Kazakhstan's New Silk Way business forum trusts in intermodal solutions

The second International Transport and Logistics Business Forum ”Kazakhstan New Silk Way“ 2013 took place in Astana from the 6 - 7 November as a platform for intermodal solutions for Kazakhstan. The government plans to implement international best practices in logistics by using the synergy of all modes of transport (air, sea, rail and road). Kazakhstan now has a greater focus on aviation development and in cooperation with Lufthansa Consulting the country has started to build up international standards, particularly in terms of safety and security requirements.

Lufthansa Consulting’s Associate Partner Thomas J. Niehaus shared his expertise in the event’s panel session and chaired the discussion on intermodal solutions in transport logistics in Kazakhstan with a line-up of international industry specialists. Panelists like Peter Foster (President of Air Astana), Kairat Zhauhanov (President of Astana Airport), Daulet Mamekov (Vice President of Almaty Airport), Simon Weimer (Vice President of International Business Development SWISSPORT) and Bolat Naurzaliyev (Executive Director of JSC «KTZ Express») contributed their knowledge.

The national multimodal operator “KTZ Express”, a subsidiary of the “Kazakhstan Railways” company with 170 thousand employees fulfills the role of the national multimodal operator. KTZ Express integrates rail, sea, air and road transportation, seaport and airport infrastructure as well as a network of terminals, transport and logistics centers.

Kazakhstan is tracking the intermodal solutions in cooperation with KTZ Express with the aim of playing a major role in international transport and logistics in the future. Strategies and perspectives for the development of airports and airlines, connections between air hubs of Europe and Asia as well as quality, safety and security issues were part of the panel discussion. Lufthansa Consulting has significant expertise in the organizational restructuring of aviation businesses in a variety of economic situations throughout the world and is ready to provide assistance and support using their professional knowhow.