital media. The task for airlines and airports is to create possibilities and solutions to embrace the potential of digitalization. 

     For instance, Lufthansa Consulting supported and accompanied the implementation of wireless internet connection to passenger-owned devices and inflight internet connectivity on long-haul as well as short-/medium haul flights for a major European airline client. The advantages of digital connectivity have significantly improved customer experience and enhance a sustainable revenue perspective. The successful interaction with customers provides customer loyalty with higher lifetime value. After all, only customer loyalty can assure long term profitability. 

  • 08 - 12 Mar 2017 , Berlin, Germany

    ITB Berlin 2017

    The ITB Berlin (German: Internationale Tourismus-Börse Berlin) takes place annually at the Messe Berlin. The this year’s partner country of the event is Botswana.

    It is the world’s leading travel trade show and is attended every year by top decision makers, experts, buyers and young professionals from every area within the tourism sector. More than 10,000 Exhibitors and 1000 Qualified Top Buyers from 187 countries participate in the event. Furthermore participants have the chance to take part in the ITB Berlin Convention, the leading travel industry think tank, where lectures and discussions on innovate business models will take place.

    The event will be attended by Dr. Andreas Kraus, Associate Partner and Head of Market Europe.

  • Maintaining close contact with former colleagues

    Lufthansa Consulting’s alumni meeting has already become an annual, high-value event for the company as well as for its former employees. This year was the fourth time that the company’s management team and the former employees had come together. 

    On 14 November, Managing Director Dr. Andreas Jahnke welcomed about 30 guests to the get-together at the company’s headquarters at Frankfurt Airport, some of whom were attending the event for the first time. 

    At this year’s meeting, Lufthansa Consulting’s regional market leaders expanded on Dr. Jahnke’s activity review and outlook with their reports on the latest achievements and developments in their markets. A special highlight was the presentation by guest speaker Benjamin Löhr, Program Director of Lufthansa Aerial Services, who gave his impressions of this new business start-up, its development and current and upcoming UAV projects.

    “It's good to see how much interest our ex-colleagues show regarding our development and how much they enjoy meeting current and former Lufthansa Consulting employees,” said Dr. Jahnke. 

    Everybody enjoyed the snacks and drinks in the concluding exchange and networking session. The event was once again a great success and Lufthansa Consulting, along with the participants, is looking forward to the next alumni event, which is planned for November 2017.

  • “brand eins” industry survey “Beste Berater 2016”

    Lufthansa Consulting has made it into this year’s list of the best consultants in Germany compiled by “brand eins” magazine, which is renowned for conducting the largest consultancy survey nationwide. 

    The rankings are based on the evaluations and recommendations of more than 1,600 competitor colleagues and 1,500 clients who took part in the survey. 

    Lufthansa Consulting made it into the top 293 out of a total of 15,000 consultancies in Germany and was ranked 17th in the Transportation and Logistics category, due largely to the high level of perceived customer satisfaction.

    Receiving this acknowledgment is a great accolade for Lufthansa Consulting.

    Find out more about the “brand eins” rankings at:

  • Process orientation enhances efficiency and profit

    “The big drop has given airlines more financial firepower”, Ryanair’s Chief Marketing Officer Kenny Jacobs recently said. How true – and precisely because airlines currently have a cost-friendly environment with the lowest fuel prices for more than a decade, they would be well advised to take advantage of this fact to continuously work on improving their efficiency. It is well-known that aviation companies are under constant pressure to achieve and ensure sustainable profits.

    Now is the best time to prepare for the future, by securing profit margins or initiating restructuring measures. Liquidity is at a healthy level and cash flows present the opportunity to finance necessary investments.

    Long-term profitability means overcoming inefficiencies often found in and between areas within a company that has grown over the years. Efficient processes are the basics for a lean structure and prerequisites to reducing costs in all areas of the organization. 

    Supporting clients in achieving this goal, Lufthansa Consulting offers a comprehensive holistic approach to introduce process orientation in organizations: the basic idea is to focus on value-adding activities as well integrated processing and handling. The involvement of the client’s own experts in co-operation with specialists from Lufthansa Consulting ensures state-of-the-art and realistic process re-design, thus leading to smooth implementation and tangible results at the venture itself.

    Lufthansa Consulting has successfully applied this approach in many aviation companies around the world, aiming towards increased competitiveness.

    If you would like to discuss how Lufthansa Consulting can help your business, please contact our experts