Lufthansa Consulting reorganizes regional market responsibilities in Africa

Lufthansa Consulting has appointed Catrin Drawer as new Associate Partner for the Southern Africa and Indian Ocean region, which includes most of the South African states, as well as the islands of the Indian Ocean. Her remit also includes Iraq and Jordan.

The Africa market has been re-divided into two areas of responsibility. Catrin Drawer has taken over the Southern part, while the company’s Associate Partner Bruno Boucher is in charge of the Central, West and Northern Africa market.

Catrin Drawer is an international aviation expert who specializes in airport operations, airport quality, ground handling and airport planning. Over the past twenty years she has advised airlines, airports and ground handling companies, particularly with regard to increasing their efficiency through process analysis and optimization. Catrin Drawer has broad, long-standing project experience in most of the countries for which she is now responsible. In Iraq and Jordan she has been significantly involved in recent airport projects. In the extended African market she has gained a range of experience advising aviation clients such as Air Mauritius, the Congolese start-up airline ECAir and airports in Burkina Faso and the Republic of Congo.

The Southern Africa and Indian Ocean market is a dynamic region that is currently experiencing strong growth and increased tourism. This calls for infrastructure solutions and a comprehensive civil aviation administration framework. The implementation of a strong aviation industry will support the collective local economy in the future. Catrin Drawer’s extensive knowledge and understanding of the development, culture and politics of her market are the prerequisites for building successful prospective collaborations. She is experienced in the intricacies of the strategic development and capacity building of airports and airlines in expanding markets and is therefore optimally prepared to meet specific client demands for consultancy services in her area.

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