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Traditionally the most active region for Lufthansa Consulting, Africa remains full of opportunities in the aviation business. Be it the creation of a new airline for passenger and/or cargo traffic, the turnaround of an existing airline, a privatization project, the improvement of an airport, the experts of Lufthansa Consulting can help you. We are recognized for our high quality services and exemplary respect of the highest ethical and professional standards of aviation consulting on the continent. We are active members of many international aviation associations and in particular very active with AFRAA (Aviation Suppliers and Stakeholders Convention - ).

As responsible for Central, West and North Africa, I am available to meet you at your convenience to discuss any potential project.

Latest activities

  • 20 - 26 Mar 2017 , Livingston, Zambia

    ACI Africa

    The 57th ACI Africa Board and Committees meetings & Regional Conference and Exhibition will be held in the beautiful city of Livingstone, Zambia at the kind invitation of the Zambia Airports Corporation Limited (ZACL).

    The theme of this conference is “Developing Airport Business - The Way Forward for African Airports". The conference will discuss the importance of Business Development of Airports in Africa in order to guarantee the sustainability of the business. It will also discuss the costs of management, sources of revenue and charges as well as public-private partnerships and funding the development of airport activities.

    This conference will be an opportunity to present innovative projects in the field of developing non-aeronautical revenue and airport activities. Several workshops will also be organized during this conference offering more interaction with international renowned experts and the exchange of best practices among participants. These workshops will address strategic business planning, airport marketing, airport capacity management and optimization, human resources, SMART security, etc.

    Meet Catrin Drawer, Associate Partner, at this event.

  • Aviation Africa 2017 focuses on growth in Rwanda’s aviation industry

    At this year’s Aviation Africa conference Lufthansa Consulting is going to lead the panel session “Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Risk versus Benefit. How global standards must change for RPAS and how Rwanda is leading the way”, represented by its Associate Partner and Head of Market Africa West, Central and North, Bruno Boucher.

    The 2nd event in the Aviation Africa series will take place on 22 and 23 February 2017 in Kigali, Rwanda. The two-day conference and exhibition will be focusing on all aspects of the aviation industry including MRO, business aviation, defense and commercial aviation and is supported by the Rwandan Government.

    The country’s aviation industry participants will be invited to the event as well as their counterparts across the African continent in order to ensure that aviation related developments grow in Rwanda.

  • Annual Africa Airport Expansion Summit in Kigali

    The 5th edition of the Africa Airport Expansion Summit takes place from 20 to 21 February in Kigali, Rwanda. Lufthansa Consulting’s Associate Partner and Head of Africa West, Central and North Bruno Boucher is attending the annually event. He will hold a speech on “Building a state of the art safety and security approach for airports across Africa. Emergency preparedness and lessons learned.”

    The event lays its focus on the development of airports across Africa by bringing together government officials, investors, civil aviation authorities and airport management groups with consultants, architects, construction companies, equipment providers and service groups in order to better explore the market and support the project development.

    It is the partner event of the Aviation Africa 2017 conference and offers various discussion panels to provide the most valuable insight and opinions to answer questions regarding the ways to develop different aspects of the aviation industry in Africa.

  • 20 - 21 Feb 2017 , Kigali, Rwanda

    5th Annual Africa Airport Expansion Summit

    The event takes place in Kigali, Rwanda. It is the 5th edition of the conference, which takes places every year.

    Due to the booming tourism and renewed interest in investing in Africa by foreign companies, the majority of airports in Africa are undergoing expansion. Passenger and cargo traffic volumes are growing rapidly and at the Africa Airport Expansion Summit all kind of experts will be get together to discuss the possibilities of exploring the market and supporting the project development.

    Bruno Boucher, Associate Partner and Head of Africa West, Central and North, will hold a speech about "Building a state of the art safety and security approach for airports across Africa. Emergency preparedness and lessons learned".  

  • 48th AFRAA AGM: Sustainable strategies for the viability of African airlines

    Lufthansa Consulting is attending the 48th African Airlines Association’s Annual General Assembly (AFRAA AGA) from 20 – 22 November 2016 in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. Bruno Boucher, Associate Partner and Head of Africa West, Central and North, will be delighted to take on the role as moderator in the panel discussion “Enhancing safety and operational efficiency to develop and sustain a competitive edge” on 22 November 2016.

    AFRAA is a trade association of 32 airlines spread across the entire continent. It hails from the nations of the African Union and also includes all the major intercontinental African operators. This year’s main topic is “Managing the Survival and Market Recovery of African Airlines”, therefore the main focus lies on brainstorming and winning solutions for Africa and global aviation. During the event participants get the chance to listen to a large variety of speeches by all different kind of aviation experts, to take part in working sessions as well as in panel discussions.


Preparation and implementation of an airport concession

Airports in the Republic of the Congo

To ensure a professional management of the airports Brazzaville, Pointe-Noire and Ollombo Lufthansa Consulting provided comprehensive support to the Government of the Republic of the Congo to identify a strategic partner for the airport concession

Successful start-up support for national carrier

African national carrier

A solid business plan and hands-on implementation support got an airline from the drawing board to the runway in just 1½ years. Applying the expertise in every airline area, finance, commercial and operations, the airline was set up based on European standards. Long-term on-site support enabled the airline to achieve growth and serve both regional and international routes.

Development of airports financial model

West African airport company

Capital and operational expenditure assessment and criteria for a balanced approach to infrastructure upgrade and capacity increase for the development of a financial model of the airport company. Air traffic forecast to derive minimum investment essential to comply with aviation safety and security requirements as well as capacity enhancement to ensure efficiency and service quality.