Lufthansa Consulting’s website takes off with brand new look

Right on time for this 25th anniversary year, Lufthansa Consulting launches a new international website. The aviation consultancy has completely reshaped the look and feel with a website clearly dedicated to the needs of their clients. Using adaptive web design technology the pages are easily accessible for all mobile devices. The modern layout and targeted content reflect the company’s strategic aim to initiate and strengthen a more personal dialogue with members of the aviation business. The site has dynamic features, a personal tonality and user-friendly adaptations.

The new 460 page website offers information about Lufthansa Consulting’s projects and services for airlines, airports and related organizations. Easy navigation helps visitors to access relevant information faster. Visitors can choose the appropriate regional market page to gain direct access to the consultancy’s regional representatives and information in their native language.

Besides an overview of priority issues on the homepage visitors will find more detailed information in the newly developed Insights section. Aspiring consultants can find a wealth of information about working opportunities at Lufthansa Consulting on the Career pages. The Press Room provides media representatives with news, useful facts and figures about the company and images for editorial use.

"The new website aligns our working philosophy with our passion for aviation. The design gives our international clients and visitors a fresh, vibrant experience and supports worldwide access with mobile devices. Aided by easy navigation, visitors can access a steady flow of content which is relevant to their business needs," explains Maria D’Antuono, Marketing Manager of Lufthansa Consulting.