Lufthansa Consulting hosted first African Airlines CEOs’ Cooperation Summit

Recently, Lufthansa Consulting organized the first Airline CEO´s Cooperation Summit together with the African Airlines Association (AFRAA) in Nairobi, Kenya. CEOs from ten airlines from all over Africa participated in the 2 day intensive workshop exchanging ideas about how African carries can work closer together in the future to jointly boost the overall African airline business.

Many statements from chief executives of member airlines during the last AFRAA Annual General Assembly made clear that in order to increase their chances of success and to enlarge their overall market share, African airlines need to strengthen their cooperation with each other. This could be accomplished if they find ways to share routes, optimize fleet use for both passenger and cargo business, synchronize sales and distribution measures, coordinate maintenance and engineering activities as well as cooperate in trainings.

As the host of the event, Lufthansa Consulting’s Associate Partner responsible for Africa, Bruno Boucher, carefully listened to the CEOs needs and offered his expertise to benefit the African aviation business. He was actively supported by AFRAA represented by Dr. Elijah Chingosho, Secretary General and Mr. Raphael Kuuchi, Director Commercial, Corporate and Industry Affairs.

Three top issues were identified as concrete cooperation opportunities through the workshop sessions: Scheduling/Clustering in terms of political groups and economic communities, Training and Maintenance. In each of these major fields, objectives and possible solutions could be defined and worked out. Now, Lufthansa Consulting and AFRAA will support the airlines in materializing the projects.

During their discussions and experience exchange the summit participants generated ideas and results that have an impact on their airlines’ business success and on the future of the African aviation business as a whole. Due to the very positive feedback that Lufthansa Consulting received from the attendees further meetings are already planned. LAM Mozambique’s CEO Dr. Marlene Manave proposed that the next meeting take place in her country’s capital Maputo.