The civil aviation sector as a driver for economic growth in Egypt

At the EDSCA Egyptian and Strategies of Civil Aviation event in Cairo this month Lufthansa Consulting was represented by their Partner, Alexander Manakos. Mr Manakos is responsible for the Middle East Region and gratefully accepted the opportunity to actively contribute to this key event for the Civil Aviation Sector in Egypt.

In his presentation, Mr. Manakos examined the overall effect of the Civil Aviation Sector as a driver for the economy of Egypt. With tourism as a cornerstone of the Egyptian economy, accounting for approx. 11% of the country’s GDP, the direct and indirect contribution of the Civil Aviation Sector in the country is already quite obvious.

However, tourism growth has been significantly reduced since the Arab spring in 2011. Lufthansa Consulting has considered approaches that could stimulate aviation related growth beyond the tourism segment. The further strengthening of the competitiveness of the national carrier with its different subsidiaries is an important step. Considerable efforts should focus on the further development of special economic zones, such as cargo cities, airport cities and free economic zones. These measures are considered as important tools to strengthen the civil aviation sector, its role for the national economy and for the overall growth of the Egyptian economy.

The Egyptian Ministry of Civil Aviation (MOCA) organized the EDSCA Conference to discuss the strategy of the Ministry during the coming 10 years in order to develop the aviation sector. The conference aimed to explore the available technologies to narrow the existing gaps and enhance the performance of the country’s aviation industry.

Speech held by Alexander Manakos at EDSCA conference